At some point in your life you will be drawn towards the belief that there are forces at work beyond your comprehension.

Whether it be through some form of miracle or moment of divine revelation, it might also come in the form of a traumatic emotional experience that raises your awareness beyond the physical.

Whatever form this takes, it essentially raises many questions in the mind and reveals many doubts about the reality in which you live.


This communication is to be shared in order to shed some light upon the shining ones; those we have become accustomed to calling angels; who they are, why they are here and what role they play in the grand orchestra of life.

With this I do sincerely hope to nurture awareness of these beautiful beings and reconnect humanity to what is rightfully theirs.

At the beginning, though it is said there was no literal sense of beginning, there existed all that was. All that was, was all that was. Nothing existed outside of all that was.

In a sense, all that was, was nothing; no-thing.

All that was knew not that it was all that was, for there was nothing to produce the experience of perspective. All that was had no-thing to compare itself with in order that it may know what it was.

Through what you can understand as a desire, grew an intent to know of itself all that it was. Thus, sprang from no-thing, some-thing. Something outside of all there was.

Which becomes something which is not everything. This is the point at which separation was conceived.

Consciousness split itself into infinite separate parts. Separate sparks of itself, all made from the same breath.

These sparks left the great One-ness of the Prime Creator and took on their own individual characteristics. Each characteristic an expression and aspect of all that it was.

These aspects separated again, and again into smaller and smaller aspects of itself.

Eventually the spirit, the soul and individual consciousness was conceived. From here souls developed individual awareness and perspective. Individual desires and identities. Individual desires and eventually... experiences.

Each soul is an individual expression of the greater aspect from whence it came.

As that aspect too is an expression of a far grander aspect, so on and so forth. As these aspects of consciousness began to manifest perspectives and processes of awareness upon the platform of expression and creation, there too was conceived those referred to as angels.

These aspects were created to maintain the structure of the process and the expansion of awareness.

They were to become the grand caretakers in service to Prime Creator. To oversee each and every last spark ever conceived. To work in harmony with each and every single potential and provide the tools necessary for each soul to express and create. To see that each spark of life fulfils its highest divine potential through its journey of discovery.

As each universe and potential was imagined, and as each aspect of Prime Creator sought to express itself, so too did the angels separate into their own unique aspects.

The archangels became archetypical expressions of consciousness. Though they are much, much more than this; it is not a requirement to know more than this at this time. It is enough to say that they govern their own field of capacity and personify their own unique roles according to the needs of all that is.

As a human being, as a divine spirit that you are, you are eternally bound to these angelic shining ones.

They exist in service to you, for in serving you they serve all that is.

By acknowledging your connection to them you bring yourself closer to Self awareness. By inviting their loving devoted presence into your life you welcome in the very breath of Prime Creator.

Their presence in your life will act to illuminate your own path, your own divinity and your own capacity for unconditional love.

They will not force their appearance or presence upon you and invade or alter your state of belief. The very act in doing so would go against the divine process that is perfect onto itself.

When you are ready to receive, so shall you bathe in the abundance and the love of the angelic ones. Invite them into all aspects of your daily life, and trust in their unfathomable wisdom to do what is best for you.

They love you so very much and no one is outside their reach or unqualified to receive their unconditional incomprehensible love.

Through the picture here given and the words I write, I am granted privilege to impart their sublime energy to you.

With love unconditional.

Communicating With Angels

I would like to speak on how any individual, no matter their race, faith or social status can connect and communicate with the angels.

Firstly, before we continue, it must be made clear the nature in which this communication comes.

You must remember you are dealing with a multi-dimensional being who has never been human and does not think like one.

It would be very naive to assume that angels would choose to communicate as a human being would.

The forms of communication humanity has placed their trust is very limiting and open to misinterpretation. So much is lost in the verbal language so many rely.

From the time it leaves the nucleus of your soul to the time it is filtered through the brain and out of the mouth it barely holds any true resemblance to the original message.

  Communicating With Angels

This is because the original message becomes clouded with aspects of your ego, judgements and lower thought and emotional attachments.

The true language of the spirit is love.

Any language, and any form of communication which does not resonate the highest possible love did not originate from the spirit or the soul. Such communication is therefore not for your highest good and only perpetuates your sense of separation from love.

Angels speak from the very cradle of love.

Their message is always perfectly clear, illuminating and deeply penetrating. In order that you may understand their language you must understand the language of love.

An easy way to accomplish this is to say to yourself, “What would love say now?”

If you practice using this very question each and every day through every thought, word and action, you will begin to develop a fruitful relationship with your angelic counterparts.

So, before you think, consider what would love think now?

Before you speak, consider what would love say now?

Before you act, consider what would love do now?

This is the act of bringing spirit down into your sphere of reality and using it to see, interpret and shape your world.

When you think, speak and act in this way you become a clear fluent channel for love, for spirit and for the angels. A channel that is clouded with judgement, fear or ignorance cannot comprehend the voice of the shining ones.

If they cannot hear their own heart, there is no hope in hearing the heart of an angel.

Many individuals come forth and proclaim angels do not exist. They proclaim they have prayed day and night and waited for an answer. They proclaim God is dead to them for they have not heard the voice of God or the angels in his service.

Yet, to these individuals their answer is expected in a particular way, at a particular time and through a particular route. In their own naivety they wait for a sign, yet they look selfishly through the eyes of a mortal. They do not truly comprehend the dynamics of what they are asking, nor the sublime love and wisdom in which the answer is given.

I will give an example or two in the way in which the angels answer.

Your beloved one has suffered a tragic accident and is facing certain death.

In a moment of desperation you pray out to God and his many angels. You pray that the beloved one is not taken from you and is returned back to health and allowed to live. After all, they are still so young and have their whole life ahead of them, why should they have to die so young?

Now, you would expect the angels to immediately intervene to your plea and miraculously animate the loved one back to health. But no, this does not occur. The loved one passes on and you are left with a weight of grief and shaken faith.

But in truth your view has become clouded and cannot perceive the dynamics of what has occurred. The soul has by its own choosing taken it upon themselves to vacate their own physical body and accept the light.

It is their choice to do so. It is not yours.

You may expect them to choose to stay but you would not fully comprehend what their soul is feeling at that time.

It may be that the soul has completed its work on Earth and wishes to return to its original state. It may be that the soul wishes to relinquish its physical life for a much easier one with fewer challenges.

Whatever the reason you are unlikely to comprehend it from your perspective. In praying for that soul to return to its physical body you are in fact praying from a selfish place. You are thinking only of yourself and your sense of loss.

The angelic ones see this and instead heed your call by safeguarding that soul’s transition into the spirit world if that is its choosing. This is what love would do.

The world is stricken with war, crime, poverty and many other undesirable realities. You may pray day and night for wars to stop, crime to disappear and poverty to find a solution. But you must remember angels are not problem solvers or tools to be used to deny your own responsibilities on this planet.

Everyone has free will, and they are using it to create the circumstances you face today.

Praying to the angels to eradicate every problem will not make it so. Angels respect the game mankind plays and acknowledges they have lessons to learn about cause and effect.

If they are not given the freedom to experience this, there is no point in being in a physical body to begin with. You had might as well go back to your perfect peaceful existence in the spirit realms.

Earth is for the brave, the bold and the brightest of souls. If you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you are not prepared to accept the imperfections of the world and your role in their existence then you have no need to be here.

Angels will, once there is a large enough global desire, ascend down upon the Earth and answer the call from the majority. Until there is a majority in unison of desire, then you will always see a majority of circumstances upon the Earth.

Now I wish to move on to the way in which you can speak and hear your angels. Speaking to angels is unbelievably simple. All forms of life have it within their capacity to talk to God. It is just inherent. God hears and sees everything.

No worm in the soil or bird in the sky is too minute for God’s loving attention.

What God hears, and what God sees, so too do the angels. The angels are the eyes and ears of God. They are also his hands and feet. You cannot think, say or do something without God knowing. With this said, whatever route you choose to take through which you communicate your desires and intentions is up to you.

If it is through your grandest concept of love then the angels will respond. If it is through your lowest form of nature then they will simply let you continue that game.

You may pray outward or inward, to the universe or to your personal God. You may sit quietly and verbalise your desires and needs to the heavens. Or you may simply sit and reflect upon your own thoughts and feelings and make an internal request or intent.

It does not really matter in what form this takes as long as it is sincere, clear and from the heart. It must be sincere because a request made out of insincerity is a hollow one and has no true power. It must be clear because if you are not clear what it is you want, and if you do not certain in your choice, then the angels cannot act upon it.

If it is not from the heart then your plea is not genuine and does not hold the benefit of the universe in mind.

In choosing what to ask for, consider the broader picture. Who does it effect? What is the desired intent? Whose free will are you supporting? Ask for that which benefits all, not just the one.

Ask for that which works in harmony with the universe and with all life.

Ask for that which inspires and promotes love and freedom. Ask for that which does not hamper the free will of others but helps them embrace the freedom to choose love. Ask for that which acknowledges the spiritual journey and development of others.

After you have sent your intent and desire into the universe assume already that it has already been heard and answered. For God already knows what you need even before you do. God already knows what you are going to ask for before you do.

Do not hold expectation in the way that limits your perspective of the answer. Do not hold a judgement of the form the answer should take.

Allow yourself the freedom to be open-minded and open-hearted to anything that comes to your door.

It may come in the form of a meeting, a person on the street or at work.

It may come in the form of a song or a book, or a movie.

It may come in the form of a feeling, an idea or burst of creativity.

It may come in the form of Self reflection and simple silence.

It may come in the form of an opportunity or challenge.

It may come in the form of suffering, pain or undesired experience that provokes maturity.

It may come in any form you can comprehend, for there are no limits to the resources of the angelic ones.

They will use every last tool in their disposal to get the message through. If it takes a gentle whisper in the wind or if it takes a collision with a train, you will get the message eventually.

You will know when you have been answered because you will know what you have to do next.

You will always have to do something in response to their answer. For what you ask for cannot come about without your involvement.

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