Imagine This

Unicorn Drawing

Let us first raise your awareness - of awareness.

Awareness comes when Self becomes realised through consciousness.


That is, consciousness that is Self-experientialised (experiences itself) becomes Self-actualised (made real), thus consciousness becomes conscious of itself.

Consciousness adopts a form in which it may know and express itself through Self-creation.

When you imagine or visualise an image or concept in the mind you are activating, and actualising consciousness into form.

That is, you are allowing consciousness to realise itself experientially through form, via your imagination. Imagination (or IMAGE-in-ACTION) is consciousness seeking realisation.

As a human being thoughts and feelings will take turns to drive consciousness into experientialised form. A thought will instigate a feeling, and a feeling a thought.

When you indulge your imagination what is taking place is consciousness is becoming Self-realised through your feelings (suddenly you get a feeling; a desire, a hunch, an emotional response).

These feelings are then Self-intellectualised through your thoughts.

That is, your feelings become known by the mind and are then adopted as Self-thoughts.

Meaning, the mind adopts a personal sense of ownership to thoughts, calling them yours. Your thoughts, your feelings.

When within the realm of the mind, consciousness seeks realisation by accessing your memory of experiential data. Memories of images, sounds, smells, sensations and tastes. Interacting with these memories consciousness animates thoughts to regurgitate this information in a way which will birth new energy in motion.

For example, imagery will be re-membered using the colour palette of its current spectrum of physical memory, to form visualisations of mind. As another example, sounds you have learnt will be re-membered (recreated) in your mind as words to form auditory thoughts.

The mind therefore is primarily based on past experiential events to contrive intellectualised thoughts. This is why, if you consistently dwell on your thoughts, you are living in the past, therefore opportunities in the present are beyond your realisation.

On the other hand, if you allow yourself simply to feel; to be, you can become presently aware.

You may even become aware that such thoughts and feelings are not actually originating from you.

You will of course find that imaginative thoughts also become Self-realised through feelings, for a good idea surely cannot be contained within a thought alone.

In this event you have, in but a simple thought, given life to new form from consciousness and allowed it to become Self-realised.

You have given it an identity; a purpose.

That thought will now continue to exist forever, and ever, and ever - unendingly. It will continue to perpetuate on it is own, beyond the frontiers of the solar system, beyond, and further still. Such a thought will continue through existence until it has permeated and passed through every single living thing.

In effect, every thought you have will one day effect everything that will ever exist. This is how powerful you really are.

Words upon a page are but a memory of a thought.

When you are reading words and they invoke your imagination (or IMAGE in ACTION) and emotion (ENERGY in MOTION) the mind is accessing memory to recreate realisations of understanding and meaning in order to experience them.

In order for you to interact with this, that or the other, in this case with words, it (or they) must become realised through Self, via experience. So, in short, you are actually experiencing the words by recreating them within imagination and emotion, which are simply other forms of experiential language.

Consciousness and energy will always seek to experience itself though you, your Self, in the same way you seek to experience your Self through consciousness and energy.

So it is then, when you are producing these visualisations you are seeking to experientially recreate your Self through the words you are reading or hearing.

This may then inspire you to write something yourself, thus allowing the consciousness and energy to be recreated within others; that they may become a part of you, as you will become a part of them.

When I speak elsewhere of being Selfless, you can now understand that this means freeing yourself from the box you have placed yourself in, and thus everything is experienced without limits.

When I speak of being only your most loving intention, that of your grandest love and most supreme joy, this becomes

Self-realised and experientialised through your Self.

All consciousness and energy that enters your awareness is thus recreated in love and joy.