The Laws Of Empowerment

The Law Of Attraction

Whatever energy you create, hold and project will invoke immediate responses in the ocean of energy in which you, yourself, are a part.

The ripples you cause to this effect will invoke other energy into motion.

  The Laws Of Attraction

It will either attract or repel vibrations of energy at different speeds, depending on the frequency and dimension of that particular energy. Energy in the physical dimension is much slower than energy of a metaphysical/spiritual dimension.

In this respect you are more likely to intuitively sense or feel changes in energy before you see, hear and physically perceive them.

You will always attract everything in the universe to you by default. That is why you have experiences.

You are a being which draws things to you inherently in order for you to expand and evolve. Everything simply comes to you at different speeds, some of which is so slow it does not physically appear to move at all. Even if you waited a hundred years it would not have appeared to have moved a millimetre, simply due to the frequency of your senses in comparison to the frequency of the object’s movement.

If you want something to come to you more quickly you have to align yourself to the frequency that object, energy or experience is resonating on. In a sense, it is actually you who must move towards it.

Things which repel and move away from you are things which produce energy of resistance.

You, yourself, produce the energy of resistance and so you, yourself, repel experiences away from you instead of to you. Whereas you similarly draw experiences to you which you attract through thoughts, words and actions.

All of these are vehicles for the energy you produce.

And so it is, what you think, feel, say and do are all comparative to what you both repel and draw to you.

The Law Of Proximity

Because you exist within a matrix of time and space, within a dualistic dimension, there is always an experience of proximity. Some things are close, some things are far away.

Each measured in terms of how long it takes for it to reach and have an effect on you. The thoughts, words and actions you create and the energy projected from these will have immediate effect on things within your area of proximity.

This must be applied to both things in this physical world, and things of the metaphysical world.

Just because you cannot see, smell, hear, feel or touch a thing does not mean it is not close to you. It simply means it is out of your frequency of sensitivity.

When reaching out to the spirit world, there are many dimensions which contain living consciousness, which are close to the physical dimension, even before you get to the higher dimensions of your spirit guides and mentors.

When opening yourself up and reaching out to the spirit world, you have to be aware of what energy you are sending out and cautious as to what energies or entities are within your proximity.

Many different things exist in the exact physical space you are now, except on a great many different frequencies and vibrations. This is your immediate concern of proximity.

So, for example, you would not want to reach out to your spirit guides in a graveyard or historical battlefield.

The Law Of Manifestation

All energy, all consciousness, whether interpreted as good, neutral or negative, eventually become manifest.

This is to say, the thoughts you have, the words you speak and the actions you make all lead to manifestations in some shape or form. What you manifest is completely measurable to what energy you project and its relationship to the environment in which it manifests.

This is why it is important to choose your intentions, attitudes and actions very carefully.

These universal laws interweave each other in a marriage of purpose. To keep yourself safe and protected you need to understand these mechanics of life.

Use the law of proximity to keep a distance between you and those things which you do not want in your life. This is not avoiding or resisting, but utilising the law of attraction.

Attract only that which you would desire in your proximity.

Manifest only that which you are knowledgeable and capable of handling and understanding.

Manifest only those things of loving vibration and the laws of the universe will bring them to you to enjoy and experience.