Extraterrestrial Questions
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Could The Earth Be Taken From Us?

The Earth was never yours to begin with.

It is a sovereign entity.

It is the presumption of ownership which causes its fundamental abuse.

Humans are the only animals which hold this presumption.

  Questions About Aliens

What Alien Technologies Do Governments Have And What Do They Hide From Us?

They are aware of naturally occurring, clean and advanced energy sources. Also gravitational and wave particle technology, genetic alteration technology, antimatter and matter distortion fields, other technology which they do not fully understand.

The technology they have is primarily from reverse engineering. Some technology was given by certain species, others were retrieved from crash sites and confiscated materials.

You must understand that there are governments that see the extraterrestrial phenomenon as a means of personal gain.

Knowledge is power, and should the truth behind such alien phenomenon fall into the hands of the common butcher, the baker and the bartender then such a government would lose its advantage of prestige and power.

The hierarchical structure of society would dissolve. It would also place considerable pressure and responsibility on the military and fractions of government to not only provide answers, but to maintain calm and economic stability.


The United States, for example, does not have the manpower to deal with the possible consequences of an adverse reaction from widespread public panic. The country then, it is feared, would come susceptible to rival countries, as they would take advantage of such disarray.

The military also does not have an adequate defence against, or understanding of such obviously superior beings in their air space, which puts them in a very embarrassing and defeated position.

However, there are many individuals within government and within the military framework who wish to bring to light this truth. It is really only pockets of resistance at key elements of control that prevent disclosure.

These people will stop at nothing, and invoke or disregard any law necessary to fulfil what they deem is right and just in their own eyes.

Do Governments Trade The Earth's Resources For Alien Technology?

Extraterrestrial Activity

Eventually humankind will want to seek trade and commerce with other species as they expand into the cosmos.

Presently at this time, from my perspective, it is not seen as something which humanity needs from an external intervention, as humanity already possess the means and desire to evolve and expand.

It is simply that corruption and impractical systems needs to be addressed first.

Do Those That Govern Have Any Personnel Able To Communicate With Extraterrestrials In A Telepathic Way?

It is observed that human beings do not necessarily need to be telepathic in order to communicate with such beings.

These beings have mastered many forms of language, and are able to know what you are thinking by your subtle body language, your heartbeat, your chemical reactions and responses, your pheromone activity, your auric/energy field, and activity of the brain.

Some are telepathic, some are not.

Yes, there are those in government factions who have been trained to communicate telepathically, but on the most part, they have realised it has not been necessary. Such beings simply implant images and information directly into the human brain.

They can do this at a great distance from within their vehicles, and have the capacity to listen to mass human consciousness while hovering over cities and towns.

Are UFO Sightings On The Increase?

UFO sightings are increasing because of two reasons.

One, more and more people are looking to the skies, than previously, and taking notice of what is happening in their environment. Some in hope of some external saviour to fix all their problems, and some in fear of what may force them out of their comfort zone.

Secondly, extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional and time-dimensional beings have always been present. They are simply observing human responses to gradual increasing appearances to see what you will do.

They are adept in human psychology. Their thought processes are much more multi-faceted and sophisticated compared to those portrayed in the movie theatres.

Know that if they wish to be seen in your air space, it usually means they have little moral value in interfering with human affairs, and have an alternate motive than what they will have you think.

For what you may or may not know, is that they do in fact have the technology and intellect to bring about significant positive change and support without being seen, felt or heard in any way.

They have the means to remain invisible to you and the tracking devises owned by governments. If they have been observed in the media it is only because they want to be.

However I would add that sometimes the electromagnetics of the planet and other environmental circumstances appear to effect some of their functions and coordination, that is why you often hear of crashes and crafts colliding with stationary objects.

I am also aware that certain governments have the technology to disrupt the energy field produced by some crafts and have thus been used as a weapon in aerial defence. Ironically they have also employed such technology against other human beings.

The fact they want you to observe them in your air space reveals a Self-imposed agenda. This is not a judgement, but an observation for your benefit from me and those I represent, who in fact make it their business to observe.

Should A Craft Manifest Over A Populated Area, Would It More Likely Be By Those Of Ill Intent?

I would not lean towards the term ill intent for this answer, but instead apply the more accurate term of Self-serving.

It is inaccurate to say they wish to do harm, and accurate to say their intentions are of their own benefit, even if they come bearing gifts and promises.

I would have to reiterate a point at this time that many factions of species and intentions are represented at present, and the intentions of one ‘flying saucer’ does not represent every other. For their origins are rooted within different cosmic families.

Those who you would understand to be archangels or beautiful light beings, who represent a deeply loving connection with humanity and other animals on the Earth, they will not appear in extraterrestrial craft of any sort.

For it is their view that humanity must decide their own destiny without direct physical intervention, as a child must learn to walk on its own to realise its own potential. These beings you will never see. If at all you have been blessed with an interaction, it will come through as a profound awakening or surge of positive energy.

There are also those beings who have walked before you, who come to your side as brothers and sisters, for you share the same biological roots. They come to bring wisdom and align humanity to the frequency of love, so that you may inherit more of your own gifts of spirit.

An evolution in consciousness for humanity means an evolution in consciousness for them. These tend to take on physical form and walk among you in order to benefit positive development, rather than inappropriate displays of superiority.

You will recognise these, for they will display human-like emotional characteristics of love, compassion and sorrow.

It is those that do not display such emotional characteristics that you must be cautious of, for these factions do not deem human morality of any value, and this is demonstrated in their actions.

Would Our Cosmic Companions Manifest A Craft?

Such allies would only do this in your defence.

That is to say, if another species chose, in their free will, to impose their superiority by force upon you, they would intervene in your air space to defend you.

It is observed that your allies would rather humanity come together and invite them by their own volition, rather than they themselves stepping forward.

Who Is The Alliance Overseeing Humanity's Spiritual Development?

In regard to the hidden alliance, these are those beings who work in unison, as well as independently, to oversee and support spiritual awakening for all species on planet Earth. It is important you understand this work is for all species on the Earth, not solely for humans alone.

This work is primarily organised by those beings commonly visualised as angels. Not winged messengers of God, but dimensional beings that resonate a completely different energy to your own on much higher bands of consciousness and vibration.

It is not necessary to play with names and labels, for doing so would only represent a miniscule aspect of what they are. Enough to say they remain hidden in high places. They observe from every angle, from every perspective and from every possibility.

They are the ones who have been entrusted with the keys of sacred knowledge. They do not interfere with human affairs, but they will assign other multi-dimensional sub-species in galactic service, and physical bodied species, to work on their behalf.

Because so many different species, both of the physical domain and the etheric domains, are working for a similar cause, they have forged an alliance with one another.

Different soul groups have come together from all these different corners of time and space for the benefit of this particular galaxy, planet and those that occupy it. They are enlightened enough to understand, what effects one species effects them all.

My own soul group, called Asceleottyi are of such standing, of those who oversee and observe spiritually awakening species on different planets. This perhaps helps you understand my presence here. It is an ideal opportunity to facilitate light bearers of good standing, who are ready to hear what we have to say.

Most of the influences and conflicts between what is often seen as ‘the forces of light and dark’ actually take place, not in your physical dimension, but in dimensions between this and those unperceived by human senses. The result of such conflicts occasionally spew out into the physical realm.

You may come across such scenarios in dream states where you are confronted by strange beings not from the Earth.

Some humans on Earth as I speak are assigned ‘sleepers’ of cosmic origin and multi-dimensional heritage, here to transmute consciousness to new foundations. Their souls are from somewhere completely different. They will have a completely different energy to what is considered normal.

They may not even know what or who they are, but they are out there.

When we speak of other species in the universe who have developed the wisdom to overcome the obstacles faced by humanity, this did not come without its sacrifices.

In some cases many millions of lives were lost, planets made inhospitable and many alliances that were forged to ensure survival.

  Think Outside The Box

Sometimes this was as a result of centuries of war and conflict, sometimes this was the result of catastrophic environmental, planetary and galactic events that forced their race to unite for survival. It is because of these tragic histories that many of the same beings come to your aid at this time, through their own empathy for the consequences ignorance, violence and abuse plays upon the direction of the human race.

There are many who have a vested interest in the welfare of humanity and Earth itself. The way in which other species have reached their status of peace was typically through the uprising of many millions of individuals banding together in recognition for a singular vision.

Many times it has been necessary to dethrone those in power and their dictated course for the many millions of individuals who did not accept this course. Communication has always been the key.

Once each individual claims their right to have a voice in the direction of their own species, and has the courage to use it, miracles can happen.

It is only by banding together as an undefeatable, unwaverable voice of reason that a new course can be set in alignment to the vision of the majority, rather than the vision of the minority in power.

This power must be given to the general population, not to the politicians that govern the populace.

It is for the politicians, presidents and prime ministers to enforce the will of the people, not for the people to adhere to the will of one. It is for those appointed leaders to identify corruption within the monopolies and corporations that hold humanity back through greed and ignorance.

There are many millions of individuals who envision something better for humanity.

These are the everyday husband and wife, the barber, the teacher and the student. They all hold within them a spark of light to illuminate a better future.

If they would but set aside their personal drama, step beyond their comfort zone, and stand up for what is obvious to be right. If they would but refuse to turn away their gaze at what they perceive as wrong, and learn to say no, this will not be tolerated!

If they would but forge a voice with their neighbour, their friends and their co-workers and persist for what is wise, what is just and what is loving, the true vision for humanity would be realised.

How Can Those Of Ill Intent Use Us As Puppets?

Various beings interfere with, and co-inhabit human beings by travelling inter-dimensionally. They implant themselves into the human consciousness body and manipulate their thought processes.

They can often go undetected from your spirit guides because they operate on lower frequencies of light, which in effect, from their point of view, is much like trying to look into murky water.

Those with deeply rooted addictions, afflictions, negative behaviours or corrupt natures are very susceptible, or potentially home to, such parasitic violations. Here I must emphasise to you that the majority of those whom I speak in this regard fall into this category by their own free will. This is to say, it is their own negative lifestyle, mindset or environment which makes them vulnerable to external energies and entities of this nature.

The majority of those human beings who have been ‘inhabited’, so to speak, are totally oblivious to this fact, for such entities and extraterrestrials are very adept at what they do without drawing attention to themselves.

I also have to say, some who believe themselves to be communing and soliciting communications from their spirit guides are actually being deceived by the same family of beings. The reason for this is to allow them to enter your energy space through trust in order for them to manipulate your thought processes and chemical state.

This is why it is important before any such communications are sought that a form of Self-protection is initiated prior to the session.

Are There Humans Elsewhere In The Universe?

There are humans based upon the same genetic blueprint.

However, due to their different planetary environmental conditions, society structure, diet and other such factors they are presented with different evolutionary traits to present humans on Earth, and have developed many capacities currently alien to humanity.

As you reach further out into space, what you are actually finding is that you are reaching into another understanding of time itself.

How you measure time here on Earth will become inconsequential and inconsistent as you expand out from your solar system. This is due to the different forces which will be discovered to bend and warp time itself.

To ascertain humanity’s current position upon an evolutionary state, you must come to understand that following several global catastrophes over several million years, the human race has suffered a tremendous ordeal. During these events of devastation humanity was propelled backward into animalistic nature and survivalism in order to cope and persevere.

This survivalistic behaviour, due to these catastrophes, is the reason humanity today is so notorious for their aggressive and competitive tendencies.

Should the planet upon which humanity resides not be respected and nurtured back into a healthy state, humanity will revert back into a prior animalistic nature following further global catastrophes.

What Do Crop Circles Mean And How Are They Formed?

These are a coded metaphors and symbolisms for the process you are going through on an internal genetic level, as well as on an external galactic level.

In the same way you are experiencing peculiar synchronicities with numbers, these, as are crop circles, tools of awakening, which can either be processed subconsciously, or consciously. The majority which are not man-made are primarily created by plasma energy.

The plasma energy, or orbs, are creations of those from the spirit world who wish to communicate in a specific way. Plasma energy is more or less a way for those in the spirit world to manipulate physical forces of energy in an efficient way in order to create indentations and other manifestations which are by far more easier to do than others.

They utilise energy already present in the atmosphere of the Earth to their advantage and implement it to create forms of communication you see as crop circles.

There are also other foundations of intelligence at work, who are more a part of a completely different structure of life, in a sense that, as human beings see their little galaxy as a huge place of exploration, these beings view the whole universe as one of their current projects.

What you are seeing is a means of communication which is being taught to you to align you with new ways of thinking and connecting information together. You will find many of these crop circles illuminate information about the movement, alignment and cycles of planetary, galactic and universal truths.

They will also reveal information about energy application, DNA structure and molecular code.

Do Aliens Resemble Reptilian Forms Or Is This A Man-Made Concept?

There are many reptilian species. Approximately around five-hundred altogether I understand. Some malevolent, some benevolent.

Most of them are considered dangerous and aggressive by other species. Somewhat war-like. But there are many exceptions. It is the malevolent ones which do most of the exploration; the others attend to more refined peaceful pursuits.

I could tell you of the children who are abducted each year in Mexico for food for certain species who are currently underground, though I would not want to alarm you. However not all truths bare beautiful news.

Such things are deemed ridiculous because the modern western world is so hypnotised in their own domestic day-to-day lives they are oblivious to the events that media companies fail to broadcast.

Though such reptilian/rapture breed are not alone in this activity, for human beings are also eating newly born offspring in numerous countries. Though the latter is because they cannot afford to feed the child, or because it is forbidden to keep it.

Why is nothing being done to stop it? Because at present not enough people care, or wield the courage to believe such a thing takes place on their own soil.

Yet these events are not going to go away, whether you like it or not humanity is at present sharing the planet with a growing number of extraterrestrial beings, of different race and origin.

Those handled ‘the greys’ for example are also everpresent, to which there are over thirty diverse biological types.

Reptilian beings are highly intelligent and obtrusively manipulative, but tend to lack the capacity to think differently, adapt to circumstance or be spontaneous/innovative in the way humans can be. Their thought processes are very logical and calculating, sometimes callous to defend their survival instinct.

You must understand that these beings have no emotional capacity whatsoever and feel neither remorse, guilt or sorrow. This is why I have been telling you how special and unique human emotion is in the universe, and how not to take this capacity for granted. You should certainly not feel victimised by your emotions for it is these very things which will empower you to handle other races in the future.

So, yes, reptilians have a very specific taste for untainted meat which is free from toxins and chemicals.

This is not to say they are all this way, but they are by far the most dangerous and adversarial contact you will come across, for they are generally singularly motivated on control and possession throughout the cosmos.

I am very aware there are those who claim to be in contact with benevolent representatives from these beings, but understand they are proficient manipulators and will provide all the appropriate words to gain your trust.

You are to these beings what cattle is to a farmers market.

Again, this information is not provided to alarm you, but to prepare and protect you from certain aspects of reality which humanity will have to face once a part of the spacial community.

Understand this occurs on many planets.

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