Common Questions About Life
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How Does Karma Manifest?

Karma is a vehicle of Self-illumination and Self-orientation.

It is a process to which your intentions and actions which pertain to those intentions, can be brought to your awareness experientially by means of their creative properties.

This means that karma is a function through which your choices and actions in life are given creative properties of their own, for you are a creative entity, and what impact and consequence those actions have created for the whole, for the One, for you all.

  What Is Karma?

This impact on the whole is reflected back to your awareness via the law of attraction, manifestation and cause and effect. That is, what you do to the whole, the whole does upon you, for you are part of the whole, you are part of the One.

What you do upon others, in effect, you do upon yourself.

This is the principle of karma. It is a function to remind you that you are all One.

An example of this would be humanity continues to dump toxic chemicals and waste into the oceans, thus contaminating, mutating and killing many species of life forms in the ocean.

Consequently, also changing the very purification and properties of the water itself. Those are the creative implications of those choices and actions done by humanity.

As a result of these actions, some aquatic species of life form become close to extinction, creating a gap in the whole food chain within the ocean habitat.


Consequently, this gap in the food chain disrupts the entire food chain within all other species in the ocean. This consequently causes many other life forms to become close to extinction and also causes dramatic mutations, both for adaptive environmental survival and as a result of chemical contamination.

Human beings then capture such life forms and eat them as part of their own food source.

Consequently, they ingest the very same chemical toxins they themselves pumped into the ocean. This consequently leads to their own mutation, cell deformity, disease and so on.

At the same time, while the sun works in union with the ocean and its life forms to produce oxygen, the properties within the oxygen itself become altered by this chemical toxicity, and thus humanity breathes in this contamination.

This then also causes the genetic deterioration of the human biological organism and harbours a mutation in bacterial growth and inter-species transference. Soon many thousands of other land based life forms are suffering the effects of chemical contamination on a cellular level.

This can be interpreted as divine retribution, religiously orientated karma or simply the process of cause and effect.

The choices of the one effect the process or journey of ALL. As it is so the choices of the many effect the process and journey of The One.

There exists a religious founded concept that karma is a sort of substance which sticks to a human being, and is thus carried with them from one lifetime to another. It has been said that humanity is not permitted to reach some state of hierarchical ascension unless they erase their karma through many incarnations of recompense.

This concept is totally illogical and dictates the One Source (through his many fragments of perfection - you) must suffer and earn his way to his own Self.

But in truth, the Self has nothing to earn, for all that you already deserve as part of the One Source, is already yours, now. Instead of having to earn your way to some destination or greater vision of Self, you have actually but to CHOOSE something else.

If that choice is to incarnate in human form again, so be it. If that choice is to never incarnate again, but to be of service and be the driving force of evolution for the One source in some other way, then so be it as well.

In a sense it is your choices and actions in the present moment which dictate what becomes available in your field of present awareness. As your state of choices and actions develop within a more loving vibration, the more choices and options you will become aware of in the future.

The less loving your choices and actions become, the less options and choices you have to choose from in the future. This is because your current actions determine tomorrow’s reality and its experiential parameters.

You cannot experience a reality outside of the one you are creating for yourself.

Humanity, as with all life, has the responsibility of care towards all life. For in truth, we are all One. If this responsibility of care is not upheld, the process and function of cause and effect, karma, whatever you wish to call it will continuously remind you... that... there... is... only One of us.

Who First Taught The Craft And Herb Lore To Humanity?

Herb lore and its many branching occults and practices are diluted teachings and understandings of various ancient indigenous tribal clans, which then influenced cultures such as Native American shamanism, and Celtic druidic communities.

The original indigenous tribes, much like the tribes of the aboriginals of Australia held deep sacred beliefs and connections with Earth and with nature. They understood the power of natural remedies, elemental magic and the science of alchemy.

Alchemy itself was originally a gift to humanity by their cosmic ancestors.

Are Those On The Other Side Closer To Us At Christmas?

Let me first compose your awareness of these seasonal celebrations and their significance with those who have since crossed the bridge of flowers into the world of the spirit. I will go into this in fine detail for you to access further understandings.

Any time on the planet there is a gathering of wholesome nourishing energy, an abundance of Christmas spirit, celebration of shared thought, feeling or intent, there forms a variety of electrochemical clouds which emanates into the atmosphere.

This electrochemical cloud is formed over different parts of the planetary sphere and gives off a vibrational pulse which can permeate and penetrate into different folds of dimensional space. This I will explain further: the human body is constantly firing off many bio and electrochemical clouds of energy into their physical space.

The composition of this energy cloud, which is an emotional pheromone produced by biological species is what many understand to be, in part, their aura. This emotional pheromone is a form of language in itself which, when in contact with another living beings triggers their own inherent responses.

It is this language which the plant kingdom understands, and so too for most animals.

When clouds of this emotional charge are brought together in the atmosphere around parts of the planet it develops a resonate effect which, in the spirit world, is heard like an orchestra of angels and felt like summer sunshine on the human skin. At least, it can be.

The resonate effect, in a sense, bends space and time and allows those in the spirit world to interact closer to the physical state because there is less division in vibration. Most human beings do not understand that the energy they resonate is what actually bends space and time to their state of current experience.

This is why some will have the feeling of time passing by more quickly, or less so, on certain days or times of the year than others. This is because the domestic resonance in your spatial field is actually moving you into another spectrum of time and space altogether.

This experience is, at present, mostly unthought-of or beyond awareness, so most do not understand ‘what just happened’. The resident frequency within you is also accelerated which beckons those in the spirit world to flock in a great many numbers to the physical realm.

Some come merely to observe in wonder and others come to take advantage of this resonant frequency change to facilitate many different objectives.

Some come to heal and harmonise.

Some come to communicate or relay messages.

Some come to collect such energy and carry it forth into the spirit world to bathe those who struggle to transmute their past or find it difficult to move on.

So it is then to your new awareness that these joyous celebrations of love and compassion, of togetherness and healing, of giving and selflessness is utilised as a means to orchestrate energy in a positive way, for positive outcomes.

  Spirit Guide Artwork

It is not that, as such, those in the spirit world celebrate religious holidays or such things as Valentine’s day in the spirit world. For your spirit is not entirely human to begin with, so why would anyone presume it to celebrate love and service in the same manner as in physical state, you see?

Often though, I have to say, it is also a time of reflection of the memories of past lives too. A private celebration of something you had once created, or helped to create once upon a time.

This may mean visiting loved ones who you associate with those memories, and reliving them by exchanging energy and gratitude of service.

How Can We Discover Our Own Soul Group's Name And Purpose?

What your soul group is called will mean little to nothing from the perspective of the human mind. It may have nothing whatsoever to do with human culture, language or origin.

It would be more practical to focus your intention on illuminating the qualities you represent from within such a group. The name can come later. You can do this by deep reflection and honest clear Self-observation.

Look back from your childhood and all the time between then and now, what was it that you possessed that made you stand out?

How do you feel towards certain species of animals, certain forms of work? What gives you passion and fills you with a deep sense of fulfilment and inspiration?

What brings out the best in you? What comes natural to you that perhaps others struggle with in their lives?

Ask yourself these questions and begin to picture a group with all these qualities and gifts. Meditate on it.

To serve the good of the group is a matter of putting into practice those gifts you possess and representing your family of light by bringing their love and energy to the world.

Stand out not for the qualities you lack or the flaws which illuminate division, but by those qualities you compliment others’ lives with and the strengths which forge bridges between people.

How Can There Not Be A Hell For Demonic Entities?

To understand the nature of what is perceived as hell, as a place, and the nature of what demons are, one must adopt a broader perspective.

Allow yourself to sit yourself above a mountain top looking down upon the great many swarms of life and circumstances that span the land below. This allows a more unbiased perspective of not actually being ‘submerged’ within whatever it is you’re trying to understand.

Firstly, contemplate the fabric of the spirit world.

It is a multi-verse of thought; a sensually founded and cohesive living matrix.

The very substance and fabric of it melds and bends to your interaction within it. Everything is alive; the matrix that forms your surroundings and manifests image structures to support you, it sings from whatever song sheet you currently have within your soul.

If your soul is full of negativity, then the song sung by the living matrix will reflect that back to you for you to experience what you are. So too if your soul projects peace and harmony the living matrix will reflect this back to you in order for you to see that.

What state of experience and sensation of spirit you have whilst within the spirit world will depend on how you vibrate as an energy being. Because that is what you are, a being of energy.

You can only gain access to particular states, or places, if you so wish to call them that, if you resonate at a frequency of energy that state is placed upon.

If you want to travel to a place in the spirit world where you are completely surrounded by beautiful angelic tree formations, or forests, then you have to resonate at a state of appreciation and love for trees to such an extent you will gain access there.

If, for example, you have no regard for the wellbeing of trees and could not care less about them and their ancestry, you will never gain access to specific places in the spirit world where trees exist within vast paradise communities and speak to one another like humans do.

Hell then, might be considered a place, for there is a ‘place’ for all beings and all things in the spirit world.

No-thing is ever denied access to the spirit world.

So then, those of hell-ish standing, who resonate an energy of great negativity, hate, anger and cruelty have a ‘place’ of their own in the spirit world. In fact, the spirit world is so vast, everyone has enough ‘space’ to have their own private universe.

This is not to then say, all ‘bad’ souls are sent to this one place, or that place. It does not work that way.

It is about the law of attraction and proximity. What the person is attracted to in physical life will be the momentum force that propels them into a specific state within the spirit world. As said, because the spirit matrix responds to the energy you give it, it will reflect it back to you by creating the surroundings that represent what you have become.

There are gateways to states in the spirit world where energies are collected together by law of attraction, where such energies lose their sense of identity altogether.

When I speak of the sense of identity, I mean the sense of who they are as a divine spirit and a part of all that is. Beings who remove themselves from their own loving nature to such a degree as to defy any association with it, can be what are known as demons.

These are energy forms which have lost their sense of identity and have become lost within the sea of despair they have created for themselves.

They do not, as such, have any specific form, for they have given up their identities in the grace of God, rather they exist as dark dense masses which exist within whatever private universe they have created for themselves in the spirit world. These energies are made up from life forms from all over the universe, and multi-verse, from all corners of different dimensions that exist parallel to yours.

Many people believe demons are deceased humans turned bad, but this is not the case. There are by far, much more twisted and cruel forms of nature in the multi-verse than any so-called evil human soul.

These energies may actually manifest to your senses humanoid looking or in some other form which provokes fear because it is effective for them to do so. If they manifest as something which you could not associate with, you would not be as afraid, and more so confused or intrigued.

Do not assume just because something appears to you with sharp teeth and wings that this is their true form, for they are merely utilising the living matrix to manipulate their appearance to you. The fear provoked in you then feeds them your own energy as you acknowledge their presence and feel vulnerable to them, which opens doors of disaster.

There are also life forms, what could be referred to as extraterrestrials, or dimensional beings, who have the ability to shift in and out of your current physical dimension. There are also beings under this category who exist in etheric worlds, like planets, which do not occupy the frequency of physical matter.

These beings will occasionally become drawn to your dimension of physicality due to something which is occurring in your proximity. These beings also have the ability to appear as they see fit in order to provoke fear and torment, for whatever purpose they have for being there.

Sometimes these beings are mistaken for poltergeists, abductions or demonic attacks.

The best defence in this regard is to stay as calm as possible and build the courage to empower your own spiritual authority and gifts of spirit to defend your energy space.

Often faith in angels or spirit guides are eroded because people commonly ask, well why did my guardian angel or guide not come to rescue me? The answer is because often times these events happen so quickly and spontaneously your guides and helpers are not immediately aware of what is happening.

They do not watch over your every move twenty-four seven. That would be a violation of privacy, and they have their own things to do.

The event may also be out of their immediate capacity to handle due to the complex energies involved.

Many of those helpers around you will not be trained to handle aggressive energy forces like this and may have to seek assistance from specialist light workers in other dimensions. So please do not lose your faith in your guides and helpers over the fact they cannot solve every negative experience you have.

Let love be your guiding light.

Will Humans Ever Be Able To Levitate, Fly Or Teleport?

These feats you emphasise are potentially possible to a certain degree, but only through understanding energy mechanics and TIT (Thought Interfaced Technology)/Consciousness technology.

A simple example of this energy mechanics, which is extremely easy to perform, is the demonstration of weightlessness. This is where a person sits upon a chair who is going to be lifted by four individuals, simply by using two fingers each.

The person sitting upon the chair, who can be of any weight whatsoever, sits with his or her back vertically upright, with their feet touching the ground.

The four participants form a circle around the sitter and close their hands together to form a prayer like posture, with both their index fingers extended and touching one another. Together the four participants attempt to lift the individual using only their extended index fingers.

This will typically result in an unsuccessful lift of the sitter.

What they are then to do is each of the four participants of the circle take turns placing an open palm downward faced hand above the sitter’s head. Starting from a couple of inches from the sitter’s head, and subsequently every two inches thereafter, another places their hand, untouching, above the next, until all participants have both their hands in a pillar-type position above the sitter’s head.

The participants then remain with their hands in this position for approximately twenty to thirty seconds. Immediately after a twenty to thirty second count, all four participants press their hands together, as in prayer, and extend their two index fingers out.

The two participants either side of the sitter’s legs slide their index fingers under the closest thigh of where they stand, whilst the two either side of the sitter’s arms do the same with their extended index fingers under the armpit.

They then immediately lift the sitter together.

What they will find is that the sitter appears almost completely weightless regardless of their actual mass weight, and is lifted with ease regardless of the strength of the four participants. This simple exercise is perfectly safe to perform and should give sceptics of energy mechanics a run for their money, so to speak.

The only word of caution is that the participants doing the lifting should not underestimate the energy mechanics, for they will end up tossing the sitter into the ceiling.

This example was simply a bit of practical fun for anyone who wishes to experience the sensation of being levitated.

I can confirm that levitation has been attempted and performed successfully by various individuals who have accessed their spiritual gifts. This does not mean to say they were particularly spiritual, but that they understood their own energy mechanics, thought capacity and truly believed in what they were doing.

Human flight is much more difficult and I do not foresee it as something humankind will achieve any time soon. This is not to say it is impossible, but that it has taken a great deal of energy simply to levitate or walk on water successfully.

Teleportation is also extremely difficult to perform if you are wanting to relocate every atom from one place to another. Though again not impossible, humanity have yet to synchronise their biological form with interfaced thought.

It should be emphasised that the ability to perform such feats by no means indicates a physical being is more spiritually advanced than someone else.

Again I reiterate, it is a matter of energy mechanics, not spiritual superiority.

Can We Travel Through Portals?

Unicorn Artwork  

There exists in several locations around planet Earth certain portals, or gateways, which permit travel between dimensional realities.

If you like the fabric of space has been torn in such a way as to create a gap, or opening between one world and another.

I believe one exists in Mexico, another further North, and several in Europe and in Australia.

The ancient tribes of man knew of these portals and used them somewhat proficiently. The Mayans for example.

Humanity will discover that when they raise their own vibration as a race of energy beings, they will themselves shift into a different spatial location within the universe, and rediscover aspects of their ancient history which has since transitioned into different vibration dimensions.

Much to the fact that many of Earth’s sacred historical treasures have become invisible to human senses because of the now differentiating vibrations between you.

You do not need to hold knowledge of the portals around the globe to create gateways of consciousness within meditation.

Thoughts are like little threads that you weave into the fabric of consciousness. They are very much alive, like living organisms. When you have a thought about something, or connect with potentials through imagination, your thoughts are connecting with different sockets of vibrational directory within feelings, emotions and other sensory sources linked to multi-dimensional states.

The content, speed and efficiency of the information, and how it is filtered into your awareness depends on the properties that make up that individual.

The portals around the globe actually alter the vibrational density of matter, and so your physical body will disappear and appear elsewhere. This can be extremely dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

This is possible also in meditation but exceedingly difficult for even the most proficient practitioner.

Other species elsewhere have mastered travel via light-form projection in such a similar way, some able to literally transport their entire physical state to another location projected by their consciousness. Yet humans have a long way to go before attaining this level of mastery.

It may be possible for you to experience glimpses through corridors of consciousness and gateways to other vibrational states through meditation. I have provided such a meditation.

Once you let go of the mindset of the rigid material world you assume you are in, and disassociate yourself with your attachment to your environment as it appears, you can adopt a sensitivity to alternate layers of reality within the same space.

You can attune your physical and intuitive senses to different vibrational frequencies.

When you meditate you are really setting your intention by removing unwanted thought processes and allowing your energy state to become distilled. Through this distilment your intention then becomes the focal alignment of your energy state.

In forming such an energy state on a regular basis you begin to forge new threads of energy connectivity, much like nerve fibres in the brain, which create pathways for you to access other realities of awareness.

The more you practice forging these energy states, the more pathways you create for your consciousness to expand.

Are Any Natural Disasters A Result Of Mankind’s Wrongdoings?

There is no such thing as a natural disaster. If it is a disaster, then it cannot then be considered natural in any way.

It is true that the Earth itself goes through many periodic shifts and cycles. The structure of the Earth's inner core is constantly moving and changing from its own dynamic momentum.

The Earth also has cycles in relationship to its sun. It is, at this current time, once again tilting its axis in a sort of wobbling motion.

The weather conditions are the combination of different regional conditions which are colliding together in Earth's atmosphere, which causes dramatic local conditions within different regions of its surface. At the same time you have the alarming multiplication of human beings upon the Earth which are absorbing much of the Earth's natural resources to accommodate the growing population.

You have human beings decapitating the harmonic resource of the forests which Earth relies upon to maintain life support upon its surface, and within its core.

You have human beings which hunt and slaughter life forms for profit and pleasure, which upsets the food chain and creates massive chain reactions on a global scale.

You have biochemical pollutants being allowed to freely contaminate and kill the inherent living cells within seas and oceans which changes the very vibrational consistency of water, rain and cloud - not to mention the protective atmosphere.

You have human beings drilling into the Earth's crust which creates cracks and underground crevasses many hundreds of miles away.

You have state wide, country-sized haze of consciousness which hover above and around cities, towns and villages like a mushroom cloud of toxic gas. The list goes on.

There is little humanity can do in terms of changing the natural cycles of Earth.

However they can better predict and prevent the loss of many lives by investing in technology which detects and familiarises itself with such cycles and movements.

How one event elsewhere on the planet invokes an event elsewhere on the other side of the planet. How severe weather conditions manifest as a result of mutating/clashing smaller weather conditions from different global regions.

Humanity can better protect itself in many respects by planting billions of more trees and other plantations.

The existence of which would allow the bio-structure and eco-structure of Earth to absorb most of the harmful effects of different events.

 Caring For Mother Earth

Humanity also needs, urgently, to save and rescue its water purification levels, as it is the oceans which has the utmost influence on the majority of factors. Both for the atmospheric defence system of the Earth, and for the sustainability of life upon its surface, and within the oceans itself.

Also noting that the many chemicals being pumped into the oceans are being harvested into very toxic gasses in the atmosphere via heat from the sun. Such toxins are then being freely distributed over cities and towns around the world, breathed in through the skin, lungs and within food resources.

This ultimately leading to cell mutation and disease.

People have a voice, yet they bow down to their regional governments and simply accept what they are given and told is best for them.

It is up to each individual to step forward, unite as a civilisation, within cities, towns and villages and form a voice to be reckoned with.

A voice that no government dare repress.

A voice that no greedy corporation can hide under the rug or manipulate with wealth.

Such inhuman atrocities are taking place around the world simply because communities are not banding together and creating a voice for themselves to not only invoke, but demand change.

Do not let wealthy corporations lead your country, lead your country by the foundation of love and respect and the power of communication.

Communication and information circulation is your most powerful tool at the moment. Through this awareness is raised.

When enough people become so intolerant to the atrocities of ignorance and selfishness a new voice will form and lead humanity into a new era.

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