Afterlife Questions
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Do I Reunite With God And Become ‘One With All That Is’ Upon My Passing?

Passing Into The Light  

Some belief systems will try to convince you that once you have crossed over to the spirit world everything miraculously changes and you become One with God.

Some will try to persuade you that you will enter an infinite state of bliss where there is no longer separation seen, felt or experienced, and that your soul and spirit loses its individual identity.

They may say that you no longer have any distinguishing appearance or form and you simply enter into some void of everlasting state of completion and perfection with Creator.

As pleasing to believe for some it may be, such a reality would deface and defy every purpose and value of the life you now have.

In actual fact it would make your physical life journey completely irrelevant and pointless.

If such a state of union was so wonderful and desirable why do you suppose your own spirit left such a state to create an individual soul and a soul journey?

It was not so you could have one human incarnation then return back into ‘all there is’, for all there is - is a continuation of creation. To be One with all there is, is to be One with continuation.

This continuation is the journey of the soul, and the soul group.


The very fact that you have a soul is a proof of the pudding statement that reveals the spirit’s desire to know and be a separate entity of consciousness. The soul journey is the spirit’s way of being one with the continuum that God is experienced as. This is the true state of bliss. This is the true adventure and relationship with God.

For those who insist reality is contrary to the case, it reveals they themselves cannot recollect their soul journey prior to their own physical conception, and the work they are continuously doing in their soul group. The whole purpose of soul groups, of which all are a part, is to perpetuate the gift of free will and choice to manifest your own destiny through your own individual soul journey.

It is through this gift, this vehicle of individual-ness, that all of what God is can be created, explored and experienced through the mechanism of time and co-manifestation. The state of which you in fact ascend to upon your passing is more or less the same as you experience in physical life.

You still retain all the many human facets of thought and feeling, all those beliefs that form your identity. The difference will be that many souls will gain swift access to a much broader range of opportunities and potentials in the spirit world. They will have access to a whole wealth of resources, knowledge, understanding and direction.

Some soul pathways and modes of exploration, especially when venturing into other dimensional states, can be described as being ‘One with everything’, because that is simply a close approximation to the description of the experience in human language.

It is not in fact a literal experience of being One with everything, but a state of consciousness, a state of being that resembles your idea of what it would feel like. A literal experience of being One with everything cannot be achieved as and within a state of soul over spirit.

The soul and spirit would be required to be transcended and have no consciousness left of its Self whatsoever. So then, any experiences the spirit has via the soul journey which resembles being One with everything is purely an individualised interpretation.

It is not possible to experience a literal state of One-ness whilst in physical form, only a fragmented reflection that meets the individual’s current state of comprehension. The same applies in the immediate afterlife.

What is experienced then is the One-ness with your divine spirit, and the bliss attained within your own understanding of the continuum that God is experienced as.

As more and more of this continuum is explored, the more you literally become One with all that is. When the soul becomes light and transparent the spirit shall shine through more profoundly. This is what is known as enlightenment and ascension. It is through this understanding you can ascend closer to your higher Self and that which is God.

There is no journey to God but through you. There is no love of God but through you. There is no One with God but the continuum explored through you.

Will I Reunite With Lost Loved Ones?

If it is within your desire to see any particular soul, your very thought about that being will trigger the process for you to meet. You will not however meet those who you have no desire to meet.

Love itself, when felt for another being, is a form of communication and connection. When you focus on that love, you are forging a bridge to that person’s soul. This bridge then allows a pathway for the two of you to meet and reunite anywhere in the spirit world.

You will travel at the speed of thought and appear wherever they may be, and vice versa. If, on the other hand, the other soul has no desire to see you, they can make themselves appear invisible to you through their energy vibration. It is a matter of mutual desire and permission.

Since there is no aging process in the spirit world, and the soul is not limited to any one specific form or appearance, your loved ones will manifest in whatever way is suited for that instance. It may be in their human prime in whatever form that took.

If they used to have a physical disability or were physically immobile, they will no longer embody that ailment, and in fact appear as a fully figured person with no disability whatsoever.

Those who, for example, choose to continue to wear spectacles, do so not because they still have vision impairment, but because that has become an aspect of their individual persona and outward appearance others relate to.

This is not then to say those in the physical world who were confined to a wheelchair will then appear in one in the ether world, because they will not. They will walk just as you do. In fact they do not have to walk at all, they can fly or float if it suits them.

The same can be said for those of mental dysfunction on the physical plane, they too will, in most instances, no longer embody such traits in their new form. Those who passed on at an early age, such as a child, will likely first appear to you as you once knew them. Only afterwards will they present themselves to you in their true chosen form following recognition.

Following reintegration into your soul group and spiritual kinship, it will dawn on you that you have a great many long forgotten friends and companions that transcend all time; soul acquaintances which go back millions of years even before you were ever human.

It is these companions in spirit which you will reintegrate with and spend most of your time with. Those other souls you shared a human experience with, through the many roles that they played, will not necessarily continue to be your social focal point in the afterlife.

After all, what is one human lifetime next to the infinity of spirit, and the soul’s journey of so many millions of years?

Will I Reunite With Lost Loved Pets?

If your desire is present that you would wish such a meeting with your pets of the past, then so shall it come to be.

Pets of the physical realm are much more inclined to want to reunite with you than are many other human souls. This is because such pets tend to have a much more loving, forgiving, neutral vibration which allows them to move forward more quickly.

Upon your passing your beloved pets will most certainly wish to see you, and the only reason for this not to occur is if you had no interest, or you were not emotionally/mentally ready.

Again, your pets will take the form as they once did in the best prime of their physical life.

They will follow you around the etheric realms if you so wish and keep you company.

Perhaps to your utmost surprise, you will discover they can speak telepathically to you in a language you can understand.

This is always an emotional event as both the human, and the animal, finally get to exchange words with each other and express their true feelings.

  Animal Soul Journey

Will I Have To Face Those People Who Abused Me?

This is a question many humans ask while alive. The answer is quite simply, no, you will not.

Those who inflicted certain unloving deeds and harmful actions upon you when in human form lose their right to engage with you in any shape or form in the afterlife. This is to say, they will not be allowed to cross your path or cause any further trauma. You will simply appear invisible to them.

At some point in their soul development they will come to understand the repercussions of their actions upon you and will wish to make amends with you. In this instance another on their behalf will raise this desire to your awareness and allow you to choose whether or not you wish to accept this other person’s recompense.

This will take place entirely at your own readiness, not of the one who did you wrong.

It may be that you do in fact wish to confront them as soon as possible and show them exactly how they made you feel. This then tends to invoke in them feelings of regret and sorrow in their loving soul, and speeds their growth process.

This ultimately aids your own healing and growth process similarly. The same can be said for anyone who takes the life of another human being, and in fact, any form of life form whatsoever.

An animal you have hunted and killed for pleasure or food will come visit you in the spirit world, and will do so to raise your awareness that they too had a soul journey, which ended through your very actions.

Do We Reincarnate Over And Over?

A soul, or rather, your spirit, does not have to have a physical experience at all.

The spirit that you are is perfect in every way, it remains so no matter how many incarnations you have. No matter the consciousness you create around it, your spirit always remains unchanged and as pure as it was since its conception.

Those that choose to have a physical life do so, not because they must, but because they are curious as to the potentials it offers in terms of experiences. More experiences do not in any way make you more ‘ascended’ than anyone else, simply because your spirit does not change regardless of consciousness.

The spirit is the essence of life, not the product of it. This is how everyone can be equal, and IS equal.

Consciousness is what changes and develops, through the aspirations you create for yourself as a soul be-ing. This soul being embodies free will and independent character. It is this unique character that chooses whether or not to undertake a physical existence.

But the physical existence itself is merely one potential for your soul to engage. This engagement in activity is how the spirit, the essence, expresses itself through creation. First into soul refraction - the embodiment of consciousness, then through the journey of that consciousness.

It is up to your soul to lay the path for your own unique journey in the multi-dimensional multi-verse. Ever since the physical multi-verse was created, many souls/spirits took great interest in this path and assigned themselves to develop it and create within it.

Many souls/spirits were first observers and co-creators of planets and galaxies in the cosmos. They worked to develop the elements and the primitive structures of life. Spirit assigned refractions of itself into these primitive physical life forms. And on returning to the etheric world they brought stories or incredible sensations and experiences.

As more and more of spirit refracted into different experimental life forms, different soul groups emerged representing different archetypical intelligence and character. Eventually human beings came into creation.

And just as every other species and life form, they too held souls of their own and returned to their own soul groups to share their experiences. Each of them being recorded and logged in the hall of records by spirit.

Many souls choose to simply watch, learn and create within the many vast realms of spirit in service to the physical multi-verse. They act as guides, friends, facilitators and channels of inspiration and creation to counterparts upon the planets.

Many souls do not associate themselves with the physical realm whatsoever, simply because they do not need to. Not because they are more evolved than anyone else, but because they simply choose to express their spirit in another way, through other means.

Some work in other dimensions which have no physical structure whatsoever. Some work in dimensions which compliment both physical and etheric energies in creative harmony. With so many different paths, pursuits of work and avenues of potential, this is not to say that once you have a physical life you will then go on to have another.

Choices vary between individuals within their own greater soul intention. The physical incarnation is simply a small part of a much bigger plan your soul is constructing.

You will not have to reincarnate to pay back some karmic debt.

Energy is resolved and realigned in the spirit world. For if it was not you would not be able to vibrate at the necessary rate to reintegrate back into your original state prior to your physical life. Souls tend to reincarnate to fulfil a sense of un-accomplishment they felt after returning from one life.

When passing, if they have not particularly achieved what they had hoped, there is a degree of returning desire to ‘have another go’. Some souls develop a sense that they let themselves down and did not do as much as they thought they could. This stubbornness and pride compels many to return to the same planet, to begin a new potential, a new hope.

Perhaps it is they wanted to bring a new type of music to the world, or perhaps they wanted to bring a new democracy. Perhaps they wanted to bring their artistic talents or their healing knowledge. We all have our own talents and qualities to offer the world.

There really is no rule in place regarding when a soul can incarnate. So the human sense of time between lifetimes will differ with each soul. Most souls do however plan their next life as best they can according to what they wish to achieve.

This means the soul will undergo study of a particular talent, ability, or quality that it wishes to perfect and perform in physical life, such as a certain type of music, art or healing. Any souls in the etheric world who specialise in such qualities will volunteer themselves as one of your guides for that lifetime. Though you will always have others as well.

It is up to those in the physical world to awaken their seeds of remembrance as to what it is they came to Earth to do. Then do that with every breath, until death do you part.

Do We Eat In The Afterlife?

This question must be answered in two different ways.

From the point of view of necessity, and from the view of personal choice.

To understand the answer in regard to necessity, you must first understand how the soul sustains itself in an etheric environment. But first we must look at what the soul really is.

The Soul And The Spirit.

The soul is the Self-aware presence.

The consciousness of that which I AM.

This includes your memories, your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your desires and aspirations, your fears, your sense of character and personality, your knowledge, and all those qualities, imperfections and aspects that distinguish and illuminate you as a separate entity.

It is the embodiment of your Self-journey. This is within a continuous cycle of change and expression, the creative experiential instrument of the spirit.

Your spirit on the other hand is that which does not change, does not give way to any imperfection, flaw or fear.

It is the aspect of you which is closest to that which God is. It is that which requires nothing, but provides everything. It is that which is unseen but forever felt through the vehicle of love, wisdom and service. It is the pure, the perfect and the permanence of the divine. It is the sublime marriage of that which is God and that which is conceived into you.

With the above understanding one can differentiate that which provides with that which manifests from provision.

The spirit provides, and the soul manifests.

We call the spirit world as such because it is a place of provision. It is a state of being provided for with every need that you may conceive of. This is why the spirit world is a state and place of infinite potentials and possibilities.

Thus, some term it ‘heaven’.

So then, to understand better how the soul sustains itself in the spirit world, you simply have to understand the spirit, and the world of spirit, simply provides all the sustenance that is required. This is simply radiated from your beloved spirit into your soul and engulfs it in blissful rays of energy.

That is also why, upon crossing over to the spirit world, you will experience a great surge of revitalisation and invigoration. It is this that feeds you, fulfils your necessities, in a permanent state of eternity.

When it comes to personal choice, we speak of the free will and expression of the soul. From having one or many sensual and sentimental experiences in the physical world the soul develops attachments to aspects of their journey.

Attachments come in an infinite array of forms, one of which is food, and another is drink. Although the soul understands it is not required to eat, it will sometimes retain the desire to relive sensations those experiences provided. It is not uncommon for souls to be seen manifesting their once favourite food or drink.

The exception would be that nobody relives the experience of eating meat because it is not aligned to their vibration anymore. Animals they have eaten in physical life cause regret to the soul in an enlightened state because those very animals share the afterlife with them.

When reanimating the act of consuming a type of food or drink, the soul has to rely on memories of sensations they retain, such as the texture, the flavour, the aroma and the colour. They then allow their memory to project these thoughts into a solid form which they can then touch.

While this can be, at first, a thrilling experience, especially when you have no risk of putting on any weight, the activity soon loses its appeal. The apple or the cup of tea fades into nothingness.

The soul moves away from Earthly habits and repetitious activates and engages itself with greater activities of indulgence. This will be whatever drives them to be who they aspire to be.

Are Murderers Punished?

That which you call a murderer is a mental projection of human morality.

Those in the spirit world, at least in the rainbow gardens of which I walk, do not live by the moral code of one miniscule species, on a tiny planet in the vast multi-verse. The shared moral overview and principle of acceptance in these realms of light are forged from billions and billions of species who have come together in love and harmony, who have created a place that all are welcome, regardless of any action performed in physical state.

For they know, and you will come to know, that no matter how evil a human being may become in nature, their true nature, which is their beautiful spirit, awaits them in pure perfect loving acceptance.

It is simply that the soul identity which is attached to that spirit has, at some point within its human experience, forgotten its true nature and lost its goodness.

This does not make the spirit of this human evil, for it is not the spirit which is perpetrating evil acts. It is the biological aspect which has commandeered control of its soul destiny and abused the gift of life. Despite fallible belief, no being is ever born evil.

It is actually the social and environmental, both external and internal which corrupts hearts and minds, and produces unbalanced behaviourisms. It is the quality of life a person has been born into which determines the traits they foster in later life. This is not to do with wealth or material possessions, but of love, nurturing companionship and personal centred education.

A civilisation which hacks away at tribes of trees to build farm factories, promotes murder and violence on television and cinema screens, and produces racist and sexist music for children cannot place all blame in merely one misguided individual, and then call them a murderer.

So too for those who are then manipulated in their hour of weakness by false prophets and misguided leaders, who then perform savage acts in the name of a God they know nothing about. Each misguided action is always preceded by a tormented twisted story of a once pure heart which fell from grace in their weakest hour.

So it comes to pass these individuals return to the spirit world from whence they came. What good would punishment do to the aspect which seeks alignment with goodness and truth?

For punishment begets hate, and hate begets rage.

What does rage achieve? Who are you to inflict your own moral code upon the free will of another? Would you likewise seek to punish the billions of other life forms which do other species, on other planets wrong, in terms of your own human moral concepts?

For the individual who has crossed over to fully understand and accept the consequences of their actions, love and education is the only route which can initiate deep change.

It is only the power of love and education which can illuminate something which was once wrong and unjust. This then becomes a personal journey of purification: experiencing regret, sorrow and compassion.

Then, within their expanded heart, they determine their own recompense to those they have harmed in physical life by giving of themselves in service. This service of kindness demonstrates sincere desire for forgiveness and is then left for the corresponding individual to grant it at their own time of choosing.

It is also the case that, because of the negative vibration of consciousness such a being carries back to the spirit world, this very same consciousness filters them out from accessing realms of knowledge and communion which others freely enjoy. It will only be possible to access these other folds of community and potential when they have resolved the mindset they have come across with.

This is to say then, that until they have acknowledged the consequences of their energy and actions, their energy being produced in their auric state will bar them from passing through higher realms of the spirit world. In fact everything visible to most will appear invisible to them until they raise their vibration to the required state by accepting responsibility.

They can freely punish themselves all they wish, but only when they accept love and truth will they find a way forward. So it is then that your own consciousness you carry with you, in its own dynamic functionality, works only at its best when you accept love and truth into your soul.

Although a murderer will go to the same place as a saint, one will perceive and behold very little in terms of paradise, and one will perceive and behold a vast amount, all in accordance with vibrational state.

Wanting or seeking vengeance upon others will just as likely bar you from greater knowledge and freedom than will the actions of those who caused your anger to begin with.

What Happens To Those Who Commit Suicide?

Life Is Challenging  

Should one die through this means or that or should one die with this belief or that, each and every spark returns to the exact same light from which it sprang.

This light is One.

There is not one for this person, and a different for another. There is one place; one heaven; one kingdom of God.

For there needs only be one kingdom of goodness and truth, in which all souls can forge a love not known to any upon the Earth.

There needs be only one paradise.

For paradise is that within which all are welcome, and of which none are refused.

It is not that the soul returns to God upon mortal death. But that a soul does return and unite with its own spirit, which already resides within paradise. Religion does not exist here, for it needs not exist.

There is no absence of truth and clarity of reality but for those who deny what is available to them once they have returned to the light. Each has a will free to choose. For each are given the same doors of opportunity as any proclaimed ascended master or messenger of God.

So it shall be for your beloved, who has cast his physical life aside in a moment of despair, find himself again, not before any judge or jury, or any vengeful lord of light, but before his own conscience of spirit.

Should that conscience of spirit bind him in regret, then there are those who will work to free him from such states of mind. Should he be wise in spirit, so shall he overcome his moment of weakness and bestow a new profound lesson upon himself.

He will not go to any place different than to where his own heart aspires him to be.

He will be the one who creates his sense of learning, his sense of error, his sense of judgement and his sense of conscience. How well your beloved copes with his own actions, particularly in causing the sorrow of others, will be reflected in his state of soul wellness upon his transition.

But rest assured, his spirit will eternally remain untarnished, unscarred and unharmed, for that is the part of him which no word, no thought, no deed can touch. For that is the part of him which never left that which God is, to begin with. So then, one is never truly lost from God, from goodness and truth, for your spirit never leaves the kingdom of God.

It is merely the consciousness identity, its counterpart; your soul, which chooses to play these moral and intellectual games. Do not be disgruntled by the doctrines of religion that yield no true knowledge or understanding of what lies beyond their mortal perspective.

No one account is true for all, for in heaven as it is on Earth, there are those who continue to defy all doubt, all expectation, and all limitations of thought.

Let the living worry about the living. Let the dead worry about the dead.

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