The Role Of The Light Bearer

A set of standards to gravitate towards for all who aspire to bear the name of love, in light of their deeds and actions.

This is a message to those who would identify their inherent responsibility within the cosmic race to which they are intricately bound in destiny.

Light Bearers

Light Bearer

It is a key for they who would see themselves not as divided individuals, but as united beacons of hope which resonate a singular purpose of Self-empowerment across the face of the Earth.

It is a map that leads to many places, weaving bridges between the body, soul and sacred spirit.

All are light bearers; none are excluded from the tapestry of life.

All things are of the light, regardless of the labels we condition them to.

Such prestige of purpose is not reserved for the few who would deem themselves enlightened, but is an awareness which awaits discovery within us all.

YOU are the light bearers.

You are tasked with the privilege, at this time, to make a stand out of shadow, to illuminate the world to your self-discovered qualities, to be the example for those who would seek themselves through you, with you and as a sacred part of you.

Be the standard to all whom you meet, that they may be lead inward to discover their own role within, and of the future of humanity.

Text Version:

The Role Of The Light Bearer.

To be the standard for all those who seek resolution in light.

To be a light holder. An energy holder to support balance and growth around the world.

To be the pioneers of change and forward thinking.

To be the liberators of truth and cooperation.

To be the example of love personified.

To be the teachers of the knowledge and the process.

To be the facilitators and practitioners of inner wisdom and sovereign Self-given gifts.

To be kind, compassionate and forgiving.

To be the ambassadors of light, love and liberty.

To be the disassemblers of illusion.

To be the seeders of greater understanding and expanded consciousness.

To be the way showers, inspirers and world leaders.

To be the healers, the listeners and the carers.

To be the voice of spirit.

To be the creators.

To be the transmuters, transitioners and trainers.

To be the authors of Earth's future in the cosmos.

To be the protectors of Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.