Common Questions About Life
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I present these answers to your questions in which I propose to provoke further thought.

Rather than present the following words as ultimate truth, or inflexible perspective, I leave them open to individual interpretation as stepping stones into deeper realms of awareness.

The answers I offer for your consideration emerge from no other source but through me.

The understanding and perceptions I paint are to be shared and received as expressions of intellectual and inter-perceptual art and whispers of the soul.

  Asceleottyi Soul Group

You are not expected to agree or resonate with what is relayed, but it is with confidence I know you will, if anything, view life from eyes beyond your own.

As always, in all that I aspire to reveal in writing, I endeavour to transmute fears, alleviate pain and suffering, strengthen faith and confidence, empower you with knowledge and positive momentum, change attitudes and illuminate potential paths of transformation.

From the wisdom of my council,
For the reflection and discernment of yours.

- Sparrow


What Is A Guardian Angel?

You, your divine sacred untainted pure loving spirit, this. . . is your guardian angel.

This is your true unmanifest form.

Once within your lifetime, if you are so privileged, your divine spirit essence will appear to you in the form of an angel. It will do this to broaden your dimension of thought and awareness and awaken you to higher potentials in your life.

There may also be other divine beings of pure spirit that hold significant interest for your wellbeing, and may choose to manifest to you if you do not heed their message any other way.

Those of you who feel disheartened that they have never been privileged to such an angelic manifestation, it is only because you have already received their message, one way or another.

It would only be your restless mind that sought physical proof by visual means. You can ascend beyond such need.

Did Dragons Really Exist?

Dragons once existed in China a long time ago as members of the dinosaur family.

You can, in fact, still see them and have conversations with them in the spirit world, for they exist there in environments which do not age with time. So in a sense, a holographic replication of a period of time in Earth’s past has been captured and saved as a very real reality for you to visit and interact with.

Nothing is ever lost.

Dragons actually exist on many different planets, and are brothers and sisters of the same soul group family. Some are as big as a mountain, and some you could fit in the palm of your hand. They could not alter their size within their physical existence, but, as can all in spirit, they can change their appearance to suit in their etheric form.

Different creatures and life forms do create bonds of friendship and affection towards other beings whilst in the spirit world, especially when helping one another to overcome some difficulty. A sense of honourable debt or love is forged between them which sometimes manifests in the physical world; mostly in dream states and imagination adventures.

They will not necessarily act as spirit guides, more so as companions of spirit.

The Rahsu is a simple spokesperson for their soul group species. A voice piece if you like, of the many species of dragon which existed, and still continue to exist.

The Rahsu, Dragon Spirits

How Was Stonehenge Constructed?

Many stone monuments, blocks and buildings were moved by altering the gravitational field around the object, causing the object to almost become weightless.

The people of that time period understood how to manipulate Earth’s gravitational field, as well as to harness and amplify gravitational waves within other things.

The atomic and subatomic particles of your physical body, as an example, produce their own gravitational field in much the same way as does the solar system.

This is because the solar system, and subsequently other galaxies, are roughly the equivalent of a particle of a larger organism to the same effect. In understanding wave forms, gravity forces and vibrational frequencies you can alter the way in which you experience physical reality.

Why Am I Here? What Is The General Meaning Of Life?

This can be answered using Sparrow’s Star of life; a simplified five-sided representation of the foundation for life, and the journey of the soul.

Each five points of the star representing aspects of purpose, each interconnecting and influencing each other:

The Star Of Life

In the heart and nucleus we have the source, life itself in all its expanding magnificence. Within the expanse of life we observe the interweaving pathways that connect directly to our soul structure, as indicated by the blue arrow.

The spirit, represented by the red arrow, is that which is closest to the void. The spirit can be seen to have no direct attachments to either the soul or its many pathways. This is because the spirit remains pure and unchanged by the activities within the soul’s journey. It is the closest to that which is infinite.

To understand the purpose of life, one must understand the purpose of the soul.

The soul is essentially an instrument of consciousness. It is a vehicle of consciousness. Life itself is consciousness in motion. As the soul moves through the many currents of consciousness it collects and constructs its identity through the process and pathways of life.

In general the soul operates upon five main pathways:






Each main pathway forms additional subsequent pathways within the arena of life. Each additional pathway creating new links and connections, spawning individuality and unique character. Let us look at these in more detail:

1. Choice.

This is the element of free will.

This is the vehicle the soul uses to produce desires and aspirations for its Self. It is the nature of thought, identity and movement. It is often said, everything starts with choice.

2. Discovery.

This is the element of awareness. This is the vehicle the soul uses to produce realisation. It is also the vehicle with which to connect, which makes awareness and realisation possible.

3. Expansion.

This is the element of growth.

This is the vehicle the soul uses to produce transformation. It is where potentials are unlocked and energy is moved forward. It is also what is known as ascension.

4. Creation.

This is the element of manifestation. This is the vehicle the soul uses to produce experience.

It is also the vehicle with which expression and action is sought. Through the play of creation that which is Self is given forthwith.

5. Fulfilment.

This is the element of joy. This is the vehicle the soul uses to produce love.

Through the joy of love everything is shared by all, and received by all. Love and joy fulfils the soul. Each one of the aforementioned can be granted as the meaning of life.

However, unless they are all working in harmony and balance, life itself will not be fully understood or appreciated for what it is. When each pathway runs smooth and straight, forging a strong connection with every other aspect, the soul is formed into a beautiful radiant star.

The purpose of life therefore, is the birth, growth and fulfilment of your unique, free-willed journey of awareness, through this creation called life. You may express and experience this in whatever way you so choose.

What Is Déjà Vu?

This is your present Self experiencing awareness of its Self in the past or future.

Remember, time does not exist in the spirit world as you understand it, so then, what would stop your consciousness being in multiple time periods in physical state at once?

Who is to say the life you are now living is not the past of your True Self from the future?

Why Do Multiple People Claim To Have Once Been X Y Z?

It has come to my attention that individuals are confused as to how multiple people claim to be the reincarnations of the same famous or distinguished characters of history. This information, as I understand, comes from past life regression practices which delve into the abyss of the subconscious and beyond.

Here I would like to offer others an opportunity for clarity.

Firstly, there is a tremendous amount of information contained within the DNA structure of human biology. It is possible to access your DNA code through pathways of consciousness and unearth envelopes of information or ‘memories’, which have been merged within your biology.

Your DNA is actually tiny receivers of information, as well as wave energy broadcast biotechnology. Your DNA has the capacity to receive information on a multi-dimensional, multi-time and multi-wave spectrum.

Depending on other aspects of your biological health and energy vibrational state, you may, or may not be able to ‘sense’ these envelopes of information. It is similarly also within your capacity to enable types of communications between yourself and former ancestors of your physical biology. This is because within your DNA are energy conduits which are already attuned to your sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and so on.

To further address the question, we now need to draw our focus to the spirit world.

How is it multiple souls can be the same identity?

Well, in the spirit world your consciousness is something which cocoons your ancient spirit. This consciousness identity, which you may have created within a physical lifetime can actually be removed, much the same as you would a shirt or blouse.

This is because the consciousness which surrounds your spirit is not a rigid permanent form. This is why it is possible to alter your appearance in the spirit world. Now, often times those spirits of whom either have never had a physical life experience, or those who in fact may have had, have the ability to ‘lend’ aspects of their consciousness to other beings.

This means, two spirits in the spirit world can swap their physical consciousness identities, or coats of consciousness, and temporarily cocoon their own spirit with it. This is to say that it is a common occurrence in the spirit world for beings to share their life experience as certain characters with other beings for the purpose of awareness, learning and enjoyment.

To feel how they once felt, to look how they once looked, and to act how they once acted is one way in which other spirits come to understand another being and develop compassion and love for them. They walk in their shoes, so to speak.

When this is done, all the memories contained within that consciousness swap are thereby shared on a very intimate and personal level. Those experiences and memories, sensations and sense of fulfilment become your own, and become part of you as a being.

Many spirits who wish to send their soul aspect into physical state often exchange consciousness with other beings who once walked the Earth in order to better prepare themselves for what they may experience.

When a human being then, tells you that he was, or she was this person or that person in a past life, often times they are remembering experiences as I have just described prior to their incarnation.

Because the melding of consciousness is done on such an intimate level, it is remembered as your own experience. In a sense you could say it indeed was you, because that identity is now a part of your own. It all feels very real to you and rightfully so.

If I return to my former words of clarity: individuals will often have flashes of imagery, or memory type sensations which are brought through their DNA, often because such a person is doing some kind of energy work, or aligning themselves more with their ancient spirit.

Will Human Body Matter Alter In The Future?

Though this is a fluctuation, around two percent of your physical structure is solidified matter.

With this understanding, and with the understanding of the correlation between light, sound, thought and energy, human beings will, eventually, apply these natural technologies to shift themselves into another vibratory dimension altogether.

It will be possible to slow down and speed up the oscillatory resonance of each molecule that structures your body and you will be able to perform feats and phenomenon that today would seem like magic.

Human beings must really unite as a species and combine their thought frequencies into a singular intent in order to directly alter physical matter. There are those whoever who do not want this unification of thought transmutation for they themselves would lose their power base and their control structures would fall.

I would ask you to perform a simple exercise of awareness: look at each physical object, structure and reference in your life, from the dollar note in your wallet, and the organisation you work for, to the very fabric of the laws that govern your country.

As you open your awareness upon these things, try to observe them as pure energy. Identify your relationship with the object or reference. Identify the energy that object or reference contains, from the very thoughts and agendas that created and placed it there, to all other thoughts and agendas that are produced by its existence.

What thoughts does that energy represent?

What effect does this energy have on your species? What effect does this energy have on you and your loved ones? Who created this energy? Who is in control and distribution of this energy? Do you rely on this energy? How does this energy influence who you are and what you do?

Whoever controls the flow of energy controls you, your life, your potential, your limitations, your beliefs, your spiritual growth, your future, everything about you.

There are those who will argue, but they have free will, nobody controls them. Yet what they are permitted to choose from within this free will is what is actually being controlled.

This control is the structure and systems created in human consciousness, and thus the systems and structures implemented in human society. Such statements will undoubtedly spawn argumentative responses within many individuals, but simply allow it to be food for your own individual reflection - it matters not if others choose to disagree.

By becoming aware of the flow of energy both coming into your life, and being aware of its source, and being aware of the flow of energy outward from you, you can begin to evolve as a being.

And when human beings begin to identify what processes of energy are more beneficial for them and what has been destructive, they can begin to move forward as an advanced race.

When human beings begin to come together as a race in ultimate benefit to one another, they are going to find they have the capacity to alter their own physical reality, their molecular structure, and their ability to go where no man has gone before.

...Cue Star Trek music...

To Unite As One And Advance As A Race, Will Religion Be No More?

There will always be groups and pockets of separate distinction within humanity, for each human being comes from a different soul origin.

Despite the differences in the practices, beliefs and interpretations of spiritual, religious and social persuasions, if all would simply agree to put these aside, in recognition of the beauty of their divine variety, and unite on the commonality of a species that understands the necessity to work together to defend, uphold and preserve the unarguable values they ultimately hold dear, this would bring about many changes literally overnight.

That is, the time it takes to manifest something the species desired would significantly shorten to the point it would manifest almost immediately, as it does in the spirit world.

It is just that humanity has not yet understood that this power of immediate manifestation can be within their grasp if only they would come together to form this consciousness technology.

It is true that there are those who do understand this, and try their very best to bring this about in their own individual way. And may they be truly blessed for their efforts.

But there are also those who lie in shadow who also understand this, but who do not want this natural universal consciousness technology to fall into the hands of the everyday human being, for they would surely be a voice and presence in the universe to be reckoned with.

Those who abuse the powers entrusted within them for the betterment of mankind will eventually find this will not be tolerated by the will of the One, the law of equilibrium and the courageous and the righteous, the relentless ambassadors of the light, of the love, and of the One way.

Those who would dare stand to obstruct the will of divine sovereign evolution will ultimately fall, for they resist a force and intent far beyond their capacity to prevent. Whether be it in the form of religion, of corruption, or greedy corporations, all structures that cannot exist within the vibration of love and unity will buckle and brake.

Their leaders, masters and masterminds will be cast into the light of awareness for what they are and the deeds they have done. They will observably make their last stand, but slowly, and surely, so shall they all fall, or so shall they rise into new found grace.

What Is The Veil?

This is merely a symbolic separation between one frequency or spectrum of light/sound/energy and another.

When one speaks of crossing the veil, it implies to the shifting from one frequency to another. It is in a sense a human romanticism of the joining of two worlds.

It can also be interpreted to represent the illusions and delusions of ignorance that humanity wears to blind them of their own spiritual origins and potential as multi-dimensional beings.

What Is The Difference Between Soul And Spirit?

A soul is a persona.

This means it is like a costume of consciousness that your spirit wears for a particular event. For example, if your spirit wanted to assist human beings cross over into the spirit world, it would create a human looking persona (soul) to greet them and make them feel comfortable.

Now, let us say your spirit wanted to interact with a horse on a very intimate level, it would then, by the grace and permission of the spirit of horse, allow you to create your own persona of a horse and represent your own spirit in that form and appearance.

Your soul would then look like a horse.

Your soul is not who you are.

It is a costume you create to experience your spirit in different environments and different intentions of activity.

So then, the soul that is human is a costume, a persona and a tool your spirit uses to interact with and experience itself as a physical being on planet Earth.

  Your Spirit

When it returns to the spirit world, it will then, hopefully, though not straight away, relinquish this persona costume and simply be the beautiful spirit that you are.

Unfortunately so many people get so attached to their costume that they refuse to let go of it and continue to play themselves out in it even after death. This is because they are afraid of who they will become when they give up all they have ever, seemingly known.

A spirit bilocation/multi-location is when you, as a mass of pure conscious energy, allow yourself to be in more than one location at once, and where you are wearing one costume in one place, in another place you can wear a different costume for another purpose or activity.

You have not actually split or separated, this is actually a misleading mindset, and important you understand that.

You have simply extended yourself, like branches on a tree, where one leaf looks like this, and another leaf looks a bit different - over here.

When you are done riding that horse, or making that sculpture, or learning that skill, you simply retract back into your core being like an elastic band.

What Can I Do When My Pets Are Ill And Suffering?

I see we share a common affection and appreciation for companion species. It is unfortunate many human beings still wear attitudes that portray animals as inferior ‘things’ with less right of life than they.

Little do they know those very animals are more spiritually evolved than them and closer to the experience of inner peace than they will ever know. It is such a wonderful thing to see someone with such love and empathy for their pets, and care for so many at one time. A great commitment.

Your influence in their life journey is taken with them back to their own soul group species. This strengthens the bond and connection between your own soul group and theirs. This forges bridges of future potentials and created destinies that tie both together in love and kinship.

It also means you personally will have much greater access to the wisdom and resources that species hold in the spirit world when you cross over, more so than many others upon the planet at this time. They will show you aspects of themselves and their ancient ancestry, both of planet Earth and of other planets spanning millions of years.

This, because you had gained their love and respect.

Your energy vibrates close to their own due to your love for them. It is never an easy task to make a decision to end the suffering of a beloved pet. With illnesses and physical problems like these, the animal itself is actually quite aware of what is happening.

Animals have a great Self awareness and connection to the functionality of the body. It also, in some cases, has the natural ability to heal itself under the right supportive circumstances. Often it will know what the problem is and will know exactly what to do to mend itself or ease its own suffering.

This is why you will often see animals simply laying down in some corner doing nothing. In fact it is altering and maintaining a chemical state of balance and physical functionality which aids the condition it has. Other animals will also sense and understand the situation of another animal in distress, pain or disease.

You will sometimes see animals from a completely different species go out of its way to help another animal who is somehow in distress.

This is because all animals have the innate ability to communicate with each other when the need is present. This is something human beings have forgotten how to do since the loss of their spiritual ancestral heritage.

Your beloved animal will be able to receive the vibrational frequencies of your mental intention. If you wish it to know that you wish to help it to end its suffering, and help it to die, you can, in your mind, project this intention slowly and clearly to your animal.

Speaking your human language to do this will not suffice, since it will not understand the meanings behind each sound. Physical sounds from voices can often cause animals more distress.

Placing your hand on the animal and imparting your intention to it mentally is best.

The consciousness field that connects you to the animal in spirit will automatically translate your mental human language to a language the animal can understand, in its own language. Do this in advance, and give the animal warning before you intend to put it to sleep.

It will then have time to prepare itself on other levels, and say its goodbyes.

What Is A Premonition?

Premonition is the conscious perception of time dilution. That is, the time it takes for your consciousness to become aware of energy output (events) of present energy input (actions) is greatly reduced.

This occurs when your consciousness accesses an alternative time field and retains information stored as imagery or symbolism. There are many reasons for this, from time frequency echoes to spirit communications.

Although the future has already occurred, the fabric of reality itself is constantly changing by your decisions in the present moment. This is to say the ‘end product’ is continuously altering, changing and being recreated as beings become more Self-aware and act upon this changing awareness. Like someone continuously throwing pebbles into a pond.

Every time you ‘change your mind’ another pebble triggers new ripples.

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