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What Is Psychic Ability?

Often when human beings speak of someone with a psychic ability they immediately attach a supernatural connotation to it.

Yet it is only perceived to be supernatural because humanity has neglected this form of language in modern times, whereas other species on the planet continue to embrace it.

What is to be understood here is an inherent form of vibrational language. So inherent that it is commonplace within the realms of spirit.

  The Violet Flame

It matters not what species you belong or what planet you are from, the language of vibration binds and bonds us all in the kingdom of the spirit.

Such language has an intuitive ability to unfold itself into the correct frequency to imprint just the right thoughts in your mind in order for species to communicate with one another. It is a marvellous phenomenon, in the true sense of the word, in the realms of the spirit.

In physical state, particularly with human beings, vibrational language is most often distorted and filtered by the individual’s internal environment.

The thoughts that produce beliefs, which in turn create walls and barriers. Feelings that produce emotional strain, which in turn closes down receptive doors of energy. Your chakras.

For those that are psychically inclined are so due to the nature of their biology and energy facilitation which is enabled through a specific connection to their consciousness.

Those who are psychic have specific cell frequencies activated within their biology which enables a certain type of receptivity and connectivity to limited bands of consciousness, or vibration.


Often it will be the spirit guides of the person who will identify this potential in them from an overlooking energy view they have, and then work to bring about this ability within you. Most people have no idea their spirit guides are helping to facilitate this ability through aligning your energy configuration with your cellular biology makeup.

Those who are naturally gifted in this way through genetic family are often already attuned on a cellular level for this facilitation of language to take place. Those that have ancestors who demonstrated no such attunement may still give birth to an offspring who, by chance, has just the ideal genetic configuration, mixed with their individual energy vibration to bring about psychic ability.

Those then that learn to become psychic are consciously attempting to reconfigure their own vibrational energy with their genetic configuration to achieve similar results. Though this latter route is often more difficult.

When you are released from physical state, your vibration is no longer restrained by physical barriers and communication through telepathic means becomes fluid and instantaneous, not only between the tribes of man, but the tribes of all animals, plants, birds, fish and beings of other worlds.

Though in the case of the latter here, without memory reference within your consciousness, communication will be a gradual process which you will adjust to, as you adjust to their energy configuration. It all may sound difficult, but it is not.

Some soul groups have practiced bringing about psychic gifts through physical state, so that too is another avenue of thought. With this understanding, one can learn to speak to any life form while still in physical state.

It is not really a spiritual journey, merely a journey of connectivity.

I Felt A Tickle And A Light Turned On. Could It Be My Spirit Guide?

You must first ask yourself how it is possible for an unmanifest non-physical being to activate, interact and interpose themselves upon and within physical reality?

This is a difficult question for many as they do not comprehend the energy transference which is creating the events, simply because physical objects require tangible physical energy to move them. This leaves minds to wonder how it is that poltergeists and other mischievous personas can actually force themselves into your living space, in a very physical way.

But not only this, but how through positive application this process can also be used for good, by those of your spirit entourage. Well this is how they achieve this:

Firstly understand that what the spirit world do is they use existing physical tangible energy within your own present location and manipulate it in such a way as to produce their desired effect. What we are talking about here is electromagnetic energy.

If you look around you right now, can you tell me what objects in the room are presently using electromagnetic energy? Where do you see the flow of electricity? What is producing magnetic force? To begin with, it is YOU.

Your physical body is currently radiating electromagnetic pulses of energy outward in every direction. You are a giant energy battery.

Secondly, the computer you are using is also utilising electricity. The lights are using electricity. In fact it is likely you are surrounded by a network of electrical wiring through many of the walls of your home.

I should also tell you that electromagnetic energy can also be transferred via radio waves, which, as you know, are abundant within the invisible air you breathe.

I will also remind you of the electromagnetic grids and ‘ley lines’ which extend across the face of the planet. Understanding these, and understanding my explanation here will also assist you to understand other mysteries.

So then, what the spirit world actually does is they focus their own energy of intent towards this abundant network of electromagnetic energy, and they ‘will’ this physical energy into motion. They collect it into what some call orbs, and they apply the will of intent to manipulate this mass of energy into the desired result.

So, in the case of your light switch flicking on, this is relatively an easy thing to do once practised. It is relatively so because the light switch runs on the main electricity power supply. It is merely a matter of transferring part of that energy in another direction to cause the light to turn on.

In incidences of physical touch, the spirit world can either jolt you with some of this energy force, which you may feel as either a push, a lift or perhaps the movement of chairs or tables. Or in the case of lighter sensations of tickles and soft gentle pokes, what they do is a little different.

They utilise the memory within their retained cellular state, from when they were physical beings, and they reanimate their finger for just a fraction of a moment to cause a physical sensation upon you.

This is easier for them to do when there is an abundance of people in the room for they can borrow some of the electromagnetic energy you are all exerting to animate this effect.

Understand this is an extremely difficult thing to do and requires a massive amount of energy.

The more developed your auric field is, in a sense, the more spiritually attuned you are, the more energy your spirit guides have to work with at this physical level with you, and the easier it is for them to make communication with you.

Understanding my explanation will also help you understand how it is possible for deceased relatives to reappear in physical form after their passing, and how it was that the story of Jesus’ resurrection came about. Jesus was able to do this because he is what is known as a shining one.

These are the beings who are mistaken for angels, who create entire planets, and who are responsible for helping your spirit guides produce these ‘signs’ for the alleviation of pain and sorrow.

How Can I Discern If It Is A Spirit Guide Who Tickles Me?

One of my suggestions to you is to create a picture or diagram on a piece of paper. Upon this piece of paper draw an outline of yourself, with a little cute label ‘ME’.

Next to this little figure of yourself do a little arrow coming from wherever you wish that you want your spirit guide to ‘prod’ you.

Leave this piece of paper close to you when you go to bed or anywhere where you go frequently.

Spirit Tickles

It will tend to be biological family members, loved ones and friends who poke you and prod you in the most peculiar places, symmetry to their personality when they were alive.

Not only this, but, for example, turn your light out at a specific time on your clock to bring about additional meaning and trigger a past memory. For example, if your grandma used to insist you turn your light out at ten o'clock at night when you were little.

The childlike images below will also be of use to them, and to you, because it is focusing on specifics. And after each incident you change the picture and add different names, such as grandma and grandpa.

This is a feasible game to play with spirit because spirit observes and interacts with physical stationary objects and images easily from the spirit world, and are actually able to zoom in on the object and magnify its contents to view in detail.

They may also find it hilarious to actually move the piece of paper altogether since stationary objects are easier to affect. It is my suggestion to you to detach from the idea that such interactions are from such things as biblical archangels, who are supposedly said to have these human names - but only if you wish.

Such playful incidents are also unlikely to be the result of higher Self interaction. These interactions will tend to be from people who have a close connection to you and have lead a human existence, for they would understand the humorous implications from creating these occurrences.

I would also suggest to you not to rule out the possibility of deceased pets and animals, for they are often prime culprits for these kind of games. In such cases, using their old collars or toys for props would be a good idea to ascertain their identity.

Tickles From Spirit Guides

Can Spirit Guides Leave Signs Like Feathers And Pennies?

How your spirit guides produce these for you is by cellular structure relocation (CSR). In other words, they take a physical object from one location on the planet and simply transport it to where you are.

They do not actually produce these out of thin air from the spirit world, that is extremely difficult for even the most developed soul to do.

Your spirit guides actually have the capacity to remove physical objects altogether from the physical dimension and transport them into the spirit world itself. This may explain some cases where you have lost an item of personal belonging, or that it has somehow reappeared somewhere else in another room.

Unfortunately sometimes your guides and other mischievous spirits will - oops - lose this item by accident during the reanimation process and it gets lost in another dimension or location on the planet.

My suggestion to you, and to anyone reading these words, is that if these are the signs you are going to be asking for, please be extremely patient, but also persistent.

Understand it may take your guides some degree of time and considerable practice to pull these feats off for you, even though you may presume it is an easy thing to do. It is not.

It takes a very loving and dedicated guide to commit themselves to produce such a sign for you, and you should acknowledge their tremendous effort for doing so.

How Do I Deal With Negative Entities?

Should you find yourself being victimised by such an entity, remove yourself from within the four walls of the room, because the room will actually amplify its energy source, and move yourself into your garden, if you have one, or outside on open natural land where modern electrical devises are not present.

This will make it extremely difficult for any negative being to cause harm upon you.

With almost every instance there will be more than one entity involved. One seeking resolution and others who have interjected themselves for negative purposes.

Hoping an entity will simply go away will do little to deter it from repeating its activities. Its inability to relay its desires to you will also frustrate it into further aggressive behaviour. In order to know what to do with such an entity it is important to understand its motives and who and what it is.

If it is seeking resolution or Self-illumination communicating with it may assist it move on to where it needs to be.

If it is seeking malevolent intent it may be caused by anger surrounding its circumstance or past event. A psychological approach, through genuine love, akin to that of an aggressive child is feasible. If it is seeking to attach to a physical person then it is trying to inhabit physical form for the purpose of Self-indulgence and gratification.

These are often very persistent and will most commonly be several entities working together. As with many aggressive entities of this kind, they do attract other darker entities which actually coerce them into causing trouble.

Helping them to identify and then detach from this negative presence will give you a better chance of resolving the problem. Ensuring your rooms are filled with positive energy, bright colours and clean of emotional residue will generally make the room invisible to malevolent entities.

However you yourself may stand out, to them, like a beacon in the dark in such a room if your emotional state becomes negative/fearful. Raising your vibration will not only make you become translucent, both of etheric and physical nature, but also have the same effect on the room you are in.

It is all well and good to tell such naughty negative entities that they may not enter your energy space, but this will not take into account the free will they themselves have to use against your own will.

Just in the same way as you can think completely positive thoughts all day long but actually get hit by a moving truck later in the day, simply because of the free will implications of other beings who impact your life. You would not be able to tell the moving truck you are forbidden to enter my energy space.

In this way what you are suggesting is that your own authoritive free will can override their own because this must fit into some exception of universal law. What you would seek to do in effect, would be to move out of the way of the moving truck.

With such negative entities you would seek to do the same by using the laws of proximity and attraction. This means removing yourself from the proximity of the frequency space those negative beings occupy.

Then using the law of attraction to attract more love and light into the cellular structure of your body and your home thus raising its molecular resonance out of the proximity of such beings.

The further away you are within a proximity of loving energy and light the greater amount of energy these negative entities must generate to bedevil you. This will cause them to become fatigued and disorientated.

Some negative entities seeking resolution become attracted to light bearers and, in this instance, it is appropriate to practice and apply your innate ability of energy transmutation.

All human beings have the capacity to transmute one energy form to another.

This is possible through the application of the energy known as love. Not love as some romanticised thought, but love as in a real tangible energy source with real applicable properties.

Love is simply a specific frequency which permits the flow of a certain kind of information. When this information is allowed to penetrate physical cellular structure, or etheric substance, the information contained within this frequency transmutes the properties contained within it.

By applying this technology to your own cellular state, soul state and the state of those who seek resolution, you can facilitate change and transformation from inside out, much like the workings of a microwave oven.

Raising Your Vibrations

What Is Memory And Does It Exist In The Brain Or The Soul?

My perspective on memory is that this takes place on many levels, so to speak.

The human brain processes memory, but so too does every living cell in your biology. Your auric energy field also processes memory. Memory is simply information which is processed in a multitude of formats and reconfigured to a specific vibration.

When you access memory, you are making a connection with the vibrational frequency that specific information has been reconfigured to. Though due to how the biochemical structure of the brain and body works, you will only recollect via your brain information you are attuned to.

So, for example, you will likely not recollect your etheric state prior to physical inception. This is because your brain is not configured to the frequency such information resides.

Memory is also processed in the soul. After all your soul state is a memory frequency of that which you have created in physicality. This is why upon your passing you will still take on the form of the human being you just were, for it is a cellular memory transference.

Your ancient infinite spirit holds all that vast beautiful knowledge of who you are and everything you have ever done.

But your spirit does not actually, in a sense, leave the spirit world when you are conceived as a child. It remains in its pure state and connects to you via an etheric cord to your solar plexus.

This cord is attached to the physical biology the moment the first two cells emerge to form life.

It is through here your personality is inserted into living tissue. As you grow older and leave the womb of your mother, and as you are taught how to be human, your attention to, and connection to your spirit via your etheric cord is forgotten and overruled by the functionality of ego and survival instincts.

Human beings forget how to connect with all of this beautiful knowledge they have within their spirit because they try too hard to be human, and neglect those aspects of themselves which are not.

It is only when your physical body perishes and your consciousness is transferred back through your etheric cord do you have greater access to this vast broader identity of who you are. Yet this is not immediate either, for the consciousness carried with you places you within a specific frequency.

As I have stated, memory exists within different frequencies.

For your soul to remember who it is in its infinite state, it needs to realign its consciousness to the frequencies its memory exists within. As your soul resonates itself to other frequencies, not only does your awareness of who you really are become apparent, but what was before invisible to you, suddenly become visible and accessible.

Can You Expand On The Relationship Between Healing, Sound And Colour Therapy?

Healing Hand  

The best way to go about healing is to presume you have already been healed!

This is to say, acknowledging your choice in choosing to be healed will begin the process automatically.

For that which you truly desire shall always be made manifest. You have only to look closely, deeply, intuitively in all aspects of life to see and realise this truth, which is not limited to healing alone.

That which you choose to know, you choose to experience. This is a very powerful statement which could change your life completely, if you so choose. This is to say, when you know a thing to be true it becomes true in your reality in the form of experience.

Knowing and believing are not the same thing. Believing something to be true is simply adopting a thought or idea about a thing and placing blind faith upon its veracity, but never truly knowing, for there is always room for doubt.

People who believe are the ones who experience life first and then attempt to understand and explain it.

Knowing something to be true is simply choosing a thing without the need to believe, without the need for faith, and thus your experience of that choice becomes your own veracity. People who know are the ones who choose what life is first and then allow their experience to testify to that.

People who choose to be in the know, choose to be in the now. For now is all there is.

Message summary: that which you know to be healed or is now healing shall produce your experience of it, for to know is to choose, and to choose is to create. There can be no room for doubt, for within doubt there is no room for choice.

Your so-called physical body is not actually physical at all.

It is made up of ninety-eight percent space and only two-percent actual solidified matter. When you are looking to heal your body you are looking to address this ninety-eight percent of this space, since it constructs the majority of what you are in your present form.

In truth, there is no such thing as space, for within space itself there is a great diversity of things going on.

Primarily we are talking about the oscillations of energy which exhibit cyclonic patterns of movement. All things move in cycles. To understand the cycles within life is to understand the universe itself.

So when it is I speak of the oscillations of energy vibration which, in most humans varies between two-hundred to just over eight-hundred cycles per second, I am referring to what is going on inside of you that makes you the form you currently have.

Illness and disease originates from a low cycle per second vibrational state.

What actually occurs is that when you resonate energetically at a lower vibration your energy state becomes susceptible to the frequencies of other influences which reside within and upon that particular resonance frequency.

As you raise your oscillation vibration you change your frequency away from disease forming pathogens and align yourself with the resonance of harmony and perfection. Every particle in your body emits a terrestrial oscillatory sound wave.

Your physical body therefore, or rather, the ninety-eight percent kinetic space employs sound frequencies to influence and interact within its energy field and environment. Different frequencies produce different forms of behaviour in animals, and in humans, and in all living things.

In understanding the frequencies you are producing you come to understand why you behave the way you do under specific circumstances, and why certain people, certain places and certain events cause different responses in your emotional field.

Illnesses and diseases form when the instrument, as I continue to call it, which is your body, begins to resonate tones harmful to other cells and functions of the body. This tends to originate from the food and drink you consume, the external influencing environment and your intention of thought.

These things have frequencies of their own and when they come into contact with your own resonant field your tone structure becomes altered. Over time it is possible that cells in your body begin to ‘change their tone’ because of influences upon it and thus, you become sick.

The body uses these tones to communicate with itself, and so if these are out of sync you will develop problems in health. Sound also carries the energy of intention. If the intentions of others around you are negative, then the sound penetrating your energy field will become negatively charged. This is why you feel drained.

The influence of colour can be understood by examining the electromagnetic wavelength and frequencies of the light spectrum:

Colour Wavelength interval Frequency Interval
Red 700–635 nm 430–480 THz
Orange 635–590 nm 480–510 THz
Yellow 590–560 nm 510–540 THz
Green 560–490 nm 540–610 THz
Blue 490–450 nm 610–670 THz
Violet 450–400 nm 670–750 THz

It is commonly known that different frequency terahertz produce different responses and trigger different behaviourisms in human beings.

The human brain is a receiver of electromagnetic stimulation and produces its own frequency waves, which then have profound effects on the physical body, and on your health. Different frequencies of sound and colour assist the functionality of the brain and body to become stimulated to produce specific chemical compounds which maintain health, youth and vitality.

If the brain or the cells themselves are bombarded with harmful external frequencies, or if they are not sustained and nourished by the right frequencies then the cells will begin to deteriorate or become mutated. Then you manifest illness and disease.

Violet light is often utilised in energy healing because its frequency has enough momentum to trigger change and transformation of frequency pattern.

Using colours of higher frequencies therefore will aid in healing therapies. They shift energy and get energy moving again. Apply this knowledge of colour with the application of sound therapy to maximise your healing modalities.

Surround yourself with bright radiant beautiful colours and choose the sounds natural and terrestrial to planet Earth, as well as music which invokes deep relaxation and transformation; frequencies which correct the imbalances within you and instruct unhealthy cells to receive and reciprocate healthy harmonic rhythms.

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