Interpersonal Guide Index

I take this opportunity to speak briefly on the subject of spirit guides and other aids.

It is to be understood that many people will come forward with their own experiences and interactions with what they believe to be spirit guides, and that is appropriate.

Spirit guides come in all shapes and guises, so too do those who come forward with stories of them. I present you here with my own version flavoured by my own role as a spirit guide.

This is not to be interpreted as an egotistical or fantasy formulated ideal, but of known and lived truth. It is not a belief I aspire to fulfil, nor is it some belief some other has bewitched upon me. It is what is.

With this said and understood, I can move forward to speak of the nature of doorkeepers, spirit guides and angels in a general sense, and their function and activities they subscribe to.


Doorkeeper Spirit Guides

Firstly, I will clarify, doorkeepers, spirit guides and angels are not the same thing.

Doorkeepers are those in the spirit world who walk your life journey with you.

They watch over you and protect you. They oversee your development and progress through the physical journey of human life. They make observations and studies of your intentions and actions upon the physical platform.

They see to it you get the help you need. It is they who hold the lifeline for you, and hold the keys for you to return back into the spirit world, back to your divine spirit.

They are your guardians, gatekeepers and guiding light.

They typically have had physical lifetimes as you have, and thus they will revert and embrace the knowledge and wisdom brought from that to aid you in yours.

The Soul Group

Soul Group

The soul group is a specific energy family within which a spirit has chosen to commit itself to.

The spirit will form its roots deep within this soul group over millions of years in human understanding. Each spirit within the same soul group will have a distinct direction of purpose, of aspiration and intention that mirrors one another, which enables a bond like no other.

This bond is so deep and intimate that the love felt for each other has no limits as to what they would do for one another.

When we speak of soul mates and twin flames what we are really identifying is another spirit which has origins within our own soul group. The love felt almost immediately between one another, often called love at first sight, is actually your energy signature which is being recognised.

The fact that you seem to get on so well with one another, mirroring each other’s likes and dislikes, having an intuitive sense of connection and destiny, this is merely the bond you have with each and every one of those from your soul group.

It merely appears that this one person is your destined partner because there may not even be another soul from your group anywhere within a thousand miles, or even on the same planet. This is not then to say that you may not have a very specific spirit to whom you spend most of your time in the spirit world with, for often this can be the case for those who share a great many lifetimes with you.

Those within your soul group will often splinter out into many corridors of the multi-verse, accessing a wide variety of potentials and opportunities for that group to grow and achieve objectives.

If it is a group that focuses on the accumulation of information and knowledge, and subsequently the translation and distribution of such, then each soul within that group will aspire to do that in their own way. They will often go to great extents, and great journeys to facilitate and gather further knowledge.

Similarly, for example, a group that focuses on healing modalities and breathing life into lifeless situations will have souls that pursue routes to put this intention into play and experiential form. In this respect they will go to great extents, and great journeys to facilitate and heal many different situations within the vast multi-verse.

People often wonder why it is that personalities clash, minds think so differently, moral codes and ethics vary and different people seem to have such different gifts.

This is because, despite familiar human appearances, behind the curtain sits quite different energy characteristics and consciousness. Because the soul journey of each individual has led such a different path up till this point, this becomes evident in the way each person thinks and feels, as well as what motivates them on a deeper level.

Often it is that such differences are aggravated by and from the immediate physical upbringing of the person, particularly the environment the person was exposed to during their early years of growth into adulthood. So instead of differences being seen and accepted as a wonderful diversity of divine expression, they are often times delivered into the minds of many as something which creates separation, intolerance and violence.

Within a more positive view, it is these differences in energy signature and vibration which triggers within you intuitive alarm bells. But in this instance the alarm is of a positive sense in that it invokes feelings of destiny, connectivity and positive direction.

For example, someone who is suffering some sort of illness or imbalance may encounter a person who hails from a healing modality soul group, and intuitively this person will know this and be drawn to them, yet they will not know why. It will be simply felt that whenever you are near this other person you seem to feel better.

Another example would be someone you are perhaps drawn to because of their inspirational imagination or teaching capacity. If these characteristics are something you are in need of at some point in your life then you will be intuitively drawn to beings from the soul groups that specialise with these qualities.

Again, it may not immediately be apparent why you are drawn to a specific person, but eventually you will work it out.

Spirit Guides

About Spirit Guides

These are varied and of different backgrounds and functions. You will find each guide you have in your current energy space brings something unique and different to the table.

Some will originate from your soul group in order that you may continue the work you have been doing for thousands of years. These will have significant bonds and affections for you, since it is these that are often misinterpreted as soul mates and twin flames. Their energy is so in accord with your own that you mirror one another.

Some will originate from affiliate soul groups that share a common ancestry or experience pathway.

To strengthen bonds and potentials between different soul groups, your own soul will forge friendships and roles which bring you together, particularly if another soul group specialises in something which you aspire to advance within and broaden your experience of. A representative then will act as one of your guides to assist you practice, pursue and play out potentials with aspired outcomes.

Some guides may step forward out of service to you simply out of their fondness for you. Perhaps you have shared a past life experience with them, or a shared inter-dimensional history, particularly where other species are concerned.

That bond between you will create a desire for service to one another.

Depending on the nature of the purpose for you to seek out a physical life, other guides will stand forward to serve you. If you will be working with a specific type of energy for example, you will have guides assigned to you, or who become attracted to you through the work you are already doing, who are practitioners or masters of the same.

In this scenario they lend their experience and insight to you during your physical journey. It may be that you choose to work within music, or communication, or in science. If this was your initial aspired choice for coming to Earth then you will have guides that are experienced musicians, communicators or scientists.

So too if you aspired to do healing work, you will have a mixture of guides to perhaps facilitate energy flow, and perhaps one who is a practiced channeller or a biologist; all working together to assist you; many guides work together as a team. This is what is known as your ‘spirit team’.

So it is to be understood that some guides are assigned to you prior to your physical birth, because this was the aspired direction you wished to pursue. This was the work you had hoped to develop.

It is also to be understood that some guides are not officially assigned to you by agreement, but who are drawn to you later on in life. Through some circumstance that has manifested, or through some potential that has drawn the attention of the spirit world, some beings may volunteer their skills and resources to nurture new pathways in your life that you were previously unaware of.

Not everything in physical life is planned and organised; most of it is created spontaneously as you go.

For one cannot plan for a future destiny he or she has not yet written himself, or herself.

Angels/The Shining Ones

The Shining Ones

These are those beings who work in the background behind the scenes, who tend not to have direct associations with human beings whilst in the flesh.

They are those who hold high seats of responsibility in the workings of the spirit world and the physical one. There are different experiences of angels, depending on how you interpret their identity.

Some originate from your own soul group. Some originate from another dimensional universe as a different species.

Some are gardeners of the cosmos and universal laws. Some are energy runners, who weave energy streams from one place to another. Some are facilitators of sound and colour, or of emotion or feeling.

Some are actually what is understood as ascended beings who just look like an angel. Though ascension is infinite and one should not assume it is the highest seat of Godliness.

Angels are many different things, many different beings from many different origins.

Those that write books on the categories of biblical angels and give them ranks and human names still have a long way to go to understand what they are dealing with.

If a current belief works for you in the circumstances you find yourself in, then use it, but always remain open to new interpretations of what and where that energy comes from.

The Recently Deceased

Deceased As Spirit Guides

The Higher Self/Your Spirit Identity

Higher Self

You need not define such a thing as higher Self, for in doing so immediately limits your understanding of its capacity to go beyond your current state of awareness.

As your awareness expands, definition will become more difficult to relay the truth of the matter, which will go beyond words. Words will no longer be necessary, or adequate. For in truth all matters of life are so profound they are simply beyond words.

Within a definition, you begin to think and act in ways which throw things into a box, or throw them out of it because of a newly formed pre-conceived idea.

If in words I am to define such a thing as higher Self, within my values, I would relay this as follows: higher Self is that which you align to as being your most pure state, your grandest aspiration, your highest potential, your deepest love, your most divine concept of God, your most intimate relationship with yourself; that which is your spirit!

Your spirit is all these things and more, for it is beyond my palette of paints to portray.

When you attempt to align yourself with your ‘higher Self’ - which is in fact a misleading and somewhat disempowering mindset (I will explain why in a minute), you are attempting to attain the most profoundly intimate and complete relationship with who and what you truly are - that which is your spirit.

Your spirit is the closest connection you will ever, ever experience to that which is God, for God IS through your spirit.

There is no grander experience than this, and this is your gift, your very own relationship with God, through your spirit.

You will often hear ‘new age’ theories that insist your spirit must become something ‘more’ or join or ascend to something ‘more’ in order to know of God.

It is within my knowing, and experience as a spirit guide that this is false, for not only do I know it is false but I await one to disprove me so who has access to absolute truth via the halls of learning beyond human state.

The mindset of seeking ‘higher Self’ is misleading because you are enforcing a statement of reality that - that which you truly are (your spirit) is higher than you, and thus beyond your reach and creates concepts of lack, unworthiness, less-ness, SUFFERING.

As long as you imagine yourself to be continuously seeking it, you will continue to experience separation from it by your own thoughts and aspirations. Thus, it is a game you choose to play. As is this so called new age ascension process.

Your spirit is already God-ness (conscious-ness) and perfect, there is nothing greater to ascend to, only another form to embody it within.

Another way to paint it: if you already are your magnificent spirit, then why would you assume you have to seek it in order to be it?

You cannot NOT be it, for it is you, always, in all ways.

This is the understanding that the journey is over when the realisation occurs that the destination has already been reached. You are already who you truly are, you need not seek it out, simply experience it in EVERY way: whether that way is in a positive way or a negative way - all is a part of your higher Self.

It is simply a matter of choosing in what way to experience that which you are - to embody it how you choose to.

Higher Self can be simplified to simply - Self. Simply be your Self.

It needs not be higher, simply closer in awareness. Your closer-Self.

Simply be aware of yourself, always, in all ways.

You are profound in every way, to be aware of this is to be Self-aware, and thus higher Self is transmuted simply to Self.

Multi-Dimensional/Inter-Dimensional Intelligence

Multi-Dimensional Beings

While it is true and factual to say all previous guides mentioned fall into this category, for the purpose of distinction, and for this particular index, I refer to beings who are still very much a part of the physical state, but who in fact can alter their molecular structure by thought, and consequently fade in and out of human reality.

This is the same way in which humanity will function millions of years from now, and the way in which various beings on Earth currently function, for example, the faerie or the sasquatch.

This is not the work of fiction, fantasy or magic, but of thought interfaced technology, or bioresonance technology.

In basic terms this means physical beings who have understood that their biology is actually a form of technology, which can be operated and manipulated through thought and consciousness.

This is actually how many of the UFO crafts operate, for many are, in fact, biological organisms themselves, not rigid metal materials as fiction portrays.

This, you will understand, is how such craft is able to materialise and dematerialise at will. It is because the craft, or organism, can alter its molecular structure like a chameleon lizard would its colours.

This is also how such beings are said to be able to walk through walls and pass through ceilings.

So what we are talking about here, within this guide index, are beings, very much still in physical state, but who have the capacity to be invisible to you.