Playing Roles, Acting Out Potentials

Love and light to all who come across these words.

I would like to write a little about the roles you play. The roles you invent for yourselves and the aspects of your Self from which you act out.

Firstly, it should be understood that roles are very important.

In order for you to experience the very many facets of your divine Self and the many faces of your higher identity, one must create such roles and identities to bring these aspects into the awareness state.

Into the experiential state that we call life.

We may choose to label ourselves as both good and bad in light of our perspective of things around us. It is how we interact with our environment.

  Humanity Unite As One

We place labels on things, as we do for ourselves and others.

We categorise things we perceive in order to develop a relationship with it. This is of course appropriate and serves a purpose.

The purpose is to experience the fullness of each aspect that you wish to embody.

You may choose to embody any particular quality or character depending on your desires at that time. You may also wish to embody a particular negative role. This too is appropriate because it allows an interaction with perspectives on an experiential level.

There is no greater level of awareness than that of experience. It is the very act of embodying the essence of that which you represent. That is why is it important to learn to forgive and to love unconditionally.


As you begin to develop your sense of spirituality and awakening you will inevitably be confronted by various energy layers, or identities, of your inner world.

Now, some will immediately think, hey, I am losing my mind! I am talking to myself and have so many voices and contradicting thoughts in my head. I feel like I am losing control of myself.

This too is appropriate.

You are not losing your mind, but you are losing your attachment to one-mind.

That is - you are becoming more than just one mind; you are reconnecting with the many other aspects which make up your whole mind.

You are learning to become multi-dimensional thinkers.

Now you must learn to become multi-dimensional actors.

Spiritual Development

Now, in assuming you prefer the first option, you can choose to explore this process in a many number of ways. You can allow yourself to create different identities for yourself, like Batman and Bruce Wayne.

You can choose to express your different personas through art and music forms.

You can choose to respond to changing circumstances by adopting and playing the role of various aspects from your identity closet.

You can do all this on a daily basis and integrate it into your lifestyle, or you can choose to do this when you are alone and in the privacy of your safe space.

What is important is you allow those identities to come through without fear or restriction.

They are all part of you, so you have nothing truly to fear. Be creative, give your manifesting aspect a name. Allow it the freedom to be an extension of you; not the totality or definition of you - just one specific aspect of you in its most grandest form.

Love it.

Love it unconditionally.

In doing so you will attain a great expansion of Self awareness and state of consciousness you have not known before.

Love it and it will love you back in a way that makes your life full of creativity, joy and infinite potential. Again, do not fear.

Be creative.

Love it unconditionally.

We all play many roles, happy ones and sad ones. We play doctor and plumber. We play victim and saviour. We play the wise and we play the foolish.

It matters not in life which role you choose to play at any one time, it matters only how you play that part and how it effects those around you.

If you are playing the role of a car salesman, then play it from the fullness of your soul and the passion of your heart.

Embody the very core essence that you wish to manifest and experience in that role.

And lastly, do not be afraid to change or adapt your role.

The purpose of life is to create.

Once you have experienced the fullness of one aspect or role of consciousness, then follow your heart’s desire and fulfil some other part of yourself which speaks out.

Play out your roles with complete love, freedom and joy.

But be aware of the ripples each role creates.