A Big Thank You. . .

To dearest Sparrow: Thank you for giving your blessing to create this space to fill with your valuable perspectives, uplifting messages, stunning artwork and helpful meditations that are of benefit to so many of us.

Thank you for the huge amount of time and energy you devote to answering our questions in such incredible detail.

Thank you for being such a loving, compassionate, very direct (lol!) and informative part of the journey - seasoned with a delightful sprinkling of humour.

I hope the visitors who come here also find through your words, many truths and the answers they are searching for which can elevate someone to a place of Self-empowerment. I totally understand that you promote equality and Oneness, so would prefer us to think of you as an 'energy facilitator' rather than someone of guru status. Respect!

Much appreciation to you for supplying eye-opening information on so many subjects, particularly about trees and the faerie folk - subjects close to my heart. Thank you for all the doors you show us how to open for ourselves. For that, and for so much more, I love you to bits.

To the Asceleottyi Council: Thank you for your unmistakable warm energy and for shaking your divine booty during a challenging situation. A big hug to each of you. Sorry I kept repeatedly spelling your name wrong - so glad you find this funny.

To Matt Warne (1980 – 2009): Matt was the founder of Spiritual Forums and had a dream to create a large and friendly online spiritual community. His mission was certainly accomplished. Upon that harmonic platform people share their experiences, forge friendships and seek answers. This very website is an archive containing a selection of Spirit Guide Sparrow’s posts there - it's a ripple effect of Matt's intention.

To the dedicated moderators and administrators of Spiritual Forums who continue to run the site after Matt’s passing. Not only do they perform administrative duties, seen and unseen, but they are also active members themselves.

To the forum members: Thank you for asking Sparrow such interesting questions! To name a few: Adrienne (aka Dream Angel), Cal, dearest Tiss, Rom, Flutterangel, Truth Seeker, Stormweaver, Elaine & D, Blondie, Moke and John.


I only have basic web design knowledge, so I hope the way I have presented Sparrow's material captures his and the Asceleottyi's loving energy.

With much love and blessings to one and all,

Samantha, aka Amethyst x

Another Sparrow Site

Please note: Spirit Guide Sparrow does not have an "official site" - maybe one day, Sparrow?

This site was launched in 2011. Since then, Sparrow continued to answer people's questions on a huge array of subjects. In 2014, a gentleman called Bob O'Hearn also launched a site with a collection of Sparrow's informative material.

To read more of Sparrow's insights, many that are not included here, then please visit:

Fine job, Bob!