Extraterrestrial Questions
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Will Humans Ever Be Extinct Or Crossbreed With Other Species?

From what has been illuminated to me the fate of the planet, as well as the species of mankind lies primarily in the hands of those who exercise the will to act.

Whether actions produced from selfish gain or material control and dominance, or actions produced from united awareness, wisdom and love, it will reflect significantly on the end result.

God allows all things.

Destruction as well as life.

  Questions About Aliens

Intellectual civilisations elsewhere in the cosmos have fallen, planets stripped bare of natural resources and nutritional elements for life.

Species who have become dependant of neighbouring species who have waited till such circumstances arose to manipulate whole races into servitude in exchange for food, water and technology. Portraying themselves as saviours yet with just the same discrete motives for control as has existed for billions of years.

So too are much the same eyes being cast upon Earth and its inhabitants.

If humanity does not step up to the responsibility of nurturing planet Earth back to health and stop annihilating its rich resources then others from elsewhere will take it from you by orchestrated persuasion.

In which case humanity will forfeit its future placement of becoming a respected leader in the cosmic trade circuit.


Humanity will simply become a worker hybrid race harvesting for more advanced and established settlers and traders.

Such traders, who hold planet Earth in such great esteem will not stand idly by and allow humanity to destroy something which has taken so long to be created.

So the likely forthcoming future is either one of sub-racial servitude, or one of great change in human consciousness, where humanity fulfils its promise and potential to unite in love, wisdom and reinforced action.

The Earth itself will continue to exist, in its current state for millions of more years. During that time it will go through many different cycles and shifts which will change the surface landscape, oxygen composition and water displacement.

Sea levels will continue to rise and fall. Some land masses which are now populated will fall into the ocean and other land masses will rise again. Weather will continue to undergo different cycles and display mutating conditions.

Many species of fish, animal and bird will become extinct causing a chain reaction across the globe. Remaining life will be forced to adapt to new diets and environmental changes, which will alter states of behaviourisms and instincts.

Inter-species mating will increase. New species will spawn.

Planet Earth is not the only planet that is home to human beings. In comparison, Earth is relatively young to other habitats where other human exist.

As humans on Earth evolve, their biological features will adapt to the changing environments which have come about due to their own actions.

So cells will mutate to accommodate changes in air, water and diet. As well as changes in surface temperature. It will also develop new cell structures that have greater capacity to send and receive information on more levels, or frequencies, than they currently do.

Are We A Hybrid Race?

Both humankind, and outside races have had a hand in the orchestration of human DNA.

Once the ‘Gods’ from above did so to safeguard their status of power and control. To limit the amount of energy spectrum receptivity the biological organism could process, preventing humanity from developing higher spiritual functionality and multi-dimensional capacity.

Yet developing it in other areas to allow development of the biological brain and other functions which would allow it to adapt to and dominate the surface environment. Yet more docile and less aggressive.

Once the Gods had left, in a manner of speaking, certain groups of humankind took it upon themselves to attempt to replicate genetic modification. Horrific mutations occurred and hybrid creatures were born to live but short lives.

There are, as we speak, beings of alien origin upon and below the surface of the Earth. There are beings who exist deep below the ocean surface in various locations around the globe.

There are beings who exist underground in various continents. There are beings who exist right under your nose, yet are able to bend light in such a way as to appear invisible.

They are not, as such, all conspiring and plotting against humanity, but rather acting independently from one another within their own intentions and factions. Whether or not humanity still walks in servitude for another race is purely dependant of perspective and perception.

Some facts draw some convincing evidence for one side and some for the other.

There is simply so much information and so much which is taking place. So much which changes from one potential to another. The question which must be asked on an individual mind, is what is it ‘I’ choose to believe?

What is it I choose to accept? What do I choose my own destiny to be?

There are many different races which are both observing as well as interacting upon planet Earth. While there are those who remain hidden, and who observe the spiritual awakening from a passive position, most of the others are races seeking to expand their trading routes and resource stockpiles.

These have little interest in human beings themselves, despite what some people think, and their intentions are focused upon the resources which Earth has in abundance.

These are water, elements, botanical and biological resources and energy. Rather than see these resources destroyed by human beings, these beings will do just about anything to protect the potential these resources pose.

This will either come about through unseen intervention or cooperation and planetary trade.

Human beings will never see interstellar war upon the planet from an invading race since such races understand that much would be lost through such a course of action. It is within their capacity and with little resistance they can still get whatever it is they want working behind the scenes.

Uniting The World  

This is not to say then that humanity is fated to some servitude relationship for some interstellar race. That line of thinking does nothing in your favour.

If it is that humanity can demonstrate their ability to act on their responsibility to coordinate themselves in a harmonic peaceful way to benefit all life, in all forms, and harvest their own world in a way which is both respectful and Self-replenishing, then other races will be persuaded to adopt less clandestine activity for an up-front interstellar trading agreement.

Humanity should seek wise council to this effect for entering into such trade agreements has, in the past, led to subservient situations between other races elsewhere.

Humanity needs to quickly enforce and impose their own rights of will and governance of Earth's resources as a singular race, instead of fractured nations, and forge a self-governing system that makes you become independent and free from corruption and dependency.

If humanity becomes dependant on outside assistance then there will soon follow loss of much liberties and diplomatic leverage.

Why Did The Gods/Aliens Modify Our Genetics And What Was Their Agenda?

The agendas are complex as they incorporate various facets. To understand the agendas one has to understand their mental processes and sense of values.

These are not something which the human race has been able to comprehend or yet develop in themselves because they do not operate as a unified planetary species or align their daily pursuits to cosmic events.

Humanity has not yet unified in purpose as a species and have not proclaimed their destiny beyond the mundane and terrestrial concerns of their individual lives.

These other species are much more in tune with the unfolding of cosmic events and rhythms of the universe.

The principle motivation for many of these species is the pursuit of knowledge and their own understanding and interpretation of Prime Creator. They seek this knowledge and power in many ways, and primarily it is about unifying all things to their sense of purpose in the cosmos.

Many see themselves as the chosen ones to unite all else and bring things together in accordance with their own interpretation of the grand existence. Their efforts are tireless and ever pervasive, ever persistent, they will not yield to the emotional or ethical reasoning of humanity, for their sense of purpose is far, far beyond anything humanity sees in themselves at present.

For this reason their own agendas will always come first in and between any contact made through close encounter.

Those who appear in such contacts, be warned that they do so for their own benefit. They do so with the premise of helping humanity, yet this will only be what they want you to see in order to facilitate an orchestrated intelligent plan.

For those who truly love you, and who are watching you, protecting you, do so beyond your current awareness, and there they will stay forever, for they will never reveal themselves to you, as they understand this will change the direction of your own destiny and purpose you have chosen for yourselves.

Those who appear to you, do so because they desire something in return. They desire an end result. As a branch of the prime motive lies the augmentation of their own species and possession of genetic and mineralised resource abundant on planet Earth.

These are prerequisites for their broader agenda which aligns all things to their own view and sense of purpose. Suffice to say, the multi-verse is a garden of genetic abundance, yet it is also a dominion with many regions governed, fortified and kept in balance by its architects.

Earth has long been fought over, as has the rest of the planets in this solar system by dominions of power in the multi-verse. This particular region of space lays claim to a particularly activity-rich crossroad and network of life and trade.

Where trade is the common barter system, dominions exchange minerals, genetic material, food, purification and technology with one another to ensure their species survival and augmentation. Some of these species seek total perfection beyond their genetics and seek the answers to their own existence by perfecting themselves through every new resource they discover.

Unfortunately there are some dominions more aggressive in their means of obtaining such resources than others, and intelligence, resource and regional influence is the primary weapon.

These beings do not fight with primitive nuclear weapons or ray guns, they employ much more sophisticated tools of manipulation and power.

They wait until a species requires their assistance, then they exchange this assistance or resource, which is of low value to them, for ultimate control over that species and its resources for their own agenda and sense of purpose. This is a common occurrence.

The majority of the species who visited Earth in the past had little interest in human beings and their own terrestrial desires. It is often for them about expanding their dominion and trade routes of influence, but also to orchestrate life in a certain direction for their own benefit.

For them, the most efficient course of action which benefits their own species is to not conquer and destroy the human race, but to employ their own genetics upon and within them to facilitate opportunities to benefit the whole dominion of space.

Abducting people and modifying them may be seen as inherently evil to human beings but they do not share the same values and philosophies you do. They actually believe they are doing the right thing for the universe, and changing imperfections where they see them.

They see humanity as children and they presume to know what’s best for them.

There are different fractions of species who differ in this respect. Those who believe it is for humanity to decide and unfold their own destiny on their own, and those who believe humanity is too primitive and violent and thus need to be intervened and ‘saved’ from themselves.

These beings do not respond or act through emotion, but through intellectual efficiency and practical application.

Generally speaking, you are still being genetically modified, but mostly due to your own actions, and inactions through behaviour and attitude.

The thoughts that you have about yourself, the foods you are modifying and consuming, the animals you eat and their excretions, the chemical changes in water composition and so on. This has much more of an influence on your genetic structure than the influence of extraterrestrials.

How Do Other Species Parent And Educate Their Young?

I have to say, through my knowledge of other species, others tend to be... less impulsive.

They tend not to have such an attachment to personal ego on an individual scale as humans do. I will say however, some do still attach to an ego of their species as a whole, in as far as their accumulated status of superiority over others.

This is not to be confused with one species being somehow better than another, but that the errors of past mistakes have taught them to progress in a certain way, as will those of humankind. Humankind are relatively in their kindergarten as far as their evolutionary path is concerned, in that, they have not been around very long.

This being the case, a sense of compassion and understanding is necessary for the mistakes and errors of judgment observed. As do children perceive all things as toys, so too does humanity as a whole, and thus must be treated as one, not to condescend, but to understand behaviour.

It can be observed that the mother that grows a child in her womb receives very little support from anyone other than her immediate family grouping. This does not occur within more advanced species.

It is observed that all with child are taken care of by trained numbers of specialist facilitators who work to ensure such a child is born without damage, disease or in some cases, imperfections.

On Earth it is seen that many children are born with disorders, diseases and distortions of physical and chemical attributes. This does not occur within more advanced species.

As the child’s growth and development is facilitated, every disharmonic that may hamper its later life is removed by very thorough practices. This is done for the species as a whole, in order for that child to contribute to the highest possible degree, and so that such life can attain its greatest potential.

When such a child is then born, it does not return back with its mother and father to be raised, as it does on Earth.

The reason for this is that the parents can then focus their energy to their roles of speciality in service to all. The child is handed to the care and skills of the elders of their community. The elders possess both the experience and knowledge to raise and educate the child to a very high standard.

This then ensures that all the wisdom and knowledge learnt by the elders are transferred to the young, and the species as a whole advances much more quickly. The past mistakes made by the community are thus not repeated by their young, and great leaders are produced in their societies.

When it comes to roles within societies and communities, these are often identified by the elders as they observe such potentials within the children they teach. It is also observed that such generalised teaching takes place over many years, often exceeding fifty to sixty years in human comparison.

On Earth the young are left to their own independent survival once they reach a certain age. This does not occur on such other advanced worlds.

Teachings and education continues for their whole life by various elders of specialist traits and capacities.

At the same time, they are given opportunities to put these skills and capacities into use in a practical manner to serve their kind. But it is not always about their own kind, for these other species recognise that they are part of a much broader purpose and process within the universe.

What effects one, effects all. If there is dis-ease in the universe, there is disharmony for all.

Did Humans Evolve From Apes Or Aliens?

The human genetic code evolved from the native evolution of planet Earth, but many tribes became exceedingly diversified after intervention from small pockets of visitors.

One of the oldest tribes is what is now known as the sasquatch, or Bigfoot, which have evolved beyond present societies ability to understand or perceive.

Ironically modern man arrogantly presumes the sasquatch to be of primitive ape-like descent, yet they are in fact far more intelligent, spiritual and gentle.

Did Beings From Other Planets Roam Planet Earth Millions Of Years Ago And Are They The Giants/Gods/Goddesses Depicted Throughout History?

Yes to all of the above.

Not only this but the spirit world was actually somewhat closer, and so beings in the spirit world could actually manifest in physical form for short length of time, because the veil was very thin.

Beings of the Earth were also able to leave their physical bodies, much like your dream states and OBE’s but at conscious will, and created ceremonies and rituals around such practice. Such beings as the faerie were also interacting with human beings and other animals on a daily basis helping to sustain the planet and its rich atmosphere.

Mysticism and Earth magic, spiritualism and divination were commonplace in times past, though today it makes its return, if but just a scraping of the surface.

Tribes often utilised these practices to communicate on a daily basis with beings in the spirit world, in other dimensions and in between planets. Many hundreds of thousands of animals and life forms have now either become extinct or have mutated in order to survive changes in Earth's atmosphere.

Dragons for example were once considered Gods themselves and roamed the lands of Asia, though they belonged to the genetics of dinosaur, but have since become extinct.

Do Other Species Have Financial Institutions?

Many other species outside of this particular solar system trade with one another through resource and material.

There is no ‘money’. That is an inefficient energy exchange.

It tends to be one item or resource of value exchanged for another which is considered of its equal value.

Many different things are actually traded in this way both universally and inter-dimensionally. What you tend to see is that each species develops a very unique talent or ability to create something beneficial.

Such as one species will develop the ability to purify and manipulate chemical compounds, or to clone them effectively into an abundant supply. Or it is they will construct technology to allow other species to travel through the universe or inter-dimensionally.

Is There Life On Mars?

Mars is grossly inhospitable for just about every life form, and has been so for a very long time. Its atmospheric storms and winds would obliterate life very quickly.

This region of space, this solar system has long been inhabited and explored by extraterrestrials. In fact remnants of their presence, that is, physical proof, lays scattered throughout the solar system. From abandoned technology to moon-sized space stations, all within this vicinity; a local remnant can be seen by the orbiting space station around Titan.

Sparrow, Are You Currently Incarnate To Stress The Importance Of Humans Caring For The Earth?

Not only for the Earth, but for each other, for all creatures great and small.

Many of the animals upon the planet are a part of your own soul group.

What you do to them, or fail to do for them, you do to, and fail to do for yourself and your own true spiritual family.

What you do to your species, or fail to do for them, you do to, and fail to do for yourself.

What you do to, or fail to do for yourself, you do to, and fail to do for every other living thing.

  Golden Ray

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