Common Questions About Life
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Can Murder Be In A Blueprint?

As we all may, or may not know, one can never in a true sense of the word, murder another being.

Love would simply not allow it. Or God, if so shall you call it such.

What is to murder but a hologram of light? We are all holy for we are all holograms. Holograms of our imaginations.

One cannot murder a thought. Yet we speak of the tangible world, where emotion is very real. Suffering is real. An untimely death is real. Real in a sense that it affects us, and does so deeply.

  Unite The Human Race

The murder of another human being is a sensitive concept to comprehend and accept.

As your perspective changes and your awareness grows so too does your wisdom and perception of motive and reason. From the vantage point of unconditional love the influences that provoke the individual to commit such an act are made very transparent.

There are no evil people, only misguided intentions. That is why all is forgiven on the higher planes. That is also why you cannot ascend without embracing forgiveness for each and every human injustice.

The soul must see the same spark of light within the perpetrator which lies within themselves, and instead of punishing them for their misguided actions, assist them to embrace their own light.

This can be very difficult for any one individual, and so it is a process for that misguided soul and a challenge they must undertake themselves.


It truly takes a saint among men (or women) to hold nothing but compassion for such a despicable display of human behaviour.

Is murder written into the blueprint of life? That is a difficult question to answer so simply.

Many of you have died in combat through many great wars of the past. Through these wars one can claim they have indeed been murdered. And in a sense this is so. Yet if the soul wished to bring about a rise in human consciousness by sacrificing themselves to imprint a message to human conscience, then would you not say this was worth it?

Would the people of the world have learnt the true spectrum of human nature if Hitler had not murdered so many human beings? If someone had murdered your entire family and all those you held dear, would you hesitate to murder them in cold blood?

Would you yourself be no better than them? What separates the two? What about Self defence?

If you had murdered someone in order to protect yourself or someone you loved, would this also be considered wrong?

The question is not who they murdered or how. It is why.

Actions are not as important as the reasons that create them. It is not what you do, but why you do. This perspective allows insight into every individual and every thought, word and deed.

Can someone with a brain defect or compulsive disorder be held accountable for harm to another? Even if it is not within their own power to control? Think about it.

You may hear stories from some souls in the world beyond this one who make jokes with each other about how many times they have killed one another in different time periods in history. They can do this because they have transcended hatred and remorse and have full awareness of their infinite existence.

It is all about perspective and awareness. Where you choose to place yourself to view such matters I leave to your own consensus.

What Happens To Tree Spirits When A Tree Is Chopped Down?

Trees are a part of the nervous system of the planet Earth, and they are each a part of a beautifully orchestrated set of sentient beings who operate as a unified entity across the expanse of billions of planets.

They are an interwoven intelligence that synchronises its consciousness with many different beings upon, within and of the planet Earth. Yet they speak with an independent voice of their own which human beings have not as yet understood.

The moment the tree senses impending danger its roots dig deep into the soil in defensive response and tenses up to defend itself like a giant limb. It excretes an atmospheric pheromone into the air alerting fauna and flora of your malevolence.

This pheromone is reproduced by many different life forms through a variety of biological mechanisms until the whole surrounding area is alerted to your intent.

When the tree is cut, and when the flower is plucked, know that they are known to screech in pain in the same way as would any human being, for they do indeed feel pain. They do indeed feel an emotional state. They do indeed feel the loss of one of their own in sorrow.

This is not romanticised fantasy, this is biological fact of sentient intelligence.

It is also fact that the sound of your voice carries the nature of your intent. The words you use and the things you say will be translated by the tree by means of harmonic tone frequency (HTF) receptivity.

This means the sounds emanating from your voice will be translated into a coded signal and sent through receptive channels along the nervous system of the tree. Similarly, a tree will respond to physical touch through the electromagnetic field you produce through your own nervous system.

So too can it perceive the pheromonic chemical substance produced by every living being, including humans.

The spirit of a tree can never be harmed for this is the essence which never leaves the spirit world. To speak of what is lost when a tree is unearthed from the ground we are to speak of its life force. This life force, or life stream, is similar to the energy body of the human soul but its characteristics are much different.

When the tree is cut down the tree does not perish straight away.

It will first thirst and dehydrate to death due to the amputation of its roots and imperative water source. After amputation the tree enters a biological state of comatose-induced decay, until it can no longer sustain itself apart from its severed nervous system and separation from Mother Earth.

The life stream of the tree is consequently nurtured by its guardians back to its root source in the spirit world to add to the experience of a particular origin of sentient beings. Beings who speak with one united voice, but are heard as many in perfect sync. In song do they speak, and always in harmony with the very core pulse of universal life.

They will speak to you deep within places you never knew existed within you. They speak with profound wisdom and immeasurable tolerance.

What Are Faeries?

Faeries are to plants and flowers what spirit guides are to human beings. They nurture them into being all they can be in their highest potential.

There are many species of faeries, each having their own characteristics and behaviours. Some have a resemblance to wings and some do not. Some are more friendly to humans than others.

But few, if any, will show themselves to humanity until they resonate a sincere compassion, respect and kinship with Mother Earth. Those that do not resonate on the frequencies of nature will see nothing in the true likeness of faerie.

Many of them are mutations, and thus sub species, from the natural evolution of faerie and those life forms with which they associate themselves with - primarily trees, plants, minerals and so forth.

Some of them communicate with high pitched squeaky noises, clicks, taps, screams and the similar. They make full use of colour coordination, colour variation and colour vibration. So too do they make use of scent and light/sound frequency sensitivity.

They often sing and produce musical tones and sound phenomenon that provoke certain specific responses from plant life, flowers and associated life. They are attuned to nature and understand its function on a planetary scale, in terms of balance and harmony, and how specific plants and flowers contain different properties.

They have the ability to camouflage themselves into their surroundings at will and even manipulate physical surroundings to their advantage. Some species of faerie can become competitive and territorial, and create mischief for those who pose a threat to their ‘patch’.

Because of human disregard for nature, and their destructive actions upon their habitat, faerie have learnt to disassociate themselves from human beings until they have learnt to live in harmony and respect with it.

This was not always the case, as at one time humans and faerie lived in harmony with one another.

Animals too, such as your pet dogs and cats have their own sort of spirit helpers, like faeries are to plants and flowers.

It is human ignorance to assume it is only they who are privileged with such spiritual blessings.

What Is The Difference Between The Role Of An Angel And The Role Of A Spirit Guide?

These angels would be more appropriately understood as archetypical aspects of consciousness. Thus you will hear the term, archangel.

They represent different energy vibrations and characteristics of Prime Creator, and hold them to such extent that they literally breathe it and it sustains and radiates from them.

They are the orchestrators of God’s divine plan. They need not take on any particular form but will do so depending on the belief systems and evolution of the subject.

I perceive them in many ways and you will too. One of which is a crystalline ray of liquid light in breathtaking shades of colour and sound. I could not even paint or draw this form to represent them appropriately.

About The Shining Ones

With this said, know you can understand why it is said the angels are always with you. This is because it is literally true. It is not just a fanciful statement of faith.

The role of these angels is to be the caretakers of all life. In all dimensions, on all worlds. They are the gardeners of the cosmos and the instruments of God’s will. They are the instigators of global and universal change and the mouthpiece of Prime Creator.

They are weavers of energy and the guardians of all sacred knowledge. They are the healers and the transmuters, the arms of compassion and the sword of might, all when the time is right. They personify themselves within aspects of your daily life in order to raise your awareness and empower you with experiences.

They are the ones who can penetrate the toughest wall, and bring about the most divine miracle. They are the ones eternally appointed in service to humanity and will remain so long, long after you have ascended above and beyond your wildest imagination. They are truly a profound order.

They are making themselves known to humanity more now than ever because they wish to offer their assistance to those who now have acknowledged their existence. More and more of humanity is beginning to believe and to accept the presence of the divine.

Now that humanity is upon an unstoppable roller-coaster of change and a cosmic shift is occurring, they will be needed now more than ever before.

They can help you with your emotions. With your frustrations. With your relationships. With your release of karma. With your fears. With everything you can think of.

Your spirit guides will work in conjunction with these angels.

It is your spirit guides who walk the path with you. It is the angels who lay the path down for you.

It is your spirit guides who focus the love and light for you, and the angels who provide the very light of love.

It is your spirit guides who will hold your hand and share in your grief, but it is the angels who provide the tools for you to overcome your grief.

It is the role of the spirit guide to see that you get to where you are going. It is the role of the angel to provide the platform for you to choose where this is.

What Are The Different Dimensions?

Should we come to discuss the concept of dimensional realities within the parameters of the human mind there is going to be immediate boundaries of language.

This is because a state of mind, a state of feeling, and a state of consciousness necessary to relate and comprehend these other realities fully can only be achieved whilst entirely free from human persona and individuated consciousness.

In other words, you would have to entirely and completely let go of your human identity. With this said, it is still possible to relate certain foundations of conceptualisation to reproduce understanding through the human mind.

I see this is most commonly done so through the use of numbers and defined divisions. Such as the third dimension, the fourth and fifth, and so on. This division is understood to allow the human mind to relate to things in a linear, progressive and individuated way.

So this is the way we shall look upon it:

The first dimension can be equated to the core energy of the Earth.

That is the vibration at which the consciousness of the planet’s heart resonates. Here lies the seed and emitting energy source of all native life upon the planet Earth.

The heart of the Earth is also the location upon which meditations should be focused to connect with the ancient databank of knowledge and memory of all living organisms.

The second dimension can be equated to the mineral kingdom.

This relates to the aspect of the planet around its lithosphere. Here is where the beings you understand as elementals govern the chemical, mineral and such things as bacterial life. These very ancient beings will communicate and interact with you through the mineralisation, chemicalisation and bacteria elements of your biology.

Synchronising those within your biology with the resonance of Earth will facilitate healing of all known disease and disharmony. This is what I refer to as terrestrial sound and healing.

The third dimension can be equated to the reality human beings reside within.

This is the dimension where linear conceptualisation dominates; the concept of space and time. This is where chemicalisation and mineralisation expand into evolved physical forms.

This is where human beings co-exist and experience things of both the second dimension and aspects of the forth.

The fourth dimension can be equated to mass consciousness.

It is here the spawn of new ideas and concepts of imagination are brought into human perceptibility from the more subtle realms. It is here where clouds of consciousness and energy either uplift humanity or invoke devastation and atmospheric corrosion.

It is also here where other beings, often mistaken for extraterrestrials reside.

The fifth dimension can be equated to the dimension of love and heart wisdom.

It is here where the individual surpasses mass consciousness and discovers their own inner voice; their own guiding source of spirit.

It is here where unconditional love and states of bliss are experienced. It is also where beings often interpreted as angels communicate from.

The sixth dimension can be equated to the foundation of sacred geometry and the blueprint of all physical life.

It is here where all things are given form from light and sound frequency. This is where divine knowledge and information comes through in symbolism and sacred shapes that form the structure of all manifestation.

It is also where such beings as those who communicate to humanity through strange dreams, divine signs and crop circles originate.

The seventh dimension can be equated to cosmic and universal sound; the sound that governs vibrational resonance.

It is sound which produces the foundation of sacred geometry that forms the structure of life itself. It is from here that the formless is Self-realised into divine form and given their characteristic vibratory index.

It is here the sounds of the universe can be heard and their properties fully realised. This can be equated to the voice of Prime Creator.

The eighth dimension can be equated to divine light, for it is here that light gives birth to all things, and makes all things possible.

This can be understood as Prime Creator, or Oneness with your divine spirit. The light emanating from this source penetrates, permeates and produces all things in existence.

The ninth dimension can be equated to time.

Here lies the seed of the entire process of all universes, all dimensions, all life. The process of life, of expanding consciousness is possible due to the unfoldment of time; the time it takes for awareness to expand, form to evolve and Self to become realised.

All that exists, all that will ever exist, and has ever existed exists here. Through the function of time does all that is become made manifest through ‘the process’ called life.

What lies beyond time is currently beyond human comprehension.

Isn't Protection A Fear-Based Concept?

I shall introduce a mirror for this view.

First mirror:

You continue to observe innocent vulnerable children enduring abuse, and suffering tragic violent deaths as a result of insufficient protection from the ill will of others.

Is it to say such children should not seek protection and should endure the actions inflicted upon them? Did the loving innocence of the child and their positive outlook on life save them from the ill will of another’s actions?

Does the man who stands on a train track with delusions of immortality and visions of ascension status prevent the moving train from crushing him to death? Is it to say that by removing all negative fear-based thoughts from mind can automatically protect you from the ill wills and events outside of yourself?

Is this to say one with the intention to communicate with the spirit world need not make any preparation whatsoever, and need not worry about what energy or entity they invoke, for that would be a fear-based concept?

Is this to be as naive as to presume just because you are without fear that you cannot be harmed or influenced by the ill wills of negative beings with far superior intellect?

In truth, is it not simple common sense to prepare yourself, your environment and your parameters of intention prior to performing or invoking any energy practice, particularly of such outside of your comfort or knowledge zone?

Is it not within the guidelines of wisdom to discern intent and parameters of choice in order to receive that which you most aspire for? Is this to say you need not clear your energy space for it is a concept of fear?

It is to say you should ignore nature and its many positive influences or that you should be careless of the thoughts you have? Is this to say you should then not ask for verification from a voice unseen that claims to be all love and light?

Is this to say any or all of the guidelines originally given are not to be followed, for they are based on ‘old energy’ and are fear-based concepts?

Second mirror:

The true form of protection to which I refer has to do with an individual aligning themself to their aspired intention at that time, whether it be to connect with your own spirit or that of another.

If your intention is not anchored in a way that defines the parameters of what you wish to experience, then you are going to subject yourself to just about anything within your proximity. This is to say, preparation IS protection.

An individual is not fear-focused when applying parameters and preparations for an experience they wish to create.

They are using their gift of free will to choose something they desire to move towards. The terms psychic protection and shielding relate to moving away from, and attempting to avoid something, which in its true right can be seen as fear-based.

In order to protect yourself without being fear-based you actually choose, with the intention of action, to move towards something you aspire for, instead of trying to move away from something in fear. This is the key. It lies in the intention of the action, not the action itself.

So this is not to say all forms of protection are fear-based.

That belief is simply an individual seeing things from a very confined perspective. Of course things need to be protected, as you would protect your very own children with your life, not out of fear, but out of love and devotion.

You would dive in the way of a car to protect your child from harm, not out of fear, but out of pure love and devotion.

You observe the difference, I trust.

Why Are Some Born With Or Develop Allergies To Certain Foods?

Think of your immune system as a sort of anti-virus software which runs on a computer.

Depending on how the anti-virus software is configured, from time to time you will have your software alert you to false positives. Which means it has identified something which it deems hazardous to your computer, yet it might not necessarily be, hence it is a false positive.

The software then, depending on how it is configured, will seek out and eliminate the threat.

Your body and its immune system does this very same thing. Whether it is actually hazardous to your body or not is another matter, but your immune system takes no chances, particularly in a modern world where viruses, bacteria and other pathogens have mutated.

What occurs is that, in the case shall we say of food consumption, where you have fed upon a substance containing allergens, your immune system will hyper-activate white blood cells within your blood and lymphatic system interpreting it as a viral infection.

This mass response of white blood cells will cause inflammatory symptoms.

The reason your immune system changes its behaviour in this hyper-sensitive way varies. Though you will find it is primarily due to the toxicity levels now within human atmosphere, drinking water, medications, toiletries, foods and within body chemistry itself.

Much of this you will discover has to do with how food, in this modern era, is processed, treated and packaged. What additives, flavour enhancers, preservatives, colourings and so forth are being used, even discretely unbeknown to public eye.

Such things, in their graduation, will harvest unhealthy toxins and mutating chemical compositions in the human chemistry. These toxins and harmful chemical compounds are then often transferred to babies through pregnancy, who then, over time develop intolerances to products of all kinds.

You must remember the body is a biochemical factory.

It is constantly producing many different chemicals, in response to your emotions, your thoughts and your internal and external environment. Your body tries its very best to maintain a chemical equilibrium so that it may function to its most efficient state.

Yet when you start putting food and drink of all description into your body, not really understanding what those things contain, the body has to work very hard to maintain this internal chemical balance.

The immune system is reconfigured to become very sensitive and protective of its chemical state.

  Is Eating Meat Wrong?

Should it be that you find yourself develop an allergy to a certain food type, it is because the immune system has become hyper-sensitive to that specific chemical composition found within the food consumed.

Your immune system acts like a defensive computer programme and changes its tolerance settings as it struggles to improvise around all these evolving potent and often polluting chemicals coming into your system from your skin, from the air, from tap water, clothes you wear and food you eat.

More and more children are developing these immune system responses primarily due to, as I have said, changing toxicity levels in everything, which is causing the body to turn more defensive.

The cravings you feel for certain foods derive from a chemical addiction in your biology. Just as it forms addictions to drugs which produce chemical stimulations, or the chemical stimulations produced from sexual orgasm. It is the chemical stimulant it provides you which causes your craving.

You don’t crave fruits and vegetables because they have the correct chemical compositions that do not trigger spikes in behaviour from concentrated chemicals. Foods which you ‘like’, as you call it, produce cravings because they produce chemical stimulants in your body which give off an immediate sensation of satisfaction.

These stimulants are caused by concentrated chemicals being released in the body in high potent amounts.

This potency acts like an intoxicating drug. Your system then craves the chemical ‘spike’ which releases certain endorphins into your system giving you this feeling of pleasure. So in a sense, it is ultimately your craving for these endorphins which sponsors the craving.

On the other hand, your body will sometimes alert you to certain foods it needs to replenish itself more thoroughly.

You have to discern what is what.

How Are Parallel Realities Formed?

Parallel realities are formed by the exhale of Prime Creator. As original source continues to expand from this out breath all things continue to become that which it is.

All things are in the process of becoming. As this grand energy expands outward it creates more and more folds of reality all of the time, in our understanding. Infinity is literally expanding.

This is a difficult concept that is beyond human mind to either explain or understand.

When you make a choice it sets energy in motion and draws experiences into your present reality. This energy is a creative force that penetrates far beyond what you presently perceive.

As well as the reality of the choice you have currently chosen, there exists platforms/canvasses where other choices which were potentials for you are played out. You are in fact able to view some of these once you return into the spirit world because all doors are open to you.

Your True essence is actually, at this moment, spanning far across this universe and many other parallel universes and dimensions. While you are not aware of these aspects of Self, you will occasionally interact with one another by what people call déjà vu.

This is aspects of your past, your future as well as aspects of alternative realities which you at one time could have experienced. No potential is ever lost or wasted you see, every choice possible is played out in order to maximise the fullness of Prime Creator.

But you, you as the being you currently are, will only be aware of the experience which you choose. Everything that can exist, does exist, and exists all at the same time, in the same space. It simply exists within the infinity of frequency spectrum.

Nobody truly knows or has yet observed the full spectrum of Prime Creator.

Eventually all that exists will retract and cease to exist, only to begin again, and again, and again, for infinity.

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