Meditation Compendium
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I have seeded these meditations in order to provide an ongoing supplement to support the progressive relationship between you and your spirit team.

Through my words and suggestive meditations I will attempt to bring you closer to your angels and guides through meditational exercises.

In this space I will share with you some of my own meditations focused on specific desires. I share them with the highest respect to your journey and in light of your needs. I hope you find them useful and recommend them to others.

  Meditations To Meet Your Spirit Guides

The Basics.

Before using my meditations you may wish to follow your own routine to relax you for the journey ahead.

When you have set aside enough time and space for your session you will want to ensure you will not be interrupted for at least thirty minutes.

You will want to initiate a comfortable position and prepare your physical space to your needs.

You may also wish to play some subtle background music to aid in your relaxation. Natural harmonious music is preferred.

Begin your personal routine of relaxation and enter your state of deep inner awareness. If you do not have a personal routine of relaxation seek guidance from meditational practitioners for one best suited for you.

Bring the breath into focus and allow it to bring your mind, body and spirit into harmonious sync. Use the breath to calm the mind into gentle stillness.


If you so wish, you may want to begin your meditation journey with a simple ten-minute chakra exercise. This will maximise your energy flow and boost the efficiency of your third eye and receptive nodes.

Rather than write such a mediation here I will simply provide a link to a standard guided chakra meditation.

(Not my own) Guided chakra meditation. Video suitable for all ages.

Now you may embark upon your meditational journey. Holding the intent to do so from your highest concept of love.

We will begin by using Sparrow’s traditional journey to your special sacred island. From here you will visit your divine inner temple and experience its many wonders.

The meditation will be in two parts, since you will be returning back to your divine temple many times to explore the many other rooms and potentials. I will start part two after you have arrived there. In future meditations I will ask you to follow part one of this meditation to get to your sacred temple.

The Eye Of Clarity

The Eye of Clarity is a sacred tool used in the spirit realm to look deep into your very soul.

It is a tool for a variety of purposes. These include:

Finding a solution to a pressing issue in your life.

Finding love, peace and forgiveness.

Understanding something from a higher, more loving perspective.

Revealing the true nature behind your deepest fears. Revealing your soul destiny.

Let us begin.

Part One.

It is a warm and pleasant day, as you find yourself sitting upon a beach of beautiful white sand.

There is a gentle breeze and the sun is just right, just how you like it.

As you sit you feel the soft grains of pure white sand between your fingertips.

You glance around and notice you are the only one here.

You have the whole beach to yourself.

A few yards ahead you observe the waves of the ocean so calm and peaceful.

The ocean appears so still and silent, the water seems to glow a brilliant pure luminous blue.

Eye Of Clarity Meditation

Today is a special day.

Today you are going to your special island.

It is a place of many mystical and magical things.

It is the home of your sacred temple.

As you gaze off into the ocean expanse you begin to make out a shape off into the distance.

As you sit comfortably and peacefully on the beach you patiently stare out at this hazy object.

As it moves closer and closer you begin to recognise it as a small wooden boat.

In the boat stands a figure. The figure appears to be gracefully wielding a long wooden paddle.

As the boat comes closer and closer into view you suddenly recognise the figure.

It is one of your spirit guides.

Meeting Your Spirit Guides

You shake yourself off from the white sand and walk over to meet your spirit guide.

They have a big smile on their face and obviously very happy to see you.

“Are you ready?” says your guide.

You nod and climb on board the small boat aided by your guide.

Without saying anything more your guide begins to paddle, again gracefully and seemingly effortlessly.

They seem to know intuitively where you want to go as they look out into the distance.

You sit down in the boat and relax as you watch the beach behind you fade slowly out of sight.

It feels like only minutes have passed yet the beach you left behind is nowhere to be seen.

Yet ahead of you now a form starts to emerge into view.

It is a small isolated island with a beautiful white sandy beach like the one you had left behind.

There are trees covering the whole surface of the island concealing its many wonders.

The boat stops next to a long wooden platform leading down to the beach.

“We have arrived,” your guide informs you as they step out onto the platform.

As you step off the boat and walk down the platform your guide walks behind you allowing you to lead the way.

You reach the beautiful white sandy beach and notice another path leading up some stone steps into the trees.

As you walk the steps you are lead along a path to an opening through the trees.

Here, you suddenly behold the most beautiful temple you have ever seen.

The walls appear to be made of white gold stone and shimmer in the sunlight.

The temple stands high into the sky above the treetops and you feel dwarfed by its incredible size.

Huge pillars of stone mark the entrance to this sacred temple.

This is your temple. Created by and dedicated to you.

Your sacred spiritual portal to many magical places.

Part Two.

As you enter your sacred temple you find yourself in a spacious hall with corridors leading in every direction.

You have the sense that this place is limitless.

You ascend some polished stone steps in the centre of the hallway and find yourself at another junction.

There is a path to the right and to the left and more steps directly ahead which lead down into a smaller hallway.

Today you are going to follow the path to the right. You step up some golden white steps through an archway.

The archway leads further upwards along a spiralling stone staircase. Up, up, up.

At the top of the stone steps is a vast corridor. It appears to go on and on infinitely.

Along the corridor you see many doorways.

As you walk along the corridor your spirit guide directs you to the first door to your left.

Your guide tells you this is as far as they go, and that they will meet you down in the main hallway when you are ready to leave.

Spirit Guide Meditations

You say goodbye to your guide and watch them disappear down the spiralling steps.

Facing the doorway now, you see an insignia of an eye upon the door.

You push open the large double door and step inside. You walk into a beautiful dome shaped room.

The walls are constructed of exquisite picturesque glass of various art forms.

Rays of dazzling white light seems to seep through the painted glass walls towards the centre of the room.

In the centre stands a large stone carving, with the words ‘The Eye of Clarity’ carved upon its surface.

Spiritual Tools For Meditation

Every ray of light appears to shine upon the stone.

The room appears to be empty apart from a large glass door behind the stone.

As you approach it you notice the door appears to be alive.

It appears like liquid glass or crystal and you observe ripples that move as if made of water.

You realise it is a very special door.

Only those who have the purest intent and sincere heart may enter this room.

You embrace the love in your heart and focus on your intent for clarity and wisdom.

As you do you begin to observe the structure of the door alter in shape.

It rapidly melts away and transforms into a beautiful radiant angel of light.

The angel greets you and permeates tremendous love and compassion for you.

The angel guides you into the next room.

The room takes the form of yet another dome. Only this time the dome is significantly greater in size.

The room is empty except for a silvery crystalline glass stand and globe in the centre

The entire room is covered in luminescent square tiles, as if some form of matrix or grid.

The angel hovers next to the crystalline glass globe upon the stand.

“This is the Eye of Clarity,” the angel explains. “The eye will reveal to you exactly what you need to see.”

The angel directs you now to place your hands upon the globe.

As you do it begins to respond to your touch and images begin to form within the globe.

As they do the entire grid of the dome amplifies the image all around you.

The dome looks deep into your very soul and penetrates your most stubborn walls and fears.

It peers deeply within your very spirit.

It sees everything about you. Every desire. Every thought. Every feeling.

The angel speaks again, “See...”

The globe begins to project images and sounds all around you, across the entire grid.

Meditative Techniques

You feel as if you are in the very centre of what you are observing.

Yet you feel safe, secure and loved.

You feel compassion and tremendous understanding of what you are witnessing.

You feel as if you are an observer looking down upon a vast world below your feet.

You feel like a God. From this perspective you see everything so clear, so transparent, so vivid.

Allow it now to show you something in your life which you need to understand.

It could be a fear. It could be a painful past experience. It could be an element of your spiritual development.

Focus now. Focus on the globe, and see. See what you need to see.

Feel the unconditional love and compassion from your beloved angel as it oversees your wellbeing.

It assists you in what you need to see.

As you witness the images and sounds before you focus on its meaning.

What lesson are you here to learn?

What do you understand from this?

What mistakes have you made?

What must you do to resolve any issues you may have?

What must you do to evolve and develop your soul?

Allow the globe to provide the answer.

Again, you are merely a witness, so simply observe this from a state of pure love and acceptance.

When you have finished and are ready your angel will turn off the globe.

The room will resume its original appearance and you will feel a sense of profound wisdom and clarity.

Your angel informs you that it is time to go. So thank your angel for its assistance and say goodbye.

Make your way back out of the dome, and back through the first room past the stone carving.

Exit the room and close the door behind you.

Make your way down the corridor and down the spiralling steps.

Return back to the main hall of your temple where your spirit guide awaits.

Follow your guide out of your sacred temple, along the path and back onto the white sandy beach.

Walk across the wooden platform back to the boat that awaits.

When you are ready your guide will take you back.

Back across the water to the original beach where you had first met.

Wave goodbye to your spirit guide and thank them for accompanying you today.

You will see them again soon.

Bring yourself back to your waking state and out of meditation.

Focus on the breath. Allow yourself time to become aware of your surroundings.

Ground yourself as necessary.

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