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Meditational Writing

Meditational Writing

There are many ways to connect to your spirit guides and angelic aids. One of these is meditational writing. This can be understood as a form of channelling, opening yourself up to the impressions of higher thoughts and visual concepts.

Since writing requires focused thought and awareness, the process of being involved in any form of meaningful writing allows you to step outside the confines of physical reality.

Your awareness is removed from all the trivial distractions of your physical environment allowing you to become a clear channel for higher thought.

This is a form of meditation.

When you write, you consciously switch on your receptive awareness to allow ideas and inspirations to come to you.


Sometimes, if you are within the right state of mind, you indulge your capacity to connect both with your higher consciousness, and those of your guides and loved ones. This can be done through purposeful intent, and through request.

There are also times when your spirit guides and other aspects of consciousness impart impressions of their own upon you of their own accord. More often than not, you will not be able to differentiate between their thoughts and those of your own.

But through practice and experience you will begin to grasp the subtle difference.

Writing Letters To Your Guides

One way of forming a consistent flow of communication with your guides is by written dialogue.

It is so easy even a child can accomplish this. Start by holding the intent of writing a letter to a specific guide or angel.

It may help to invoke a short prayer to express your intent and direction for the communication. This lets them know in advance of your intention for the exercise.

After you have done this, address your letter to the chosen recipient. If you know their name, you may use that. If you do not know their name simply write, ‘To my loving guide in spirit’.

Concentrate for a moment on the energy of their name or the energy they represent. Next, type out your intention, desire and purpose for the letter, if you have not done so already.

Be clear and simple, and allow it to be for your highest good.

Next, begin the dialogue by writing your first question. It may be that you do not have a question. You may simply want to express how you are feeling or the gratitude and joy in your life.

If it is a question make it clear, simple and sincere.

Once you have written your question you will want to adopt a state of receiving and acceptance. Listen and feel. Do not try to force an answer. Simply wait and become sensitive to impressions deep within you on the most subtle levels.

After a minute or so, you may have an impulse to put pen to paper, or fingers to keys. In any case, do so. Allow words to form spontaneously upon the page.

Do not try to analyse or interpret what comes through, simply take dictation from your higher mind. Do not stop to re-edit or re-read what has been written, simply allow it to flow fluidly across the page.

When the answer appears to have been given, go back and read what has been written. It may be that the answer appears a little jumbled and at first makes no sense. Through practice this will become clearer and less random.

Try not so much to analyse the words themselves but the message behind the words. You may continue this process for as many questions that you may have.

When you are satisfied and intend to end the exercise, share your gratitude at the end of the letter and sign it.

This exercise is but a guideline and a framework for you to use to devise your own personal technique. You should adopt one that suits your own needs and ideas.

It is important that you trust the process throughout.

If you do not believe, then you are closing the doors to potentials you would otherwise have access to.

Healing Meditation - The Pool Of Cleansing

I have for you a simplified meditation. As always I have written it merely as a guide and I leave the finer creative details to you.

The more personal you make it the more personal and intimate the experience becomes for you. This meditation is one for healing, with use of the Pool of Cleansing.

This pool is much like any other indoor swimming pool, except the water is an emerald green and has powerful alchemic properties. On contact with the thought-body (the thought representative of you in meditations) there is a pleasant and exuberating sensation of electrostatic energy that permeates and energises you.

This corrodes away negative energy very quickly and replaces it with powerful positive vibrations.

I will be taking you to your special island. This island will house many future opportunities for different meditations of various purposes.

Today you will enter the room of healing.

While meditation has powerful effects on the physical/energy body it is always advisable to seek medical attention for serious health problems.

You will only heal what you are genuinely ready to release.

Healing Meditation

It is a warm and pleasant day as you find yourself sitting upon a beach of beautiful white sand.

There is a gentle breeze and the sun is just right, just how you like it.

As you sit you feel the soft grains of pure white sand between your fingertips.

You glance around and notice you are the only one here. You have the whole beach to yourself.

A few yards ahead you observe the waves of the ocean so calm and peaceful.

The ocean appears so still and silent, the water seems to glow a brilliant pure luminous blue.

Today is a special day.

Today you are going to your special island. It is a place of many mystical and magical things.

It is the home of your sacred temple.

As you gaze off into the ocean expanse you begin to make out a shape off into the distance.

As you sit comfortably and peacefully on the beach you patiently stare out at this hazy object.

As it moves closer and closer you begin to recognise it as a small wooden boat. In the boat stands a figure.

The figure appears to be gracefully wielding a long wooden paddle.

As the boat comes closer and closer into view you suddenly recognise the figure. It is one of your spirit guides.

You shake yourself off from the white sand and walk over to meet your spirit guide.

They have a big smile on their face and obviously very happy to see you. “Are you ready?” says your guide.

You nod and climb on board the small boat aided by your guide.

Without saying anything more your guide begins to paddle, again gracefully and seemingly effortlessly.

They seem to know intuitively where you want to go as they look out into the distance.

You sit down in the boat and relax as you watch the beach behind you fade slowly out of sight.

It feels like only minutes have passed yet the beach you left behind is nowhere to be seen.

Yet ahead of you now a form starts to emerge into view.

It is a small isolated island with a beautiful white sandy beach like the one you had left behind.

There are trees covering the whole surface of the island concealing its many wonders.

The boat stops next to a long wooden platform leading down to the beach.

“We have arrived,” your guide informs you as they step out onto the platform.

As you step off the boat and walk down the platform your guide walks behind you allowing you to lead the way.

You reach the beautiful white sandy beach and notice another path leading up some stone steps into the trees.

As you walk the steps you are lead along a path to an opening through the trees.

Here, you suddenly behold the most beautiful temple you have ever seen.

The walls appear to be made of white gold stone and shimmer in the sunlight.

The temple stands high into the sky above the treetops and you feel dwarfed by its incredible size.

Huge pillars of stone mark the entrance to this sacred temple.

This is your temple. Created by and dedicated to you. Your sacred spiritual portal to many magical places.

As you enter your sacred temple you find yourself in a spacious hall with corridors leading in every direction.

You have the sense that this place is limitless.

You ascend some polished stone steps in the centre of the hallway and find yourself at another junction.

Metting Spirit Guides

There is a path to the right and to the left and more steps directly ahead which lead down into a smaller hallway.

You follow the steps down into the hall, all lined with beautiful white golden stone.

Ahead is a large closed door. Above reads, ‘Pool of Cleansing’.

Your guide now speaks to you in a gentle voice, “There are rooms for every purpose you can imagine here. This one is for healing. Go on ahead. I will wait for you in the main hall.”

You push open the big double doors and walk on in.

The room is just as enormous as everything else and lined with golden pillars of stone.

Meditation Temple

The floor is gold, the walls are gold, everything is gold and beautiful.

As you walk further on into the room your attention is immediately caught by the appearance of a pool.

The water radiates a brilliant emerald green and appears luminously pure.

It is the Pool of Cleansing.

Next to the pool sits a towel. You sit down and begin to disrobe.

Wasting little time you slip into the pure warm water.

As you do you immediately feel the pleasant electrostatic healing vibrations of the emerald water against your skin.

The water seems to react to your presence as you begin to feel a charge of energy permeate through you.

Cleansing Meditation

Your body feels so much lighter, as you feel every tenseness alleviate.

You feel the alchemic properties of the pool erode away all negative pain and blockages.

The water feels as if it is penetrating every fibre of your being, energising it with a charge of positive loving vibrations that resonate throughout your entire body.

You feel any and every illness, dis-ease, pain and discomfort submerge and disperse into nothingness.

You are cleansed and purified on every level of your being.

You radiate pure love and peace.

Allow yourself to spend as much time as you need in the Pool of Cleaning.

When you are ready, dry yourself off and get dressed.

Walk on out of the room, closing the doors behind you.

Make your way back towards the main hallway where your spirit guide is waiting for you.

Follow your guide out of your sacred temple, along the path and back onto the white sandy beach.

Walk across the wooden platform back to the boat that awaits.

When you are ready your guide will take you back.

Back across the water to the original beach where you had first met.

Wave goodbye to your spirit guide and thank them for accompanying you today. You will see them again soon.

Bring yourself back to your waking state and out of meditation. Focus on the breath.

Allow yourself time to become aware of your surroundings.

Ground yourself as necessary.

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