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Do We Choose When And How We Die?

Is Death Predetermined?  

It is a common shared belief that all human beings return to the Earth with some sort of blueprint, and that this blueprint prescribes that soul to a particular road of destiny.

While true that certain facets of the soul journey are chosen prior to physical birth, the actual outcome of events are not forecast or foretold.

This allows free will and choice to take place throughout the physical lifetime, instead of simply being a puppet for your spirit.

Most souls accept this reality and find it a very exciting prospect, until they are actually having the human experience, and then they adopt a contradictory outlook, because they think it will make their lives easier.

There are those in the spirit world with access to far superior knowledge and foresight, due to their vibrational state and the roles and responsibilities they are appointed.

While in the spirit world there will always appear to be someone who knows far more than you, and can sometimes be quite vague when indulging others with their information.

This will be because the soul who is asking the question is not vibrationally ready to know what there is to know, or that they will understand better when they discover the truth for themselves.

When the time comes closer to the end of your physical life term, whether it be from illness, disease or cell degeneration, it will become much more apparent to the spirit world as to the nature of your passing.


It may or may not be as apparent to you, unless you are aware of the conditions your body has.

Some psychics may claim to foretell the time and means of someone’s passing prior to it happening. In such instances they are tuning into the energy field of that person to translate the potentials that are orbiting their vibrational system.

An auric field which harnesses certain energies that form from the thoughts and doings of a person. What can be seen here does not have to come to pass if the individual alters their own destiny through a change of actions. If a condition or imbalance of dis-ease has been allowed to have its way for too long, changes in action in later stages will bring about very little difference in the end result.

The time and nature of your physical passing is subsequently going to depend entirely on how you live your life, how you maintain balance, and the actions you perform at any given moment.

There are so many other factors in place, such as the free will of others, or planetary issues, which interweave within your life, which give added unexpected twists to the outplay of events. This is what is it to be a human being.

The only way to predict what your future holds, is to be the one who creates it.

Do We Have Sex In The Spirit World?

The physical act of sex is not practiced in the spirit world. For this reason you can perhaps understand why so many souls choose to have a physical experience.

The spirit itself is genderless.

The soul is a combination of both male and female energies depending on their soul journey up to that moment. Whether they choose to wear the form of a male or female in the afterlife is purely a matter of individual identity and character choice.

This is the aspect of ego, which gives you your ability to have the personality that you have, and then wear an image that best personifies that personality for your Self gratification. Ego is to be understood as not a negative aspect of yourself, but a means to experience expression and creation.

Every beautiful song written or love letter written to a spouse comes through ego. Or a piece of art or architecture. People often misunderstand this, and focus purely on the opposite spectrum of ego which gets the finger pointed at as ‘bad’.

The energy that ignites the desire for sex with another human being is still experienced in the afterlife, but in a different way.

It is not felt as a desire to perform animal-like practices, but is felt as a desire to be of service to someone else. To give something of yourself to that other. This can be in the form of all sorts of deeds and creative phenomenon, not even imagined on Earth.

One of the most beautiful is a type of merging experience shared by two beings. They will come together to create a unified moulding of the energy between both beings, sharing with one another every intimate sensation, thought and feeling they have within their deepest core. Like two flames from two candles merging together as one.

In that moment the two temporarily become as one.

This is unlike anything experienced in human form. Sex in physical form, with all its chemical and mental/emotional stimulations is considered a sacred and privileged experience for the soul. So too the practice of Self-love in similar respect.

It is a shame so much taboo is placed on these gifts.

Do We Wear Clothes In The Spirit World?

Within the realms that associate themselves closely with the physical dimensions, visual representatives of energy closely resemble those found on Earth and other planets.

This means, for example, in realms where souls consistently interact with other souls with a physical-life connection there will be a certain familiarity in appearances. These appearances and visuals are this way in order to create a sense of comfort, a sense of connection and a sense of personal identity.

Souls that are returning to the spirit world from a physical-state experience hold a very deep sense of identity with them. This likely will not be their true identity, in a sense, but it will be their own Self-imagined identity which makes them feel comfortable, or not so, in who they are.

For other souls then, already in the spirit world, whose job it is to work with these influx of souls will choose to project themselves in a similar and familiar form. It may also be that the soul, any soul, has a strong likeness and affiliation towards a certain imagery or identity form that they will very frequently ‘wear’ it, simply for Self-gratification - which is perfectly fine and overall very commonly seen.

What occurs is, the consciousness cocooning the spirit, which is the soul, will craft itself into a visual shape and appearance that aligns itself with their immediate intention, destination and overall mood they are in.

This may be someone they once were in physical form, whether they be human or otherwise, or may even be, with permission from another, the likeness of another being they admired.

It might also be, for instance, a visualised embodiment of something they once read or imagined at some point in time. In which case, we could say, that soul is wearing clothes of their own imagination.

Now, when we speak of physical clothing, we are to understand that this is just as real and tangible as those garments found in physical life-state. You can change clothes whenever you wish, at the blink of an eye.

This is because clothing becomes merely an extension of your consciousness form. You are crafting it into imagery for others to interpret as you desire it to be. You can even have somebody construct you the most beautiful and imaginative clothing you can possibly imagine, and give them the task of making it for you.

For in the spirit world, there are indeed those whose passion it is to do this for others. As mundane as you may see it as, these individuals feel a great sense of pride and service in what they do in this way.

There are several species who actually focus much of their energy designing and constructing magnificent garments of all materials, for all occasions, and for all species. You would seek them out and, with the aid of your own imagination, project to them exactly what you desire.

Or, as the case tends to be, these beings will read your thoughts and intentions and immediately start creating something for you that excels beyond any expectation you had. The garment you receive fits exactly with the intention and purpose you had to wear it.

Much of human clothing worn by much of modern society is rather dull, unflattering and unimaginative. It lacks colour, variation in material and originality.

In the spirit world you can have clothes made of any material you can think of, from hundreds of thousands of different worlds. Different species, within their soul groups, will actually provide you with material from their soul makeup to assist fashion a particular garment.

For example, if your energy vibration was loving enough and compassionate enough to align yourself with a species of bird, that species of bird would lend you feathers from their flock for you to construct a garment from them. It is not unheard of to see beings wearing robes, or jackets made completely of feathers.

Or let us say, a certain species of ‘goblin’, or likeness to that which may actually have scales. If your energy vibration was accepting to that species or soul group, then they would permit you to use some of their scales to fashion a bodysuit for you to wear.

Scales, in the spirit world can be very beautiful, of all shades of colour and some glittery, silky or translucent.

Clothing like this may seem a little feminine to some human males, but such a macho/masculine frame of mind is quickly lost in the spirit world. Of course, if you did wish to personify your masculine state, there are many types of garments and materials suitable to uphold this outward image.

This may include types of furs, suits, outfits and variations of denims and leather fabrics. Some fabrics have a sort of enchantment upon them, and they may radiate different hues, or may accentuate your emotional and mental state by altering its colour casting accordingly.

Some garments appear to come alive like a living organism, which is understandably possible for all thought projections ARE ‘alive’.

So then it is to be understood that different presentations of clothing are really to emphasise character and personality, as well as express fondness for a particular culture, time period, or lifestyle.

You are bound only by the limits of your imagination.

What Sort Of Work Do We Do In The Afterlife?

I would not bother concerning yourself with discerning your passion or path once you come to pass, for there will be opportunities and directions that open up to you far beyond anything you now currently conceive of.

Most, as I have seen it, place themselves upon a very limited spiritual expectation prior to passing, and so it is once they pass they suddenly feel what they had aspired themselves to be or do no longer holds any importance to them, for the doors that open to them make everything else insignificant.

As I have mentioned, spirit is not motivated by egotistical measures of status and ‘levels’ of ascension. You will soon notice, once you walk among beings of pure light that there is nothing greater to ascend to than your own realised passion.

  You Never Walk Alone

As your passions change so too will your journey create another branch to your tree of Self-experience. Every passion (branch) is still part of the tree (spirit), so they are all simply extensions of what you already are.

One passion is by no means any more divine or more ascended than any other passion, so this hierarchical progress ladder many speak of is soon realised to be nothing more than a concept of human persona (human attachment to being better than someone or something else).

What people call an angel, for example, though they are not what they presume they are within this idolised form, are actually an archetypical flower, of fruit which has formed from one of the branches of the tree of their spirit.

This means, there is nothing stopping you from becoming aware of the possibilities of your own spirit and growing your own branch, creating your own path, and manifesting your own flower or fruit that resembles an angel to you.

If you do not know how to do this upon your passing, then call upon me and I shall show you how.

So it is then, what you do, what you aspire for yourself, and what ‘work’ you embody your passion into is really dependant on how you view yourself as a being, and how you wish to embody your intention in the eyes of your spirit.

What kind of tree do you want to grow into? What kind of fruit do you wish to produce for others to savour the flavour of your spirit? What kind of flower do you wish to grow to represent your divine beauty?

Talking specifics, I have to say all of the ‘work’ embodied in the spirit world is based around unconditional service to others. This is, the orchestration of ultimate loving intention through manifestation. This is because one loses their attachment to their individual Self-important Self, and realises they are no longer simply a carbon unit.

Their consciousness is no longer confined to being just one entity or identity. Since they can become anything they possibly desire within their imagination, this focus on Self-importance no longer holds any weight or value. You lose the sense of competition to become better than someone or something else, simply because anyone in the spirit world can become anything they want anyway.

Unfortunately, there are those who, after having a physical state experience restrain themselves within the cocooned mindset and consciousness resonance they carried over, and so they have to be reminded of who they truly are.

The passion which comes grows from the work spirit do, the work soul groups do, and individual souls do stems from growing awareness of what is available to do, to be and to experience Self as, in service to all.

Awareness grows because that which God is, that which your spirit is, is continuously expanding and creating itself through you.

Your experience of Self, of God, of your spirit changes through awareness of choice. As you choose something different, different dimensions of awareness are experienced as another part of you, hence you grow through the experience of free will, of choice.

Choice leads to passion, and passion further choice. This is your soul journey.

Through the passion of what you choose for yourself joy is experienced, and love personified through another vehicle. Within finer specifics, the work you choose to do will be something which allows and perpetuates others to be able to experience themselves as THEY choose to be and do.

So for example, if you become aware of a desire in others to experience themselves as human beings, in human bodies, and who want to walk around in human clothing, you might then develop a passion for creating new garments of human clothing for others to wear as their coat of consciousness.

Or it may be you want to learn, from the many halls of learning, other garments of clothing other species have invented, and thus learn to make those and design more of those for souls to wear as coats of consciousness.

Through this endeavour you would come to learn of the living essence, the consciousness identity behind every single material you come to use, for every strand, every piece, every particle would speak to you with its own voice.

Each strand of material will tell of its own ancestral history and divine story of how it came to exist. Then, if your vibration is compassionate and equated towards the resonance of that source, from where such material comes from, it will lend itself to you to use in your ‘works of art’.

That is why I sponsor the thought in others to be compassionate towards animals of whom they eat, and of whom they neglect to communicate with on an equal platform, for if your actions speak your intentions and resonance of heart, then this will be carried over and seen by those beings in the spirit world, who you will later rely on for much of your work.

Another example, if you had strong affections for, and an affinity towards botanical life forms and so forth, then through the halls of learning you would educate yourself to other forms that once existed, that do exist, and which can exist on Earth and on many other different planets across the universe.

You would then utilise this understanding to participate with groups of other beings whose passion it is to nurture and beautify botanical life forms all over the physical and non-physical universe.

You would literally participate in harvesting new botanical life forms and strings of evolution like a God upon a throne of divine influence. There then watch them grow as if they were your own child, personifying your deepest passion and delivering your grandest concept of love to the universe.

If your passion is that of teaching upon a specific subject or sponsoring new thought and idea for others contemplation, then you may seek to become a teacher or guide. Again, you will develop these skills via the halls of learning, where knowledge is infinite and experiencialised.

It is experiencialised because knowledge here enters consciousness experientially, not merely upon a mental level, but all levels simultaneously. After all, it is another dimension. This information, as part of your experience, you will then interpret to others elsewhere, or actually within the halls themselves to those who visit.

Remember, though knowledge is infinitely available, it is only available through the adequate energy resonance of your ability to understand such information, and your desire to know such information.

This means, in the spirit world, until you desire to know something, it will be invisible to you.

Similarly, as your understanding of a particular subject or concept grows, further understandings and dimensions of such a subject will magically appear to you when you are ready and wise enough to comprehend it, in the way it is presented.

Teachers or guides then are utilised to dispense information and understandings to those who have not yet developed to a certain state of understanding in certain subjects or aspects of experience.

The teachers or guides will then present the information in another way as to simplify it to others, so that they can then make the next step themselves.

Can We Takes Classes On The Other Side To Learn How To Communicate With Other Species?

Within the many diverse realms, or states of creation, for that is what they are, you have infinite opportunities of study.

Each realm, or each state of thought alignment, has within it its own unique potentials for Self-creation and manifestation. Meaning, each plane of consciousness hold different possibilities for you to express, create and fulfil yourself.

As you gain access to higher states of consciousness you also gain access to a broader range of possibilities for you to express, create and fulfil your identity within that. These different planes or states are not separated by any sort of wall or physical barriers, but it is more so that you gain entry into them by reconfiguring your energy resonance to ‘fade’ into new dimensions of light.

In this understanding, there is no such physical ‘higher’ place, but a more refined state of reality which you enter into, which aligns itself with specific archetypes of consciousness. Understood another way, when you align your thoughts, emotions, desires - all of that which is your soul, to the purer state of the spirit, then your spirit reveals a progressively expanding reality upon you.

The more and more your soul is illuminated by your ancient spirit, and less of animalistic and dualistic natures, the higher you ascend within the spectrum of possibilities.

Study then, is often those things which souls seek to pursue within the spirit world, in order to align themselves with their ancient spirit, the wisdom and potential it provides, and the great access it enables when connection is made.

This is not the only reason souls pursue study however.

In fact not all souls have the desire to ‘ascend’ further into alignment with their pure untainted spirit. They are more than profoundly fulfilled, joy-full and engaged within where they currently are and with what they currently do. This is perfectly fine, for there is never any pressure or expectation to do otherwise.

Souls then, in this case, may desire to remain centralised within a specific dimension and do a specific type of work there. They may aspire to take on a particular role for themselves within the identity they have created for themselves.

They may simply wish to explore the vast expanse of the universe(s) and dimensions available and allow their spirit to be drawn to a particular potential.

When this occurs they then may choose to have a physical life experience in association with one of these potentials. Not because they have to for some ‘ascension’ process or some karmic debt, but because their spirit is drawn to the resonance of the experiences that the physical life promises to provide.

Different physical experiences provide the soul with different types of energy-realisations, energy sensations and creative-energy potentials. Much the same as you would aspire to try different types of food flavours and aromas, or try to cook new recipes.

Many souls will study for a life they are about to lead in physical form.

This is not to say everything is planned beforehand. Actually, very little at all is planned out prior to a physical life. What tends to be studied beforehand are certain skills, energy potentials that the soul aspires to take with them and work on.

It may be that, within your soul group, you are doing a lot of work in one specific area which has long term benefits for many thousands, or millions of individuals. Your soul may wish to further this work within a physical life and so will bring with them very specific abilities and traits that empower them to do this work.

Not all souls actually come to Earth with a set purpose or goal in mind, and they simply come because they would merely like to try it out. Same as you perhaps would watch someone else do a bungee jump, and then later pluck the courage to try it yourself for the thrill of it.

This perhaps is why many human beings become home sick or feel lost or without purpose or direction. They made a rather hasty choice to have a human life experience without really thinking about what they wanted from it.

Similarly said, those who come to Earth with a very specific aspiration in mind, will either have a profound sense of drive and purpose, or they may actually forget why they came and become depressed.

They will feel depression for they know at some level they are meant to be doing something, yet they cannot quite remember what it was. They will often then live their life with this sense of ‘something is about to happen’, yet nothing ever does, for they do not manifest their intuitive heart.

What is actually happening is they are beginning to reconnect with their spirit through their heart, yet they look outside of themselves for something to manifest, instead of manifesting their own aspirations.

I myself have engaged in classes, so to speak, to enable me to have close encounters with other intelligent life within other dimensions, both of the etheric and physical realms. I have had to learn their language resonance and their codes of ethics and morality in order to assist them reach their own aspirations within their own cultures.

I have had to undertake ‘learnings’ to translate language and information from one species from one dimension, to species of other languages in a totally different dimension.

Similarly, as you develop an ability to shift in and out of different planes of consciousness, from those of significantly evolved and enlightened beings, to those of dense and desolate thought and morality, you find communication, and information translation, is processed completely different.

Is There A Justice System On The Astral Plane?

Pure nonsense. That is my answer.

This again is simply a matter of human beings attempting to transfer human values and human thinking into a world where humans are transcended to pure energy. It is only the human persona which presumes such law and order is required to establish balance and harmony.

Since each being has enough ‘space’ to create and exist within his or her own personal universe in the spirit world, there is no point in fearing their influence on anyone else.

They can live on in whatever way they choose within their own universe, for as long as they choose, until it is that they themselves choose to change how they feel about who they are. So in other words, they are their own judge and jury in the time, space and reality they manifest for themselves.

It will simply be that their vibrational state, how their energy state resonates, will permit them only to access, or re-member more of who and what they are if they look at themselves honestly.

As they chose to alter their energy state, by altering how they think and feel about who they are and were towards others, their energy will become compatible to other realms which will open up to them.

There need not be a justice system, for the functionality of how vibration works does a perfectly adequate job at kicking people up the backside.

What Happens At The Death Moment?

If at first we look upon the process of death for other animals, we see that their transition is swift and natural. They let go very quickly and easily (they do not hold onto the ego).

Often you will find their consciousness vacates the physical instrument some time prior before the biological functions have become inactive. This is especially so if there is any physical suffering which takes place. It should comfort you to know that in such circumstances most animals are already attuned to be able to leave their bodies at will, almost on command.

What is seen thereafter is purely the biological functions firing away, causing it to jerk, twitch and so on.

Other animals have a very low pain threshold and so leave far more quickly than most human beings. This ability, in a sense, comes from the fact that many animals eat each other out of necessity and have adapted their consciousness to free themselves of any unnecessary suffering.

Passing Into  The Light  

When it comes to human beings, their nature of passing is often experienced in a much broader way.

Because of the many circumstances humans have created in their environment they seem to have invented far more many ways to end their physical life.

From car crashes, addictions, gun shot wounds, contaminations, suicide, domestic fires, electric shock and all kinds of hazardous scenarios.

The nature in which a human being passes will be entirely relative to the means in which it is triggered, and the state at which that being is currently at within their consciousness.

So if they are a spiritual person who has prepared themselves years in advance for the time of their death, then they are going to have a very swift exit and transition.

Those who have no belief in a soul, spirit or any sort of afterlife, and who live a life purely within a materialistic perspective, they will find their passing and transition very confusing and disorientating.

The latter are more inclined to grasp firm hold of their physical body during and even after their body has ceased to function.

When a human being realises they are going to die their whole state of consciousness and vibrational frequency changes. On a physical level the body reserves all its energy and functionality to major organs of its biology to enable homeostasis.

Once breathing becomes compromised and the lungs begin to fail, the liver, kidneys and gut are shut down. This is often why you may see incontinence, loss of appetite and so on. The body will go through a process of shutting down none essential organs until eventually the heart stops and the brain is left firing its remaining biochemical functions.

The cells are the last to cease function as they work somewhat independent of the brain. The brain merely connects them together and forms pathways of communication. All the cellular frequency information, that is, the biorhythmic memory imprints are ejected into a specific cycle per second frequency which animates what you call the soul.

The frequency you resonate at and within while reading this is likely between two-hundred to nine-hundred cps. At your time of death this will increase to such an extent that you will ‘slip’ out of your physical awareness into another frequency of awareness you call the soul state, or an OBE.

Other people will not be able to see you within this state simply because your cps rate is beyond their receptivity of human perception and senses. As your cps rate has expanded to occupy a broader spectrum of light and sound frequency, you become aware of other aspects or dimensions of reality.

Such a reality will be relative to your state of consciousness at that time, and thus the nature of what you will experience as your ‘passing’, whether you remain behind to observe your human body or perhaps simply transport yourself to new surroundings within higher frequencies.

So it is within your understanding, you can see heaven is not some far away place, but occupies the same physical space, just within a different energy/light cycle per second frequency.

The brain is merely a biological machine, as too is your heart. As I stated, the individual cells are the last to shut down, not the brain or the heart. Your soul is not contained in the confines of your brain, or any other major organ of the body, it permeates every living cell of your body, down to the very DNA.

You must also remember that you are not just one life form, but a great many simultaneously.

Many millions of bacteria and other life forms exist within and as part of what you know as a human being. A collection of biochemical organisms electrochemically wired together to form a walking, talking miracle instrument.

The heart may stop or the brain may appear to cease all function, but with the right technological advancement can be restarted like rebooting a computer. They have not truly died for their essence, their cellular memory and awareness of ‘I AM’ still resides within each living cell.

These cells are inherently connected to, uploading to, and downloading from your etheric cord which is attached to your pure spirit. This applies to every living being.

A person truly dies, in a sense, when the etheric cord is detached from the solar plexus and your consciousness cuts all ties with the physical body.

The exact time this takes place is different for everyone, as the means in which people die, as I said, are so broad.

Some, who experience a very violent affliction upon their physical state tend to sever their connection with their cellular counterpart almost instantly.

In these cases the person will suddenly become aware of their etheric form which is ejected, in a sense. If it is the body has been damaged to such an extent it can no longer sustain conscious state, then the soul does not stay very long.

Yet for those who are enduring some sort of illness or slowly deteriorating state, their link with their physical state may still be strong because of the beliefs and values they have for it. In this case their consciousness will tend to experience phases of conscious state and unconscious state.

Their etheric cord will still be attached to their physical being, but they may experience shifts of awareness and dream like states.

Also for those who are within such things as comas, their etheric cord still remains present, but their consciousness will often occupy a different frequency altogether, only momentarily returning back into physical awareness. So in a sense, the dial on your conscious state is turned from one setting to another.

The etheric cord will detach when the conscious state has let go of the frequency focus of physical state and completely aligns itself with the frequency of the metaphysical world, or their pure spirit. When this occurs the body will give out very quickly and there will be no mistake that they have passed.

So, how do you know when someone has truly died?

Well if the body continues to function then there is still a presence of consciousness. It will just be that this consciousness is, in a sense, between two worlds.

One may then be led to contemplate whether keeping someone alive through apparatus is for their best interest, or whether you are prolonging their unfortunate state. The wishes of the individual would be the indication.

If they are unable to indicate, then it must be a decision based on the quality of life foreseen and the wishes of loved ones.

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