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A Message From The Asceleottyi - We Are With You

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Text Version:

We Are With You

Know do we the burdens of fear that shackle your soul.

To bear the flame of love and truth takes such wearied toll.

Call now upon us that we may hold your hand.

Through the thickest darkness together we shall endurably stand.


Know do we the pains of sorrow which suffocate the heart.

To bear witness to those loved and lost who must depart.

Call now upon us that we may ease your pain.

Let us remind you of those special things that still remain.


Know do we the injustice and plight upon the Earth.

To bare young in a world of corruption from birth.

Call now upon us that we may preserve your will.

That we may nurture your faith for a dream to fulfil.


Know do we the loneliness you whisper upon the wind.

To bear without heaven's grace for a life here destined.

Call now upon us that we may be your beloved friend.

You are never alone and we are with you till the end.


Know do we the fruits of every joy and the seed of every smile.

To bare such kindness and love to lives made worthwhile.

Call now upon us that we may share your cheer.

We love you so dearly; we will forever be near.

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A Message For YOU!

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