Healing Through Sound And Symbolism

The following is presented to promote states of healing, but the practices and principles here can also be applied simply for raising your vibration.


All biological organisms emit their own unique vibratory rate and resonance frequencies.

The human body is essentially a musical instrument; an instrument of light and sound which conducts its own beautiful organic symphony.

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Different elements within the body act like performers of an orchestra.

When certain aspects or areas within this organic orchestra become out of tune, this is when symptoms of dis-ease and sickness become manifest.

Healing occurs when the harmonics of the human instrument are attuned to their natural resonant frequency and functionality. There are many ways to promote sound healing.

Connect With Nature

Connecting with the essence of nature is of great importance for the human body. This allows the fundamental elements that form the human body on a cellular level to directly connect with the same elements in their raw state.

When this connection is made the resonance of the human body is realigned by the harmonic sound frequencies of the raw elemental states found in nature.

The resonant frequencies in the body begin to adopt the stronger and healthier vibration in order to facilitate a healing process.


Listening to the sound of fire, earth, air and water will benefit those who are in need of healing.

Similarly listening to the sound frequencies emitted by resident creatures existing within these natural habitats and environments will also bring positive results. Such as with the example of the dolphin.

It should be reminded in conjunction with this the importance and power of intention to fully capture these energies.

Connect To Nature

Connect With The Human Voice

The human voice carries resident frequencies held within the human body.

For those who are proficiently sensitively attuned to the human voice will be able to detect disturbances within the usual vibratory sound field of another individual.

For those who personify a strong and balanced state of health and wellbeing will be able to utilise the powers of their own innate voice to bring about healing for others.

This can be done through singing, chanting or emitting necessary vibratory tones to allow the elements of the dis-eased physical body to conduct and synchronise with the healthy harmonics.

Connect With The Human Heart

The human heart is more than just a biological organ.

It is the sacred drum of the soul; a pulsating rhythmic frequency synthesiser.

Like the human voice, listening to the human heart can also reveal the state of health and wellbeing of an individual.

The heart is attuned to the frequencies of mind, and the conditions of the soul, and reciprocate these into the rhythm of the pulse. Each pulse of the heart emits a sound wave containing information from different sources within and of the human body.

When the body falls into dis-ease the heart reciprocates to the frequencies of this internal misalignment.

By attuning your heart to the sound and vibration of another strong, healthy and relaxed heartbeat you can allow healing to take place.

Essentially you are tuning your biological instrument to that of another.

Connect With The Sound Of Music

There exist various types of musical instrument which emit certain tones and frequencies which can be used to facilitate forms of healing.

Such instruments are most certainly of greater merit if constructed from organic materials. Such could be suggested as the shamanic drum, the flute or the didgeridoo.

Such instruments have long been associated with healing practices for thousands of years. If an individual purposely constructs such an instrument themselves for the intention of healing, this can become a powerful transformative tool.

The gong and the singing bowl are similar examples of instruments reputed for their healing applications.

These examples are by no means the limit, and individuals should discover what resonates best with them on an individual basis.


Symbolism permeates all cultures, all races and all languages around the world.

It is also one of the oldest means of communication in existence.

Because of this, symbolisms and their associated coded meanings are deeply embedded into the cellular memory of all living beings. As one being procreates it transfers all of its consciousness memory into the cellular genetics of its offspring.

Much of this information is relayed in symbolic value and can be deeply rooted into the very fabric of human genetics.

Sacred geometry is a language of light and sound which permeates through all living things. These sacred geometric symbols in themselves are the very building blocks of life. They create structure and allow consciousness itself to become experienced and personified.

Understanding symbolism allows one to connect with the very essence of their physical state as well as understand how the mind interprets and translates imagery and sound. Studying and applying symbolism is an act of studying aspects of the Self and applying intention.

Certain symbols in human culture have long been associated with specific emotional and psychological meanings and values. These common meanings and values are effectively transferred through the cellular memory of one human being to another.

Utilising specific symbols with the intent to heal can initiate healing processes from a psychological, down to a cellular level.

Words themselves are a form of symbolism; they are visual shapes of colour which are interpreted by the mind to produce certain responses and reactions on many levels.

The words ‘I love you’ for example are merely visual shapes, and yet they trigger a deep inner response of joy and wellbeing. Writing such words on paper will actually raise the vibration of that piece of paper because the individual has imparted their conscious value upon it.

When such words are read by an individual, a similar effect takes place within the human being, their vibration is raised, and healing can then occur. This illuminates the fact why words spoken or written are so important in their intent and content.

There are many symbols which represent positivity, balance and love.

From those of nature and the elements of life to elements of alchemy and sacred ritual.

Different individuals will gravitate stronger towards certain symbols than others, as their genetic cellular memory, and consciousness memory responds more strongly towards whatever is most ingrained within them.

The key is for each individual to explore this pathway themselves and intuitively feel which they resonate most with.

Ultimately the brain will work in harmony with the chemical pharmacy of the human body to facilitate health and healing once the mind and heart are attuned.

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