A Message For YOU!
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Loving You

Love You.

God bless You, and keep You in the arms of eternity.

My message here is one of love. The emphasis not so much on the love for all life, but for the life that exists within You.

If there is no love in and for You, then there is no love in and for You to give out.

If love does not come from within, then others will go without.

Love must always begin with You.

For You.

Through You.

Within You.

It cannot exist without You.

  Love Yourself

I speak not of the love that is given on condition, but of the love that knows no condition.

I speak of the love that conceives compassion, not of the love that concedes ignorance.

I speak of the love that accepts every imperfection, not the love that objects divine perfection.

I speak not of the love that aspires towards forgiveness, but of the love that accepts there is nothing to forgive.


It matters not who you once were. It matters not what you once did. It matters who you are, what you do, through how you feel. . . NOW.

There is nothing to forgive in You. You are no longer that which you once were.

Through the love for You do you willingly accept the divine perfection of every sublime imperfection of You.

Let every breath be the compassion for your own pain, your own suffering, and that which you have caused upon others, upon your own journey to get to who you are now.

It is no longer necessary to carry the burdens of the past within the now presence of sincere unconditional love.

Place no conditions or reservations upon love, for love is Yours, and always was.

Now, you can choose to be in love.

In love with You.

Enjoy Your Food

Through the busy lifestyles we create for ourselves we seldom stop to express gratitude for those things we take for granted.

We fall into our programmed routines as if by autonomic nature and give little thought to the pure enjoyment of the process of now.

It is easy to forget why you are here in physical body, in this world of physical experience.

It is easy to forget the little moments of joy and pleasure which are unique to human-be-ing.

Those Self-nurturing moments in service to the physical body.

  Enjoy Food

In light of the needs of the body we consume a variety of foods and liquids to nurture its growth and maintenance.

Yet so often do we forget this in itself is a loving, intimate and sacred ceremony given to Self, in service to your divine desire to exist as you do. To give to your body more life that it may live again another day, to express your soul in yet another new way.

May we stop for a moment to give thanks and reflection to those animals and plants who give of themselves so that you may continue your journey upon the Earth. May we stop in gratitude, before we consume what has been given, to give a little something back.

A thought or a gesture in gift to the universe of which all are apart. So it is, the next time you sit to eat, to drink that water or that glass of wine, give homage back to its source from whence it came.

And no matter how busy your lifestyle, or how hungry your body may feel, take the time to enjoy every single sacred mouthful. Take the time to enjoy every smell, and every taste.

Take the time to enjoy the very process to prepare, and every process to serve. Take the time to enjoy the fullness of the experience and the blessings it provides.

Put Right What Once Was Wrong

Enjoy Food  

The human experience is not an easy one.

With the increasing pressures and misleading social conditionings consciousness quickly becomes clouded in negativity.

In a world of duality where love and wisdom gives way to fear and ignorance, no man or women may claim pure untarnished paths.

No individual may profess their hands free of the germs of ungraceful human nature.

No physical life is ever lived in complete love and harmony with one and all.

We all wear our flaws and failures, as we all bare our wounds of the world we inhabit.

It is important that one embrace the capacity within themselves to find forgiveness for those thoughts, words and deeds done, that may have directly, or indirectly, harmed or caused suffering to others.

Whether this forgiveness is for yourself, for those things once done, or for someone else for things they may have done to you. There can be no exceptions in light of love which is unconditional.

How you go about such forgiveness I leave for you to reflect.

Inevitably, upon your final earthly breath, your consciousness will leave this transient dream and ascend to the union of your beloved spirit. However, before a soul can reintegrate fully back with its loving abode, it must shed the heavy burdens of negative consciousness carried over from that Earthly life.

Your consciousness cannot vibrate to the appropriate frequency or resonance until certain dense aspects have been cleared and transmuted. These aspects are the unloving thoughts, words and deeds which you have been responsible for.

And so, once you have crossed over to the etheric side of life you will face your own personal demons.

In order to realign yourself with the spirit world you will need to process the energy you carry. This means having a life review of that past life lived in all its intricacies.

This can either be a beautiful joyous experience based on your loving influence, or it can be a state of hell as you experience the emotional trauma you have created for others. It will all depend on what sort and state of life you have lived.

There is no escape from this process, and no misdeed or injustice is ever hidden, lost or forgotten.

Everything becomes transparent in the etheric, including your honest thoughts and feelings you would sometimes prefer to hide in shame or guilt. So it is to say, which is a fundamental message here is that the state of reality you live in physical life is equal to the state of reality you experience upon crossing over.

In the etheric world you will always get back what you have given out.

If in life you have given out love and joy, then that is what will meet you in the afterlife.

Subsequently, if you have given out pain and suffering to others, then that is what awaits you in the afterlife. Not as a form of punishment, but as a means to confront the truth and to raise your awareness to a broader level, so that you may once again vibrate in a state of unconditional love and peace. So you may find forgiveness in yourself, and in others. Other souls who you did wrong, whether they be human or animal, will wish to seek recompense for your actions against them.

When it is in their individual readiness, those souls will appear to you to provide you with an opportunity to make amends. You can both then move on to higher states of love and peace. You will not necessarily have to incarnate again to make up for your mistakes. You may instead give of yourself in service to that soul group of whom you did an injustice upon.

It is through this information I express my most important message of all. That is, give of yourself in service here and now, offer your recompense to those you have done an injustice upon, and you will no longer have to live in fear of facing it in the afterlife.

It is not a religious message of any kind, but to do with understanding of your own energy, and ironing out any creases which may cause you discomfort in the afterlife.

If you choose a peaceful smooth transition into spirit then you will heed my words and make amends through the opportunity of now. Those who turn a blind eye and choose, through denial, to just sit and wait for whatever comes, you have no idea what awaits you, and it matters not how tough you think you are, you will weep in regret through the wisdom of your spirit.

And at this very moment of life reflection, may my words echo in your soul as a reminder that this message was indeed for you too.






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A Message For YOU!

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