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What Does It Mean When One’s Spirit Guides Keep Changing?

It means they are not there to babysit you.

It is only your doorkeeper who will not change, this is by agreement. Spirit guides will often work with vast numbers of people simultaneously, often via bilocation/multi-location of spirit.

It is only human egotism that presumes a spirit guide is ‘yours’ or ‘mine’.

They are free willed beings who will go where they are most drawn to for a specific purpose.

  Spirit Guides Changing

Most often this will be determined by the work they are personally doing within their own soul group. That is, the specific vibratory index of where they originate from and their desired direction of evolution.

Evolution does not only take place in physical state but just as much so, if not profoundly more so in the spirit world. After all, the spirit world is merely an extension of the physical realm, separated only by a change in vibration.

If it appears one of your spirit guides has disappeared, this will be because of several factors.

It may be because they have changed the way they are working with you in order to facilitate a new kind of energy or a new outcome with you.

If they change their vibration you will feel out of tune with them and have to realign yourself to their new resonance.


If they have stepped back it will be because they wish you to become more sovereign and independent within your own capacity of love, wisdom and intuition. This may be the case when your doorkeeper feels you should continue on your own.

You should also know that there will be literally thousands of beings from your own soul group who will be wanting to communicate with you, guide you and send love to you.

These will visit you individually from time to time, and they will individually have something unique to contribute to you.

Was There A Time When The Moon Did Not Orbit Planet Earth?

Earth’s moon was originally part of another planet.

In effect, what actually happened was another planetary body collided with Earth itself, which as a result formed what you see as the moon.

Understand this was billions of years ago before life began upon the Earth, and it was this collision itself which actually deposited the abundant properties necessary to form life as you know it.

Looking out into the neighbouring planetary bodies, you will observe the remains of this other planet circling around Saturn, within its belt and of its many moons.

Why Do I Wake Up Exhausted After Dreaming?

There are several reasons why you may feel this fatigue upon waking.

To begin with it is always appropriate to first look within your actual physical functionality of the body and brain. Here lies certain possibilities for the groggy feelings you may experience in some instances.

For example, unbeknown to some individuals they may actually awake during periods of the night, though not to recall doing so, and will sometimes require a partner to identify this is taking place.

There are several reasons for this interruption of sleep, such as things like apnoea or hypopnoea, which causes problems for your breathing functionality, typically because the muscles in the throat relax and excess tissue creates blockages for the air flow.

Of course should you suffer from such an occurrence the interruption of air flow would temporarily cause your deep sleep cycles to end prematurely, often several times throughout the night.

If your deep sleep cycles are being interrupted in this way, either by the inhibition of air flow, outside noise or impulsive activity in the brain, your overall energy levels in the morning are going to be much lower.

It is important that the body completes these deep cycles of REM sleep in order to restore energy levels.


You are more likely to suffer circumstances as these if you are a nicotine smoker or work in a factory environment. There are also other avenues primarily related to health and diet which can have an impact on the quality of deep sleep cycles.

Such things as eating late before bed, taking medications, inappropriate temperature of the room, insufficient vitamin and nutritional intake, psychological stress or types of hypoglycaemia. You should consult your doctor if concerned.

I am sure you were expecting a more esoteric or spiritually romanticised answer. However, often times it is simply a matter of understanding your physical body.

There are instances where certain activities of the dream traveller can lead to fatigue of energy levels, but this is less likely. In such cases the dream traveller would be over-exerting themselves, rather than recuperating themselves.

This occurs when the traveller becomes overenthusiastic, particularly with new types of energy interaction.

Why Are My Dreams Lost In Primitive Translation?

It is the substance of physical state, the animal body you are using which is currently insufficient in processing and integrating information from other realms. This of course will eventually change through mutation of the human species, which is currently underway.

On working to translate information, energy and vibration to a less primitive format takes a tremendous amount of time, patience and transformation. Your mindset, how you have trained your mind to process information, is a significant influence in how you form and experience dreams.

It is your mindset, and this process of interpreting information which you need to look at. Since this is much easier to do in your waking conscious state, it is during this time you will want to practice altering the way you process thoughts and information.

The majority of blind people who were born blind, do not dream in visual interpretations, for they have not the mindset to do so from any physical experience in waking state. Meaning, because they have not learnt to interpret information visually, they then do not carry this function into their dream state.

They instead dream in clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), clairalience (smelling), and even clairgustance (tasting). This is how they process information.

For one who is not blind, you tend to process information visually more than any other means. This is because you have been taught, only that which you can physically see is real, therefore focus on this and let the other senses become lazy.

This rigid feeble program of interpreting information in your daily life is thus carried forth into your dream states, into your meditative states and into your soul transition states upon death. This is why you interpret dreams, interpret meditation experiences and near death experiences so poorly.

What you want to do is learn to develop a whole new sense in your conscious waking state. What I call clairspherical perception (clairsphericance). You will not find that in the dictionary!

This is to sense information in your environment spherically. Meaning you are not looking at it from one particular aspect, view or angle, you are looking at it from every direction simultaneously.

You are allowing every sense to merge as one. You are allowing every dimension of thought, feeling and knowing to become your perception. You are not looking at it from face value.

You are not looking at it from this side, or that side. You are not looking at it from above or from below.

How far your spherical perception expands depends purely upon the expansion of your awareness. That which you are without is eventually found within, thus your spherical perception expands in every direction simultaneously, like that of a universe unfolding through time.

So it is then, I suggest to you to begin a trial of training your interpretational abilities to incorporate all possibilities, all perspectives and all dimensions of sense.

Allow all information which comes to your doorstep to arrive through many different doors of experience, through many different windows of awareness. As you become a more loving being, a more transparent spirit, a more beautiful soul, these windows will become clearer and more transparent to you as time goes by.

Eventually, though perhaps not in your current physical lifetime, human beings will be able to literally sense and experience everything any other living being is feeling by merging with it as part of that energy, while still existing as a separate identity in physical form.

When you comprehend spherically you can understand why claims of new age ascension and divisions of Self-proclaimed mastery is an illusion of ego. For every point of Self-creation, Self-experience and Self-development leads you right back to whence you came, to prime originator - your spirit.

Every point in your journey upon the sphere of life neither leads you further away nor closer to that which is within.

Think about it if you wish. Below are a few simple diagrams to supplement this understanding:

Clairspherical Perception

Spherical Thoughts, Translating Information

Interpretting Thoughts

You would do well to remember that the human brain does not understand how to process memories outside of the physical world. Your brain constructs memories by associating information with that which it already knows.

Since it does not know what it is like to be a brain within an alternate reality, it has nothing to associate information coming from spirit state to, and therefore it does not know how to translate or interpret it into language accessible by the brain. I am sorry if this is a little confusing.

There is a way of bringing such information into your awareness, but it involves bypassing the human brain.

Just as the same way you find your dreams make very little logical sense in their interpretation, because the information being recalled cannot be interpreted by your human brain in a sufficient way to make it perfectly understandable.

It is like the brain of a mouse trying to contemplate the nature of the cosmos; it simply cannot process the information in the format necessary, for its thought processes simply have no comprehension of how to arrange and assimilate the information.

I understand this is a very basic way of explaining this.

Why Are There So Many Dead Fish And Birds?

The increase in dead fish and other life forms is a result of a global chain effect of circumstance.

Some circumstances are brought about by human action, some by the effects of planetary cycles and events. Some by the mutation of diseases and afflictions brought about due to changing climate and living conditions.

For example, the toxicity levels of the oceans are much worse than you are being told. Smaller life forms which small fish rely on for food cannot survive in such toxicity. So small fish are facing the repercussions of those effects. As the smaller fish become effected, so too do the larger fish who rely on the smaller fish for food.

As one fish becomes toxic and is consumed, that fish then becomes toxic and so on and so forth. Add shark, dolphin and whale poaching to this list, as well as over-fishing.

You should also be aware that most of the oxygen you breath is produced by the ocean itself. As your actions affect the oceans, it is also going to affect how much oxygen the planet has.

Within the next fifty years oxygen levels will plummet unless human beings take action.

What Is Free Will & How Does It Apply To Animals?

Here is a very crude explanation that may none of the less serve a purpose.

Free will is a means to which ‘the process’ becomes not just a process, but becomes a REALisation of Self, or Prime Creator, through the invention of time. Let us expand.

Understand Prime Creator is a being that undergoes its own evolution, expansion and growth as you understand yourself to do so. This evolution of Prime Creator is facilitated through the application and function of time by the process of recreation of Self. That is, Prime Creator is continuously recreating itself.

Time is a construct that enables the One to recreate its Self by the process of the time it takes for each of its fragments (you) to REALise itself into its full potential. Each time the One becomes fully Self-realised, it evolves into another evolutionary form.

This is what is known as the divine inhale and exhale of God.

This recreation it the process of its own evolution as a being, of a much larger being. Free will is the means to which each of its fragmented aspects can facilitate its purpose and function, its own direction of new creation, thus causing its own continuous Self evolution from within.

It is as if you are the atoms and molecules within your own physical body causing the body of the biological child to mature into an adult from within, who perpetually continues to grow and who lives forever.

As human beings evolve biologically in this way from the smaller components within, so too does Prime Creator.

The biological and spiritual evolution of the human species is a symbolic miniaturisation of the process that Prime Creator is undertaking through, and as a result of... YOU.

You are not the creation of Prime creator. Prime Creator is the creation of you.

You ask the implications of this upon animals. Yet human beings themselves ARE animals. The process is consistent with all species, on all planets, within all universes.

What Are The Universal Laws?

There are many names for these laws, in many languages and cultures. Some say there are seven, some say there are twelve, others perhaps more.

The real number is around fifty-two in essence, which are revealed through the process of awareness. They correspond to one another and work in harmony with each other.

Here are ten of them which you will relate yourself to in some way:

The law of attraction, the law of vibration, the law of connectivity (or Oneness), the law of manifestation (expression), the law of cause and effect, the law of equilibrium, the law of free will, the law of polarity, the law of change (motion) and the law of proximity.

There are subsequently sub-laws which extend from these, such as the law of sequence which is experienced via the law of change.

Such laws are experienced differently depending on relative awareness within those laws and your ability to bend yourself around them.

Yes, some may say you cannot bend universal laws. Yet such laws operate differently depending on what frequency you exist within.

Currently humanity is significantly influenced by these laws because of the frequency they occupy.

What Is 'All That Is'?

In the beginning, there was no-thing.

From no-thing came every-thing, and everything became something.

Hence was the Creator nothing, everything and something without beginning or end.

This is the divine dichotomy of the One.

The one truth.

Yet this One knew not that it was One, for it did not have the time to be aware of the perspective of its reflection of the division created from any separation to enable it to understand conceptually and experientially all that it was, was One.

Said simply...

In the beginning, to which there was none, time did not exist; for time is a construct of linear awareness.

In the beginning, to which there was none, awareness did not exist; for awareness is a construct of perspective.

In the beginning, to which there was none, perspective did not exist; for perspective is a construct of reflection.

In the beginning, to which there was none, reflection did not exist; for reflection is a construct of division.

In the beginning, to which there was none, division did not exist; for division is a construct of separation.

In the beginning, to which there was none, separation did not exist; for separation is a construct of illusion.

In the beginning, to which there was none, illusion did not exist, for illusion is a construct of imagination (image-in-motion).

In the beginning, to which there was none, imagination did not exist, for imagination is a construct of thought.

In the beginning, to which there was none, thought did not exist, for thought is a construct of energy in motion.

In the beginning, to which there was none, energy in motion did not exist, for energy in motion is a construct of e-motion.

In the beginning, to which there became One, did the Creator thus form an emotion, hence did energy begin to move in motion (the big bang).

An explosion of thought imagined a grand illusion of separation to experience division through reflection, using perspective, via the vehicle of awareness in time.

In time shall the Creator experience its Self within the dichotomy of the One and as all that Is.

The journey of the soul’s intent is the sole intent of the divine dichotomy of Creator Self-realised.

Love One’s Self, for love is the e-motion of life.

One who is truly selfless becomes Self-realised as the One.

From One to another.

Who Am I?

Contemplation Puzzle


Stop what you are doing.

Stop what you are thinking.

Stop trying to be something.


Breathe in slowly, and deeply.

Hold the breath.

Release slowly, and fully.

Hold right there.


There is no place you need to be.

There is nothing you need to do.

There is nobody you need to become.


Continue your breath.

Hello, and thank you for choosing to read these words.

I am here to remind you of the simplicity and complexity of who you truly are.

Please read on.


You are not the drama on which you feed.

You are not the thoughts through which you interpret.

You are not the feelings through which you express.

You are not the body from which you experience.

You are not the fear to which you attach.

You are not the beliefs to which you serve.

You are not the memories of which you carry.

You are not the desires through which you create.

You are not even the sum of all these.

What you are is beyond any thought you can possibly have.

To perpetuate such a thought is to limit all that you are.


The moment you stop defining what you are, is the moment you let go of all that you are not.

One journey ends, another begins.

Through the eyes of no-thingness comes Self-completion.


No-thing can exist without infinity.

Infinity came from no-thing.

From infinity came every-thing.

From every-thing came sum-thing.

From sum-thing came sum-one.

From sum-one came someone.

From someone came you.


Through you, you become someone.

Through someone you become the sum of One.

Through the sum of One you become the sum of a thing.

Through the sum of a thing you become every-thing.

Though every-thing you become infinity.

Through infinity you become no-thing.


There is no-thing that exists, but through you.

All that you are cannot be defined within a thought.

No-thing is beyond a thought.

You cannot think of nothing.

Think nothing of it.

A thought cannot contain infinity.

For infinity is beyond any thought.


You cannot think of every-thing, for everything is too much for thought.

You can however think of sum-thing, for thought itself is something.

You can think of someone, because someone thinks of you.

You can think of you, for you are what you think you are.

The infinity of everything is the vehicle through which no-thing can exist.

Thought is the vehicle through which everything becomes sum-thing.

Sum-thing is the vehicle through which thought realises itself as someone within you.


Who are you?

Everything and nothing.

To be everything starts with being you.

From being you, you can become someone.

Through being someone you can become something.

Through being something you can become everything.

Through being everything you can become infinity.

Through being infinity you become nothing.


Do you want to return to being nothing?

Or do you want to simply be you?

Could the meaning of life simply be... to be you?


To be, or not to be, that is the question.

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