How To Protect Yourself

Effective Forms Of Self-Protection

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We may want to begin by briefly reminding ourselves that the True Self, which is the multi-dimensional spirit identity never requires protection.

This is because by its very intangible nature and intrinsic quality equal to that of Prime Creator, this pure essence is beyond harm, dis-ease or destruction.


Psychic Protection

The first guideline of Self-protection is to always maintain a constant sense of respect for malevolent and disharmonic energies.

A lack of respect is often associated with naivety and tends to result in much greater susceptibility to such influences without their early detection, purely because you have underestimated them.

The second guideline of Self-protection is to trust your intuition, or gut feeling.

Just because you cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch a negative energy presence does not mean to say there is nothing there. It will often require a more subtle sense to perceive disturbances or disharmonies within your energy space.

Such disturbances and disharmonies will, once within the proximity of your energy field, alert this field of these abnormalities, which will then be communicated by your energy field into an intuitive, emotional and biochemical response.

You will intuitively sense that something is not quite right. Learn to trust this feeling, for feelings never lie; they are the language of your soul.

The third guideline of Self-protection is to never assume what you ask for is what you get. This is to say, just because you observe a vision of some radiant and magnificent angel or being do not assume to place such values at face value.

Many malevolent and devious energies have the capacity to produce holographic imagery to mask their true form or agenda. This is also to say, if via communication, a being proclaims to be an ascended master of this or that authority, or proclaims to be all love and light, you would be wise to adopt caution.

Just because another being is of another dimension, or displays abilities often associated with spiritual teachers, or that they hold certain worldly facts that you are lacking, it is not to say they are what they seem.

Those of genuine loving intent and of the dimensions of pure light will always be willing, and able, to verify themselves and direct you to factual evidence to prove their authenticity of identity.

If they are indeed there for you they will serve you in whatever capacity you wish to pursue through loving intent, and will not teach, act or present themselves in a manner of a Self-focused nature.

Forms Of Protection

1. Raising your vibration.

By raising your vibration your energy flow and functionality becomes more efficient and optimal in performance, and is reflected in your mental, emotional and physical capacity.

When this optimality is reached you become more acutely aware of your internal and external environment, and you become less susceptible to the attachments and absorptions of negativity.

The greater difference in vibration between you and that of a negative or malevolent energy or entity the less likely it will be able to see you and attach to you.

Use of bright colours, particular sounds and symbols can be implemented to change the energy of a person, room or atmosphere. This can work in physical terms or through mentally projecting them.

You should also discern an appropriate diet for your physical body.

2. Be prepared.

It can be said the most protected is the one who is most prepared

If, before any activity outside of your comfort zone, you take adequate time to plan and prepare yourself and your intention, you are far less likely to encounter unexpected occurrences. This means familiarising yourself with your surroundings, your chosen tools and apparatus, and the energies that each individual is bringing to the table.

It would not be appropriate for an individual, who hides within them deep negative energy, to bring this to a gathering of others with the intent of connecting with the spirit world.

Each individual must be as clear and clean in their energy as possible, with pure loving intentions within that group.

It is also of benefit to be prepared for any unexpected presences, and to have a clear procedure for what to do in such an event. This will allow you to remain in control of any situation.

3. Be mindful of your intent.

The power behind intent is so great that it creates your very reality.

Be clear and specific in your intent within each action, and before any attempt to communicate or connect with the spirit world.

Be specific on who or what you wish to communicate with. If your intent is based on selfish or egotistical persona you will attract energies and entities who feed and nourish themselves upon that fruit of frequency.

If your intent is unclear and open to broad interpretation, you will seldom receive back what you expected or desired.

If and only your intention is clear, precise and of a loving nature will you be in a state of protection from your own energy output, and of your own spirit.

4. Common sense.

Despite having followed other procedures of protection there are some individuals who still become victim to negative influences.

The reason being they simply did not use their common sense.

Those who are observed to find entertainment in visiting haunted locations in order to wilfully provoke resident energies have only themselves to blame for opening doorways for other, more malevolent entities to rise to the surface.

Similarly are those who wilfully induce altered states through ingestation of harmful substances naive to their chemical and biological toxifications. Or perhaps it can be said that it is through common sense one would not seek to commune with the unseen world whilst under the influence of alcohol or negative emotional states.

Common sense is, in a sense, one of humankind’s natural protective senses.

5. Ask for protection.

Do not be afraid to ask for the protection of your spirit guides and doorkeeper.

Never, ever, assume you are under constant protection from your spirit counterparts, or that you never need to ask for it because you assume you are always being watched and cocooned in blissful love and light all day long.

The spirit world do not exist to babysit you through every moment of your physical life.

In whatever circumstance you feel the need to be protected always seek this protection, in advance, verbally and clearly, by asking out loud for the assistance of your beloved guides and helpers.

6. Ask for verification.

Not all residents of the spirit world are of the purest light and unconditional love.

Many occupants and energies retain and become isolated by their own persona characteristics of their former physical state. This is to say, deeply ingrained negative or Self-serving traits imbedded within their consciousness keep them from accessing more of their True Self and dimensional counterparts.

These energy traits then seek to fulfil themselves by feeding off of other beings through deceit, fear and manipulation.

One way of protecting yourself whilst in communication with the spirit world is to request verification of facts and details. If they are of the light and from a place of pure love they will have access to resources which enable this verification to take place.

Such verification can come in the form of specific accurate details which only those of loving vibration would know, or through a means with which you can be guided to a physical source of information existing in the physical world.

Asking for such validation or signs of synchronicity will reduce the likelihood of being deceived and manipulated.

7. TIP - Thought Interfaced Protection.

Your thoughts have the power to protect you if used wisely.

Whether it be through meditation, prayer or some form of visual projected interface, you can imagine yourself cocooned in magnificent loving light through a variety of creative ways. Through the creative power of imagination, and the inherent power of thought, combined with the power of wilful intent, an individual may produce their own unique energy field in which to protect themselves and others.

These thought projections become as real and influential as those energies and entities that occupy other dimensional states. You are limited only by the boundaries of your imagination.

8. Stay calm.

Fear and panic can change any circumstance against your favour very quickly, placing you in a very vulnerable position.

Remaining calm and centred at all times ensures you remain outside the trap of victimhood and enables you to maintain lead control of the situation. It is important that you are the one in control of any event associated with the spirit world and its associated interactions.

Never sacrifice or wilfully surrender your own sovereign authority, or be mislead to believe another energy or entity has control of you.

9. Immerse yourself in nature.

Artificial man-made structures and enclosures work to trap and absorb negative and lower density energy forms.

On the other hand, living organic environments within nature and their abundance of organisms work to the opposite effect and promote energy freedom and distribution.

While such environments work to raise your vibration, they also attune your energy fields in harmonic synchronicity with primordial elemental states and of Mother Earth.

This facilitates grounding, healing and balance. Where possible, bringing these natural elements into your home will help balance out the resident energies.

10. Energy clearing.

Clear and clean your energy space regularly and thoroughly.

This should be performed at any location where contact with the spirit world takes place, or at any location where you intend to access deeper aspects of your Self.

This clearing can be performed using many routes, such as specific sound techniques, thought projection, white sage or distributing orgonite. There are many researchable means available.

It is advisable also to perform such techniques not only before, but after your activities with other energy states.