Common Questions About Life
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What Is Time?

Time is simply another word for awareness.

If you confine your mind and your experience in time, then you simply have chosen to confine your awareness.

This is neither good nor bad, for all experience is golden.

Humans perceive time by the rate at which events transpire in relation to one another.

As one event precedes another, which follows with another, this linear cycle is a mechanism purposely devised to allow free will and choice to be REAL-ised within a physical reality.

  The Blue Ray

Rather than having your choice, your desire immediately manifest as it is in the spirit world, linear awareness is a gift which permits experience of not having a ‘thing’, in order that you may experience yourself choosing it, creating it and sharing it.

As you seek to define your place in time, what you are really doing is seeking to define your place of Self-awareness. As Self-awareness expands so too does the flow of time, for time is awareness.

Within your current awareness you experience your Self as existing in linear time, with a past, a present and a future. Yet in truth these are all one and the same.

It is the case that human beings think by face value and interpret reality as if looking at a square.

To understand time one must think spherically, with the sphere itself representing the present moment. By moving such a sphere you can understand time moves in every direction conceivable.


Even if you place your awareness in the past it is experienced by your Self as your present. So too even if your awareness is placed on your future it is experienced by your Self as your present.

Whichever way you look at it you will always remain in the present. It will simply be what you are aware of in your present will be precisely what you choose in that moment.

That which has not been chosen will not be within your experience.

What Are Crystal Properties?

I observe many individuals abundantly speak about these many different crystals and their so-said properties which they are marketed with.

Where some may fail within their understanding is that each and every crystal has its own individual energy, regardless if two, three, four crystals in your possession look identical. They are not.

You are to understand that just because one individual touches such a crystal and proclaims that specific crystal to have such and such properties, or such and such characteristic traits, does not mean to say by default each and every other crystal of the same identity will hold that energy or characteristic.

Firstly, this is because each human being resonates with, and interprets the energy within these crystals quite differently according to their vibrational state and consciousness frequency.

Secondly, each crystal comes from a different physical location on Earth, and consequently results in different energy deposits being absorbed into the crystals, symmetry to the location it was mined and unearthed.

Thirdly, such crystal will absorb the energy which it comes into contact with since its removal from the Earth. This energy includes human beings.

Now before this crystal reached your possession reflect upon how many human beings have handled this crystal and consequently given their energy to it. Was this crystal mined from the Earth by unhealthy, unhappy, poorly-paid slave workers?

Was this crystal mined with the inherent intention for money and greed?

Was this crystal pre-owned by another? Used by another? Tainted then disowned by another?

I mean not to devalue your beautiful possessions in this light, only to open a door for greater awareness of truths perhaps you were not aware of before.

Such similar awareness can be shed upon possessions in your home.

What history do they hold within their cellular structure? What tale do they have to tell within their energy state?

Each and every one of those items has an ancient story to tell, for each of them has a cellular structure based upon and around many different events, both positive and negative.

Do not think just because on the outside an object looks beautiful and pretty then it must be presumed to hold positive energy.

If at all in doubt, cleanse such an item of its old energy state, and simply insert a new positive energy state from your own loving vibration.

Does A Miscarried Baby Have A Soul?

The spirit attaches the etheric thread to the first two cells which form after fertilisation.

This can be observed by the aura which is then emitted from the pairing of those two cells. This aura, or glow, is the result of consciousness merging with the biological cell, which incidentally can be observed with specific technological apparatus.

While it is true this etheric thread is connected to the spirit identity, the human persona, or the human soul has not yet formed.

The human soul is something which gradually accumulates and grows as the biological organism grows, it is not something which is already in its mature state like that of a fully grown adult.

With this said it is purely consciousness, which is extended from the spirit, which is said to be ‘lost’ during a miscarriage. However, consciousness is never lost.

If the parent experiences a miscarriage the consciousness of the unborn child is drawn back into the spirit world where its spirit resides, or it will inhabit another form of organism of another dimensional frequency.

Nothing has died as a result of a miscarriage, what is lost is an opportunity for life to come through that particular doorway of physical state.

It makes matters worse when the parent places ownership over another form of sentient life and results in unnecessary grief.

Be at peace in your heart.

The Eyes Reveal  

What Is A Soul Mate?

Soul mates are simply those beings from your soul group.

Again, I have to say, common understanding of this is ‘my’ soul mate or ‘twin flame’ stems from their attachment to needing to ‘own’ everything as theirs, as part of their survival persona.

People want to make themselves feel more special so they invent romanticised personas for other people as extensions of their own, usually because they see themselves as incomplete or do not love themselves enough.

Your spirit is neither male or female, it does not need anything or anyone else to exist for eternity in utter joy and bliss.

It is already complete.

It does not need something ‘else’ to be complete.

Any twin flame or soul mate perceived would simply be an extension of persona of one soul or two, who of course, are free to create that for themselves as a reality in the spirit world, should they so wish.

I have no objections to romanticism.

Why Can I Not Remember Who I Am?

You do not remember your original source identity, your original intent because the human being you have become, the persona you have created for yourself from birth, to be as it is, has overridden the subtle-Self, the pure Self, to the extent that it no longer has a voice which is heard.

Said differently, the ego of your current persona (costume), which has largely developed from survival instincts and singular thought has become the dominant sponsoring controlling thoughts about who you actually are.

When I say singular thought, what I mean is, your consciousness from being able to be multiple identities at once, doing multiple things at once has suddenly found itself confined into one singular carbon biological unit.

The effects of you becoming limit to just one ‘thing’ has compacted your perception so much you actually believe this ‘thing’, this persona is all you are. Your consciousness has been pushed into a tiny box and now all you presume you are is that which you can observe inside the box, so your thinking is limited.

You need to think outside the box.

Because being in physical state and its constant obligations to survive, to focus on your environment, to look for food, look for work, keep yourself safe from harm, all this has placed your thinking and perception into survival persona.

This of course is not something you are used to because none of these requirements exist in the spirit world.

These are very powerful influencing factors which cause amnesia to who you actually are as a spirit. It is also to be understood that memory is accessed via vibration in oscillations of energy and beats per second.

Being in human form, within a dense physical vibration, means you will undoubtedly find limitations in what information is available to you, and how it is experienced. This is also why I tell you, if you want to access more information than you already have about who you are, look towards your feelings, for they resonate at a higher oscillation than most of the thoughts you have.

A lot of the dense matter you consume in diet, such as animal meat, alcohol and white products release chemicals into your body which lower the oscillation count and vibrational rate at which your energy resonates, creating more layers between you and this ever-present vault of information from your spirit.

When Someone Dies In A Car Accident, Was Their Time Up?

I will begin my answer first by sharing a slice of truth within the enfoldment of life.

Souls who incarnate into physical state come with very little plan of action. This means, your destiny has not already been mapped out for you, for you simply to follow like a puppet or pawn.

Nor is your fate set in stone to balance some karmic debt or spiritual lesson. Lessons of life are not a prerequisite for some ascension process.

Are such things as car accidents an orchestrated divine plot for one or more souls to depart?

With miniscule exception the answer must be no. Many other species, including some species on Earth have the ability to leave their physical state at will, whenever they are done using it. There is no need for traumatic or violent transitions.

It is so only for humans because they are careless, irrational and spiritually disconnected.

There are people who fail to realise that the spirit world has little influence on the day to day manifestations within the physical world. This is to say, the spirit world tend to leave the physical ‘stuff’ to the physical beings within it, and interfere very little.

It is actually very difficult for beings in the spirit world to work with energy at the vibration of physical state, simply because it takes a tremendous amount of energy focus and control to manipulate physical circumstance. This is why many choose to simply incarnate, as it is easier, in some respects.

Within the physical state there exists imperfections. Accidents are going to happen due to these imperfections.

If you hold a ball and drop it, it is going to fall. This is not some divine will of God intervening in the destiny of the ball, it is simply the mechanics of physical state.

If a human being falls asleep at the wheel and kills another driver, this is not divine will, it is human fallibility. So too if they react in such a way as to drive off a cliff, crash into another car or simply lose control of the vehicle. Sometimes it is easier and more palatable of heart to point the finger to some unseen force or twisted fantasy of fate.

Some so-called spiritual individuals will claim ‘there are no such things as accidents’. Yet this airy fairy claim lacks the wisdom of a greater understanding that the physical state of life is not so perfect, orchestrated and organised as you make it out to be.

It is a state of experimentation and continuous spontaneous creativity. This is why humans suffer so, not for some divine lesson, but to reveal anything and everything is permitted to be created. Imperfections create circumstances, both as a result from human action and of environmental influences.

Just as such things as diseases, learning disabilities and genetic mutations are all results of physical state events, which have nothing whatsoever to do with any spiritual application.

I am fully aware, within my own role, within the awareness that I have, that an increase of spiritualist thinkers assume in blind faith that the spirit world has this great overpowering influence over every tiny little event in physical state.

I am sorry to inform you, this is not the case, as you will find out for yourself. This is why it is of the utmost importance for humanity to take responsibility for their own lives, their own planet and their own future.

Now if one is also to bring into the equation the emotional repercussions of a soul, who is claimed to transition via some pre-arranged violent car crash, you have to realise that in most instances such an event causes devastating effects, both for those left in physical state, as well as the soul who has passed on so quickly that they did not have time to say goodbye.

Often times these souls have to be met by their guides and told exactly what has happened to them for it has not dawned on them that they have actually died. Some have even been known to ignore the presence of their guides and push them out of their energy space altogether, and blatantly anchor themselves to their physical attachments.

Now, it is with anyone with common sense that it is to be understood that no soul would choose this upon themselves, or upon those who they leave behind.

I hope this brings into perspective that such violent or unjust passings are not something which souls choose by free will, but something which takes place through the free will of others, or actions of others, or themselves, and/or the environmental circumstances of where they currently are.

What Are Indigo/Crystal Children?

The distinction of indigo, crystal and super psychic children, or this child or that child are all attempts to pigeon hole and create division in your fellow human beings.

They are just normal beings like me and you who have been born into the world, and who have not had their natural gifts suppressed as they once were in other generations.

They are no ‘better’ or more ‘evolved’ than you. They are simply more in tune with their spirit.

How Is It Different For Humans To Eat Animals Compared To Animals Eating Animals?

Some animals (not human animals) eat other animals because they have to in order to survive. It is all they know how to do to survive. It is an instinctual behaviourism.

They do not have the same thought process as a human being does. All they know is, I must ‘hunt’ or I will die. They are unable to stop to contemplate, well actually, I think I will become a vegetarian today. Their brain does not work that way.

This is not to say those animals are incapable of loving deeds, for often you will observe they are. It is only the instinctual needs of their biology that triggers their survival instincts.

Most animals actually vibrate at a higher vibration than human beings, and this is why they often act unconditionally and affectionately, even to offspring of their prey.

Humans on the other hand have the capacity to stop and contemplate choice. They have the capacity to understand cause and effect to a greater degree. They have the capacity to act above their biological instincts.

And yet, human beings do not actually need to kill another animal in order to survive. They do so simply because they want to indulge themselves at the expense of another living being, and their joy of life in the physical.

An animal will fear other species to whom they have had negative associations with during physical life. Whether it be a human or a bear, or a shark.

Animals, like human beings, have souls, and when you kill them they return carrying the trauma of the way in which they were slaughtered.

 Respect Animals

This actually creates a lasting unease between the relationship between them, and you in the spirit world. Now you may say, well isn’t the spirit world all divine love and forgiveness? Actually no, it is not.

Memories of negative experiences are ingrained into consciousness. This consciousness does not simply dissipate away in the afterlife. It is kept alive just as your personality and all of your memories are kept alive, until it finds peace and understanding.

Some animals in the spirit world actually fear being approached by a human being, and so you will actually need to take on the form of another animal to gain their trust before you can engage conversation with them.

Plants and trees which produce fruit and vegetables are also living beings, in that they have spirit.

They do not have a soul as you would understand a mammal to have. They operate and exist as an extension of mother Earth, rather than a separate individualised identity persona. This is to say, the plants and trees which grow from the planet are directly connected to the spirit of the planet.

They are, if you like, the limbs and sensory organs the planet uses to bring about certain environmental conditions, and harmonic balance the planet needs to survive. When you cut down a tree, you cut off one of the planets limbs and reduce its ability to cope with external forces.

Now, to understand the fruit and vegetables you eat, is to understand that the fruit the plants and trees produce, and the vegetables they produce are not actually the core being itself. They are the proverbial carrot being produced in order to sustain and establish their survival.

These trees and planets are willingly producing these nutrients in order to attract beings, such as yourself, to come and take an interest in them, as to spread their seed elsewhere. They know if they produce something animals, birds and humans alike all want, they will aid their survival and encourage their seeding, growth and distribution.

This act perpetuates their survival.

So you are not actually killing the plant or tree in consuming their provided nutrients. The seeds in the fruit eaten by animals, for example, will be processed back into the soil and help expand the plants kingdom around the planet.

The wise, moral and loving thing to do here then, is what you take, replace with something in return.

How Does The Third Eye/Pineal Gland Work?

The pineal gland works like a biological digital camera.

It processes information into linear pictorial images and helps you work with your imagination and visual conceptualisation. It also works in the lineal cycle of producing melatonin, which is secreted when the visual cortex detects the absence of light, hence it instructs the body to fall asleep or wake from visual light cues.

The pineal gland, which is located in the centre of your brain at the level behind your eyebrows works very intimately with the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, heart, DNA structure and central nervous system.

The hypothalamus receives envelopes of information from electromagnetic radiation (or light), from different sources, let's say your intuition, or spirit and spirit guides, and then sends them to your pituitary gland where they form thoughts and words.

The pituitary gland is in the centre of your brain between both of your eyes, behind the nose. Simultaneously they are sent to the pineal gland, as mentioned, and translated into images.

As secretions of chemicals are brought into your blood stream, brought about by your heart function, and the central nervous system is stimulated, you physically feel your emotional states and connect feeling to physicality.

Your cellular DNA structure is your inherent blueprint and storage facility of information.

As you access information inherent within this wave form you can intuitively connect with ancestral information and primal code. There are many ways you can work with these instruments, ways you can work with your ‘third eye’ or visual holographic projector. One, as you know, is through meditation.

Some may suggest to you to visually focus on that specific region of your brain in order to stimulate it, without tensing your facial muscles. If this works for you, so be it.

At any time you use your imagination however, at any time you use visual stimulations you are actually exercising this region anyway. You use it to utilise memory, to create art and to dream.

You can also utilise certain wave form pulses to stimulate different regions and functions of the brain. This is why certain types of music will have various effects upon your inner visual ability and thought processes.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

This lucid dream state is much like the fabric of the spirit world and so you will experience many similarities.

Lucid dreaming basically is your consciousness accessing subtle layers of the spirit world, those close to the physical dimension. You are then using tools, and eyes, from another aspect of what you are, and then bringing them back and trying to translate the memory of the experiences through your brain.

Much is naturally lost in translation, and forgotten. The brain is primarily designed for handling physical functions, rather than interpreting spiritual experiences.

Is There Any Cosmic Significance To Dates Such As 11/11/11?

I do not attribute any distinct significance to 11/11/11 or any specified superstitious date that foretells of seemingly magical changes overnight.

The mechanics of cosmic events and the upliftment of consciousness to new frontiers of evolution do not subscribe to the convenience of a human calendar.

That is like saying, the whole universe was created to adhere to the thought processes and interpretations of one adolescent species of life.

The only way something significant would occur on any given date is through those who purposely seek something to become this event in their own eyes, or those who manifest such an event by their own intent.

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