Afterlife Questions
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I bring to light the subject of the afterlife, as it has been called.

I attempt to alleviate fears, strengthen faith and aspire courage in what I hope will be a useful perspective.

I will attempt to address common questions individuals have asked me, with insight from my inner and inter-dimensional council.

Questions About The Afterlife

What Happens When I Die?

Nothing truly dies.

Even the physical body of which you animate is recycled back into the garden of nature, to seed and feed new life.

It is not all of who and what you were, but an aspect of all of that. It was the instrument for your soul and your spirit. An instrument you used to indulge certain experiences through certain physical potentials.

The Afterlife  

Though this came with many challenges and difficulties, that was merely part of being human. As with all physical states of being, perfection is found only via the spirit.

And so it is that you surrender your final breath. The soul which you associate with your Self-awareness, your concept of identity, your thoughts, feelings, free will, memories that make up your consciousness severs its link with the material world.

Depending on the current state of awareness at that moment, the soul will either align itself with higher frequencies of the spirit world, or will focus its awareness to the physical world. If the latter is true, the soul may exist in a momentary state of confusion, denial or attachment to the Earth.

Its thoughts anchor its consciousness, its awareness, to what is occurring on the Earth, and consequently causing them to float around unseen and unheard.

Eventually, through a change of thought or desire, the soul is made aware of a loving vibration coming from another source. At this moment the soul will reach a state where other souls usually reach who are more awakened at their time of passing.

A loved one, who they hold dear in their heart, will come to greet them and escort them to a higher frequency of energy. Most souls tend to be in a state of temporary confusion or amnesia about who they really are as a soul, and need their loving guides and loved ones to provide a comfort blanket to welcome them in their new state.

You will be taken into a loving environment familiar to you, similar to what you are used to in your life past. Here you will be greeted by all those beings who you would so wish to see once more.

Of course, this is not always the way it works, for many souls project themselves into a completely different experience, based on their beliefs and their consciousness. Though this is generally what occurs in a typical sense, it is possible for souls to project a different picture for their experience.

Sometimes it can be a frightening process if a soul is first drawn through a sea of sorrow and screams of all those souls they had harmed. In this instance, the soul itself is reflecting its own energy to itself in order to come to terms with their vibration.

Before you can enter the realms of unconditional love, one must first shed the layers that do not resonate to that. This means acknowledging all aspects of who you are and what you have created. And from there processing this in a way you can comprehend and go beyond.

From here awaits you infinite potentials and endless pathways.

Is There A Hell?

Such a fear-fuelled subject of conscious concern.

I would be happy to offer my particular thoughts on this over-exaggerated scenario. The gates of hell quite frankly are but those very gates to your own garden of fear. There can just as much be hell on Earth as there can be hell under heaven.

It should not be seen as a state of place somewhere in a distant land of judgement and suffering, but as a state of mind within the confines of Self-judgement and Self-suffering.

There are those on Earth who so rightly conform to the belief that their life is literally hell on Earth. For it is for them, in the way they choose to live their lives. They literally bring hell down upon them as they go about their lives in a state of victimhood and disharmony.

There are those who completely ignore and defy any responsibility for their own lives, or the circumstances of their unhappiness, and then look elsewhere to place blame for the suffering and misery they face as a result. Most humans are the embodiment of children who play around with matches; uneducated to their own inherent powers of creation, and subsequently burn themselves by their own hand.

This is so even in the spirit realms. For those who hold such strong fear-fuelled beliefs, held in ignorance for a lack of education, ultimately project these as their individual experience there then upon the afterlife. Since the substance that forms the framework for the spirit realms is sensitive to thought projections, you cannot then expect to simply stroll straight into heaven if you have spent a lifetime in a state of hell.

The spirit realm will always be a reflection of what you resonate within. If you do not want to experience a state of hell upon mortal death, then start creating a state of heaven upon mortal life. For you will then carry forth this state into the ether world.

You will, all of you, project your own life review come your mortal end. You will be your own judge and jury upon every thought, word and deed done. There will be no one else there to force learnings and sensations of regret upon you. Your soul will realise its own wisdom in its own time to comprehend its own mistakes, and its own quality of living.

For some, this can be quite a painful and upsetting insight, as they bear witness to their own misconduct upon the planet, feeling every hurt caused upon others, observing the ramifications of the greed, jealousy, hate and anger inflicted upon others. It will all be visited upon their own soul upon their passing.

For those who have caused much pain and suffering of others, or even just to themselves, will potentially face a type of hell when it is revisited upon them. Not as a sort of punishment by some high-seated being, but as a means for your soul to come to terms with itself on an energy level.

All souls must do this before they may gain entry into the higher states of peace, love and harmony of their soul group communities. Without this ironing out of your own energy vibration you simply could not resonate at the required frequency to transcend into higher states of consciousness.

Those who upon crossing over refuse to face or accept their own actions from their mortal life, will subsequently have to remain in the lower states of consciousness, the lesser planes, until they choose to do so. Again, this is not as a punishment, but simply how the laws of consciousness work.

Mass murderers who refuse to acknowledge the error of their disharmonious ways will not be permitted to walk among those souls who they have caused to return to the spirit world. This is unless they have genuinely understood the nature of their ways and have, on a soul level, sought forgiveness of themselves and of those souls who they victimised.

This change of heart, so to speak, will then raise their vibration of consciousness to such a degree that they can then reintegrate into higher states of soul communion. The more loving a being you develop yourself as, the more states and potentials you will gain access to on the spiritual planes.

It is for this reason it is imperative for all souls to realise their life is, in a sense, a preparation for their death. It is not enough to seek penitence for a lifetime of misdeeds upon your final breath, you have to work at it here and now!

I Am Mentally/Physically Impaired. Will I Still Be In The Afterlife?

No. The physical ailments of the biological body are not carried forth into the spirit world, unless you so choose to manifest that.

Such ailments and disabilities only effect the physical body and its functions, they do not effect the function of the soul or spirit. This is to say, if you were unfortunate to have lost a limb at some point in your physical life, you will regain that limb in the spirit world.

Not only that, but you can revert back to whatever age and appearance you most desire.

This is to say also, those who are ascribed sever disfigurements, illnesses, pains, diseases and so on will be victim to such things no further. Even those who cross over to the spirit world by particularly violent means, such as fire or explosion, will retain no lasting scar, injury or disfigurement to the soul.

Those that cannot walk, will walk once again. Those who cannot see, will see once again. Those who cannot talk, will talk once again. Those who cannot sense or touch will touch everything through multiple senses.

This may take a little time to adjust to. Those who ascribe to a particular mental disability or imbalance will similarly ascend beyond this in their afterlife. Again, such circumstances are a produce of the biological brain, not of the soul mind. It is a flaw in imperfect biology, not imperfect soul energy.

Though in these instances greater care must be given to them upon first passing over to the spirit world. They will require initial adjustment and reintegration back to their divine state of remembrance.

For those in particular desperate situations: it should be emphasised, as wonderful as the afterlife sounds to be, any act of desperation through physical suicide, as means to escape your life challenges, will ultimately lead to deep soul trauma and a deep rooted sense of regret.

One kind of suffering will be replaced with a different kind. For this reason it is strongly recommended you seek a spiritual or life counsellor for advice.

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records

Every thought, every word, every deed, every event. . .

Are all eternally a part of the akashic record system.

From the dawn of time and space.

Ever since your soul and spirit was conceived into the realms of possibility, and the physical planes of existence spewed forth, all your memories and experiences have been saved and scribed into the halls of records; the halls of learning.

There are many halls of learnings, for there are many soul groups in which they are kept. Each soul group keep and maintain their own hall of records in a way that is best suited to them. Not all physical life forms require an akashic book to imprint their journey, but sure enough you yourself have one.

It is this book which you will look upon to review the life you have just lived upon your passing to the spirit world. It is in and through this akashic book that you will be your own judge and jury. It is in and through this book that you reflect and learn about who you have been and determine who you want to be.

You will not immediately confront your life review, your akashic book, straight after passing unless you are ready and able to do so. Some souls who pass to the spirit world bring with them chains of negativity which shackle them from a place of true reflection and understanding.

They must be given time to shed the fears, inflictions and traumas of their physical journey before they can move forward. This may take a sense of days, or thousands of years. Each soul is different in this respect. Once you are in a place of emotional readiness you will be taken to the hall of records to view your akashic book and your life history.

Though many other souls will be there using the celestial library of your soul group, it is unlikely you will be able to see everyone present.

Since each soul resonates at different states of vibration, this makes some souls invisible to others. You will simply see books flying and opening by themselves being read by an invisible presence. Those that resonate close to your own vibration will be visible to you, but they will be busy doing their own thing, as one usually does in a human library.

Personal ‘space’ is respected and souls are given the privacy of engaging in their own activity of learning and reflection without interruption. The hall of records works completely independent, and the books themselves are written by your own spirit itself the exact moment a word or action is manifested.

Your spirit is constantly uploading and updating your akashic book every moment of your life. With each page is a new day of your life, amassing an incredible collection of volumes in the hall of records. This is why each hall of records is continuously expanding.

When you enter the hall of records you will be able to access certain records simply by your energy vibration. That is to say, the hall of records will already know what it is you seek and will bring the appropriate book to you completely automatically. The book will fly off the shelf and hover before you like a loving pet happy to see you.

You will only be able to access the level of knowledge and information that you resonate to at that specific time. This means if your loving vibration is not at the required state to gain access to specific information, then you simply will not have access at that time.

As you develop your energy state to a more loving, universal state, your soul will gain keys to a much broader range of information encompassing every aspect, every corner of the galaxy and universe. Access to such information is completely dependent on the permission and allowance of the spirit involved in writing that book.

If another species does not feel you resonate to the required loving vibration then they will ask you to come back at another time, or they will only show you certain pages of certain books.

Each akashic record, each book, is a living perpetual manifestation.

It has a life of its own and responds to the very thoughts and feelings you have. If there is a specific aspect or time of your life you wish to review then the book will automatically open to that page.

The page will present the events in real time, as a multi-dimensional holographic projection. It will contain factual recorded thoughts, emotions and sensations felt at that exact moment in time and space. So you could say, you can relive every single moment of your life over and over again.

This is not all fun and games however, as such reflections often invoke deep emotion; guilt, regret, sorrow and sometimes anger.

Your spirit guides will help to deal with these consequential emotions and suggest courses of action to remedy them. This will usually involve some kind of recompense or service to someone else, or further study in other halls of learning.

You will try to understand why you felt as you did, thought as you did and acted as you did. In doing so you raise your own vibration and open doors to further possibilities within the spirit world.

Do I Have A House In The Spirit World?

There are exact replicas of everything in the physical dimension in the etheric.

The difference is, the physical version is more fragile, flawed and animated within fewer colour spectrums. This is to say it is possible to have an exact replica of your physical home in the afterlife, should you so choose.

The mechanics of this is that everything is constructed of thought projections. This is to say, the environment in which you find yourself is animated and sensitive to your thoughts upon it. While some structures in the etheric realms do not change, because they are shared projections, other structures you manifest do.

Upon crossing over to the etheric the soul retains sentimental attachments and memories to lives and roles experienced. These sentimental feelings and memories are projected and reserved within your soul sanctuary, your soul home.

This may take on any form you so choose, and there are those in this world that will construct it for you. Those with a very strong aspiration and passion for architecture and building will always volunteer their services in creating your perfect home. Or you can create it yourself.

It is useful to understand the substance of the spirit realm as a sort of plasticine or clay. While things around you, including yourself, seem solid, they can be manipulated by thought into an intimate dance with you. Nothing is bound to or in one appearance.

Many souls, while often busy and active with their spirit work, choose to retire to their home here from time to time. Not so much because they need rest, for a soul does not really need to rest, but because it is a focal point of reflection and Self-identity.

It brings you closer to yourself and is a place to ‘hang’ your most dearest objects of reference. This may be in the form of paintings, pictures, books, furniture, musical instruments, sports memorabilia, and whatever else holds meaning for you.

It is also a place your beloved pets or family, who have since passed before or after you, can come and visit you in a familiar environment. It is possible to go to this home in your dream states, projection or meditation states.

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