Maintaining Inner Peace In A Modern Lifestyle

I wish to share some principles to enable you to better seat yourself in a position of balance and harmony.

It is my intent, and my wish, to assist you to resonate above the challenges and difficulties of a modern lifestyle.

It is true to say that you are in no way bound to any particular lifestyle, and any issues you currently face are ultimately your own responsibility. Since you are the one creating them.

It is also prevalent to say, if you do not like the way your current lifestyle plays out, then it is up to you to change it.

For now however, I will not focus on how you can change your life, but instead I will speak about helping you forge a balance within the one you currently have.

It is no easy task to rise above any difficult or mentally/emotionally challenging event, and so you must tread carefully, and with patience.

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The key of inner peace lies in your ability, and acceptability, to let go of your story.

When I speak of your story, I speak of who you think you are. Who you think you need to be. Things that you think you ought to be doing. Things that you assume you ought to be achieving.

All those things that add more and more to the idea of who you really are. When in truth, you are simply a pure loving spirit.

You do not need to know any more than this, for everything else is simply a distraction.

It is a distraction you place in front of yourself to make you feel better about who you think you are.


The truth is, there is nothing you need to be, for you are already all you will ever be, a beautiful loving spirit.

It is our story, which is built through the processes of the mind, that is the cause of your discontentment and detachment from spirit. Through its release you surrender to the universe all that which is transitory and illusionary.

It is merely a part of your physical life, which serves only a miniscule part of your spiritual life. The weight of which is mounted upon your consciousness that lowers your vibratory rate and keeps you stuck in negative duality. So often than not you cling to your thoughts and emotions as if your life depended on them.

Yet it is those very thoughts and emotions that suffocate the very life from within you.

Thoughts and feelings are living creations of energy.

The consequence of harbouring negative or unloving energies is that they cause disharmony between your mind, body and spirit. This leads to impulsive reactional behaviour and the build up of stress, bad habits and belief systems.

This eventually leads to illness and dis-ease.

There is enough drama in one human lifetime to share for eternity in the halls of heaven. Drama is not something that originates for or from some karmic lesson. It is purely derived from the mechanics of the mind.

The mind will invent all sorts of justifications for the drama that it subjects itself to. It does so because it feeds off of such difficulties and challenges. It is like a restless child with nothing to do.

If you truly seek inner peace and balance of mind, body and spirit then you will learn to let go of your drama.

You will learn to let go of your attachment to your glorified life story. You will learn to let go of those thoughts that hold you back from happiness. You will let go of those feelings which deny love in your life.

Change in Self requires change in attitude.

It is the attitude you take within life which determines how you experience the life you lead.

If you carry a bad attitude towards yourself, or towards others, then do not expect a very high quality of life. If you live your life with a loving, giving and understanding attitude, your quality of life will reflect that.

The events of your life have nothing to do with karma, or debts from a past life.

It is to do with taking responsibility for your attitude, and the actions that reflect such. It is through a change in attitude that you can first begin to take responsibility for the quality of your life and the events that unfold.

Empower yourself within the seat of knowledge, fuelled by the wisdom of your spirit. Wisdom will reveal the knowledge you require to escape the bonds of suffering and stress. The wisdom in you is what compels you to read this far.

It is with the knowledge I share that you can empower yourself to attain the inner peace you deserve.

So then, look honestly down upon the attitude you wear. Does your current attitude place you in a seat of victimhood or in a place of empowerment?

Does your attitude place blame on others, or does it emphasise your inherent responsibility?

Does your attitude resonate from a place of anger and fear, or from a place of love and understanding?

With the right attitude you can begin to recognise Self responsibility and Self authority. The authority you truly have to choose how you wish to live your life. As a victim? Or as a divine human angel?

Here I will simplify my advice further by offering suggestions in the form of ten key principles. Principles that will help you find a state of inner peace in whatever life you choose to lead:

1. Correct your attitude.

Let go of attitudes that cause suffering and stress for you or others.

Let go of attitudes that create separation and ignorance.

Let go of attitudes that avoid responsibility and honesty.

Let go of attitudes that rob you and others of love, respect and Self-worth.

2. Let go of your drama.

You are not the drama you observe around you.

It does not have to be a part of you. Do not take on the weight of the world upon your shoulders, or even the weight of another being.

Leave the drama and noise of the outside world at the door of your inner sanctuary that is your heart-mind-soul space.

3. Become the observer, not the experience being observed.

Sit within a seat of higher observation of all you witness.

Do not sit in a seat of victimhood and wallow in the imperfections of the world.

Create a sense of passive awareness that what you are observing does not have to influence your energy.

Acknowledge that you have always a choice in how to respond, if at all, to any circumstance.

4. Let go of your thoughts and feelings.

You are not the thoughts you have.

You are not the feelings you express.

These are simply aspects of your inner child in response to what is being witnessed.

Observe your thoughts closely.

Sense your feelings deeply. Then let them go completely. It matters not if they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in your eyes, or those of others.

They simply are that they are.

Let them go!

5. Let go of your sense of ownership.

There is nothing on this Earth which you own.

Any attachment to a thing is purely a statement that you do not know who you are, and you are insecure within your own understanding and experience of Self.

Any delusion of ownership will ultimately lead you down the path of suffering and sorrow.

6. Let go of your expectations.

It is through expectations of Self and of all things that conditions of transient love and happiness are built.

True love and happiness knows no condition, and cannot be found through condition.

Expectation produces fleeting moments of hollow pride and joy, overshadowed by the continuous prospect of failure, dissatisfaction and feelings of inadequacy.

It is then better to pave roads of desired intention, and leave the doors open for destiny to forge its own outcome.

An outcome of which will always be determined by each and every small step you take.

Here lies your empowerment to write your own destiny.

7. Let go of your fears.

This does not in any way mean surprising or avoiding them. But rather instead of focusing on that which you fear, focus instead on those qualities through which fear is transmuted.

Focus instead on those qualities you have within yourself, and with such qualities build pillars of strength to bring balance to your life.

8. Let go of your blame.

Whether you place blame in yourself, in others or in God, this finger pointing serves no useful purpose than momentary distraction from responsibility.

It matters not who is to blame.

It matters in what seat you sit in regard to how you experience something. In the seat of victimhood, or the seat of empowerment.

Only in the seat of empowerment can you actually identify a solution and produce change.

9. Let go of yesterday.

What happened yesterday has no place in the present.

Be ever present in the moment of now and do not dwell on what once was, or what once could have been.

All potentials exist now.

Now is the moment of the rest of your life.

10. Let go of tomorrow.

What will happen tomorrow is beyond your comprehension and beyond any expectation you could have.

You create your own experience of fear, suffering and torment by mentally fantasising on something which has not even occurred.

It is not any event that hurts you, it is the thought you have about it.

May the love and wisdom of your highest council rain blessings upon you.